We Really Need to Talk About Cyber Bullying and Mental Health
f(x) sulli found dead

We Really Need to Talk About Cyber Bullying and Mental Health

Hooray! We’ve made it to week 2 – welcome to our second episode!

This is a big week of discussions and we hope that we’ve done a good job deep diving into these topics.

On the show this week we talk about the recent passing of former f(x) member and how her death and the K-pop community is a reflection of Asian culture – we HAVE to talk about cyber bullying and mental health.
We then dive into Miley Cyrus and Cody Simpsons’ relationship and the double standards that exists.

Finally, we bring some creepy news about how one fan stalked his favourite Japanese idol through a picture posted online… all by zooming into eyes in the picture.

We are joined this week by a friend of the pod, Ophie Ho.
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[00:00:09] Hello. Hello. Hello and welcome to the LEMON Schur, the show what millennials are talking about. My name is Thomas and I am Phil. And today we have another friend of the pod. And it’s actually the very first person that we ever interviewed OWFI. Hi. Welcome to the show.

[00:00:25] Thanks again.

[00:00:27] And coming up on the show, we dive into the strange and crazy world of fandoms and how a 26 year old man is a reflection of a pop artist AI to figure out where she lives to sexually assault her. And we explore the double standards when it comes to Marlies new relationship with Cody Simpson. But first, how is your week?

[00:00:45] I think you should go for some bit embarrassed to talk about this.

[00:00:53] Well, a lot of people don’t know that. We actually went to Shout Out to Glory and Zander at Sony. We’ve actually given tickets to go to see Dominick Fike. And that was a.

[00:01:02] Yeah, those are pretty fun experience because like we got to the venue at enrichment and then we’ll it used to find pocket.

[00:01:07] It was my first before we found parking a while ago, we actually went to go see Mom Meal, which is another podcast that we do love and support. And Fuel has this thing where whenever it comes to events, he gets a bit blurred. I think like he does remember the location, the time. So we rocked up to I had to apply for leave at work to go to Mama Mia. And when we got to the venue, we realized about a week early.

[00:01:30] And then last week, we lost two. We didn’t incident another with another person. And then a thought I had booked the podcast room. And then it turns out I didn’t click next and I was confirmed. So then it was never confirmed.

[00:01:42] And then we had to like make a last minute, like, actually event and come here instead. So fast forward a couple of days ago when we actually got to Dominic Fike, when we got your location and feels, that’s me. Oh, my gosh, I hope you’re going to be angry. And the first half cancer has. Oh, my gosh, this bitch got the location wrong again. So we had to walk back for 10 minutes to a car which rarely paid for. And let me tell you, city parking is expensive. Drive to another suburb because we are pretty far from location. But wasn’t she back? Because we actually found parking pretty easy. And we wasn’t until we got inside that we realized. Oh, my goodness. Everybody here is like 18 and 19 years old. This is the reason why we have parking so easily, because I think their parents dropped them off. So on top of feeling so cheap, they put the location wrong with how super oh and really out of place. But other than that, the music was so good and like.

[00:02:28] How was your week? You always excited. Hectic. Also failure. An airhead.

[00:02:35] I am a bit like that sometimes. But I’m never a one week off. Well, at least you’ve got Tom to help straighten you up and grounded, right? Sometimes my week was good.

[00:02:52] It feels like a bit of a blur now that I think about it.

[00:02:56] But like a highlight for my week was, you know, there. If you’ve ever heard of business chicks, they do like a lot of events and conferences across Australia and they bring a lot of people in for like speaking on panels. And they’re bringing Marie Folio to Melbourne for her book launch. And I I put my hand up to volunteer at the event because I just I don’t know. I felt like that would be a really great experience compared to just going and I got accepted.

[00:03:23] So what do you what do you what will you be doing there? Yeah.

[00:03:27] Yeah.

[00:03:28] I think like ushering people in or like helping with like just getting slick flow operation.

[00:03:35] You notice on this has been a real big movement in like woman entrepreneurs. Yeah. Which is really cool.

[00:03:41] And it’s somebody like like great female entrepreneur Poggio LEMON, which is really cool to listen to any at the moment.

[00:03:51] I’m honestly listening to the LEMON Shamble Jettisons chicken and I love it.

[00:03:58] I love this. It is shocking. I think they also featured in Canberra. He mentioned it was on late last week.

[00:04:05] We joked about like, let’s, you know, let’s talk in Cambodia.

[00:04:08] And then Cambodian listeners were listening and they got featured on the homepage on Odd Shoes, a inconvertible. That’s it. And I got in saying, yeah, well done, guy.

[00:04:17] It’s about really honestly, thank you to everybody who, you know, supported us from the get go. He gave us so much laughs, so many comments that we really appreciate very, very much. So thank you.

[00:04:41] Before we talk about the next segments, this discussion revolves around suicide and mental health. If there is a chance of being triggered by this topic, please skip to the next segments. And if you’re going through something similar on nurse someone who needs help, please contact Lifeline on 13, LEMON 14 or your local hotline. So I’m not sure if you guys heard solely from ethics was actually discovered dead in her home by her manager and the cause of death was suicide. And for those who don’t know who she is, she began her career as a child actor in 2005 a.p.’s screen drama, and in 2009, her career rocketed to global stardom when she actually debuted as one of the members of ethics.

[00:05:18] Then she temporally suspended activities in 2014 because actually rumours have been GARANT that she has a bit of issues with her mental health and her health has actually been compromised. So this is actually quite.

[00:05:30] A big topic that’s actually been talked about within the Cape Up community as well. I think this is really start a conversation about a lot of things I share is such a lot of conversation about cyber bullying, you know, in Korea and in I guess in the world in general and also about mental health in the Asian community. So I don’t know, like if you guys have been following solely for a while or not, but she’s kind of been very outspoken about, you know, her struggles with depression and what she’s been going through with the cyber bullying and stuff. But despite all these cries for help, no one has ever, like stepped in to be like, hey, like, you know, you need help. Like, you know, what can we do to to practice selfie and make, you know, make it better. But now we’ve gone to this point where, you know, another K-pop celebrity has has taken their own life because of this, you know, cyberbullying.

[00:06:25] He was the other person that committed suicide, which was quite recent as well. Junkman from SHINee. Yes, that’s right. Yes, a junkie from SHINee. You know, I remember when he actually committed suicide. The singer’s death stunned a lot of fans worldwide and the focus was towards mental health issues. Because I’m not sure if you got any, but the stats is that South Korea has the highest suicide rate in the world. And I guess it comes down to that culture and how there’s a lot of expectation, I guess, with South Korea when it comes to education making. It’s a beauty. Everything pretty much.

[00:06:59] Let’s just sing South Korea. I think just like in general, like Asian culture, like, you know, like the Asian economy has only started to really boom in recent decades. And but before that, you know, to get the, you know, people in Asia have had to kind of like hustle and work around, you know, work around the clock to be productive and to to, I guess, grow at a rapid pace, you know. And so I think I think that’s kind of like to see a hustle culture that we’ve seen in Asia where people working overtime, people are expected to work overtime. And then even even for us, you know, we live in Austria. We weren’t born in Asia, but we kind of had that same mentality that we inherited from our grandparents or from our family. And so, you know, I think the K-pop community in a K-pop world is a reflection of all of that. You know, we sing these capsular is working around the clock, working, promoting and, you know, working our time. And yet no one’s really tippin say, hey, you know, you okay? So I think yeah, I just think it’s really sad that it’s gotten to this point where so it’s taken so many celebrities to pass away for for this discussion to even happen.

[00:08:07] I think that the culture in the South Korea, especially in the K-pop industry, because it is so competitive, there are so many groups and so many idols and so many ambitious young people trying to make it as well. It’s almost expected that you have to go through that hustle to even make it or even get your foot in the door. And obviously, that’s a lot of pressure.

[00:08:29] And on and on the other side, you know, so many scale slaves have said that, you know, this unrealistic beauty standard as well. And also, you know, capabilities, as I expected to not be political, not to be a cookie cutter celebrity, have like the perfect image. And so there solely has been a trailblazer in the fact that, you know, in a way that she’s been very outspoken about her political views. You know, she has her abortion. Yeah. Because you want problems, right? Yeah. And also issue, she was very outspoken about not wanting to have the not wanting to wear a bra because she thought it was uncomfortable. She didn’t like it. And so when she did Instagram, Veres and lives and stuff, saying that, you know, she does want to wear a bra. Yeah. People were like calling her ridiculous names in like like horrible things just because she did want to wear a bra, which is so stupid. Right. You think about it.

[00:09:20] Absolutely. And then if you think about the immense pressure when you could become a trainee as well and you have so many people on YouTube who. Crazy Grace is one of the who talks about her experiences of being a trainee in the K-pop industry. So many people have actually been outspoken. That’s the immense, I guess, work and the immense pressure. Some people don’t even sleep. You lose a ton of weight sometimes nonetheless. Nough places to kind of live like the timeframe. There’s only one shower, eight guys in a boy band that wash out together. And when you place in that environment, your mind thinks the only way to get out is to get out.

[00:09:54] And like we talk, we talked about this hustle culture. Cause, you know, we talk about because when you’re hustling, you don’t really have time to talk about mental health, you know? And so, you know, of all the work, we want to buy cancer-causing careers, because I feel like that’s where cancer culture originated from. Where are your big Caple follow up?

[00:10:12] I definitely used to be not so much anymore, just because I found that there was quite a sometimes when you read the Kane Edisons like opinions and these headlines, it’s almost just like what the fuck are you doing with your time? Like, come on, give these people a break.

[00:10:27] You fall K-pop around since I’m when J-pop was. Participial still, nah.

[00:10:32] So what happened? Let’s take it. Well, tell me and.

[00:10:36] That’s a yes. This is like 10 years ago when Jay Park is obviously very famous and very popular. Now, 10 years ago, he was part of a band called 14:00, which was like the hottest like pad came on, man, and yet K-pop. And so what happened was these Korean netizens found old posts on MySpace where he’s he’s doing his training days. He’ll dry it some along the lines of like, oh, man, Korea’s so gay, like like Ty would have exhausted whatever. Yeah. And so because he’s American born like a born. Right. And of his and obviously people in Australia and America, we use that kind of language here, which today is not acceptable, by the way. But he kind of used it in the context of like saying, oh, man, like so I’m so tyred, I’m so exhausted. But the Kazan’s kind of took that out of context and pretty much just say, oh, he hates Korea. And then they cancelled him and literally got kicked out of the band, like, you know, a week afterwards. And so he had to fly back to occur to actually America and then restart his career there and then made his way back to K-pop. Yeah. Which is. Yeah. And so it’s like the cancer culture in Korea is so bad.

[00:11:44] It’s pretty insane how much influence everyone’s opinions are even despite how like delusional.

[00:11:51] Yeah. And then going back to sleep, it sounded like jumping a bit. But I want to just want to play pitcher. How silly. Got his point because at the height of her career, in part of effect, she left the band pause of all of this cyberbullying and also because she cannot publicly that she was dating a guy. And so fans just weren’t gonna have it.

[00:12:12] You know, we hodo in the K-pop industry, are you allowed to date? Or was that kind of seen as a taboo?

[00:12:18] I think it’s like it really depends. And it’s not like it’s generally not accepted. Just really not. Yeah.

[00:12:26] You know, allowed because as a K-pop singer capable of you have to be available to your fans.

[00:12:30] You have to be there to service your fans, your fans of the must thing. Exactly right.

[00:12:36] You have to dedicate yourself to your fans. Yeah. And like even I think they even restrict like mobile usage and family visits and financially as well, they restrict all of that. So even everything that you eat, it’s controlled. Wow. Especially the people you see. So good luck. Yeah.

[00:12:52] Actually, that reminds me of that video that I watched on YouTube when that girl was from. Who’s your grandpa? Grandpa.

[00:12:59] I you think it’s her birthday and had out with him lots of video. Yeah, exactly. Yeah, it’s rad.

[00:13:05] Honestly, like when I think about the counterculture in Korea, I thought the beehives or the little monsters were bad. But we think of the K netizens in K-pop culture and you think about how many people this affects. It’s pretty bad. And it makes it seem like, you know, being a K-pop star isn’t as worthwhile as many people think as Guha go through like.

[00:13:28] I think maybe one or two years ago where she tried to kill us all off as well, I think she put herself in a car.

[00:13:34] Oh, is that the one thing? Horror. Yeah.

[00:13:36] I remember hearing this, too. Fortunately, she’s okay. But like, I can’t imagine the pressure that all of these idols go through. And for them to feel like this is their only choice because they can’t speak up, because if they speak up, then they just get flamed.

[00:13:52] I think this is an issue, I guess, like not just in the entertainment industry, but I guess in all workplaces. You know, I feel like every workplace should have, you know, someone to like all like a department or like, you know, chicks up with the employees, you know, especially if they got to go through something like that. Sure. And I just wanted to take it back onto a personal level. You know, I feel like. Because we don’t talk about mental health in our families, in Asian culture and stuff. You know, we don’t know how to deal with it. Because I remember in your twelve I had a friend who was going through depression. Right. And she was openly telling all our friend groups say, Hey, Mom, I’m depressed and not feeling that well. And then the response should get from our friends was like, just be happy. Like, why can’t you just be happy? That’s the most stupid, like advice. And get someone who’s go through depression, you know, like just be happy and then and just like, take him back to my family as well. You know, my dad was admitted to a psychiatric hospital at one point and then not blame my mom and her friends or anything. But it’s just kind of shows like the level of importance of mental health in Asian Communities Day. They they didn’t say he was so psychotic household, is it? He went to just distribute people hospital. Listen to this. Stupid doctor. You know. Yeah. So it just really shows how troubling and how much work we need to do in our community to. To discuss topics about mental health.

[00:15:21] There’s a lot of stigma behind it as well. And I saw this picture the other day on Instagram where it was like you broke your back. And then there’s like all these flowers and cards and people like all get well soon, like, take your time, let your body heal. And then it’s like depression. And then there’s silence because no one knows how to talk about it. But it’s so important that we do because mental health is so important. And I think because it’s such a taboo subject. And I mean, it’s getting better nowadays. We are talking about it more prevalently, but it’s still there’s still a stigma around it and people still feel a bit uncomfortable talking about it. If someone is going through depression in your workplace, like sometimes all you can really feel is like, oh, you know. Are you okay? And that’s all you can say.

[00:16:07] I agree 100 percent. And all it takes is just to get someone awesome. Are you okay? And funny enough as that, we celebrate this a couple of weeks ago. Are you okay? And even if we don’t have the right skill sets, we can at least Deric someone to seek help professionally.

[00:16:24] Similarly, like say, if, for example, you were to take a day off work because you physically hurt yourself, it makes sense to do that. But there are days when you really need to take a day off work because you just can’t bring yourself to budget, right? That’s right. But they if you were to say, hey, I’m actually just not feeling 100 percent today, I’m not sick, I’m not hurt. But I just need a day. Like how many places are going to respond?

[00:16:50] Actually, I do have a friend who is a teacher and they get what they call personal day. So on top of the sick leave days, they get personal days, which they didn’t need to provide a medical certificate for, which is so good. Right. And I think they should be implemented more in every other workforce because we need to make sure that we’re okay. We need to make sure that awareness and mental health is okay. Whereas you have people like Sully who is clearly not okay, who’s crying out. Why is she getting so much hate and apologizing and saying she’s not a bad person? And people have been putting her on Bloss for absolutely nothing. That is not okay.

[00:17:24] Yeah. Just it be more mindful of what we put out in the world, you know, because if you want to say that to someone in real life while you run it online, because those words have impact on people’s real life, you know, cause like I’ve I’ve known I does my Salvini. A passing comment on online can make a big difference to someone’s mental health and and confidence and conscious. But yeah, I think the great thing about no, but that her death has been a good thing. But one one thing that’s coming out in the Caple world is that a lot of celebrities are petitioning for the government to change the laws in Korea so that you can’t post comments anonymously. And we got to use our first and last name and things like that when they put in place will reduce the amount of bad that you see, hold people accountable to this shit.

[00:18:13] Yes. Yeah, I agree. But like you were saying before, with just a kind of K-pop standard, both in beauty and other things, it’s like I feel that these K netizens have like a checklist for these idols and if they don’t fit it then it’s like cool fuck off, there’s gonna be another one who can replace you. And I feel like that.

[00:18:32] Is that because the soda manufacturer is like a fad? Yeah. Exactly.

[00:18:36] There’s no kind of respect for an individual. It’s more like it’s like an industry, a factory. You’re in your outlike, you know, that’s really shit.

[00:18:44] That’s a great point. And we just hope and we pray that by someone passing would open the conversation and prevent so many more deaths occurring, not just to celebrities, but your everyday average person as well. And hopefully through the dark situations, some light can also be shed.

[00:19:03] People that know me, they see me change really every week, every two weeks. I’m changing and learning so much, I think, especially now that I feel like I found more of my end of. I don’t think I was ever really happy with who I was. I was so scared of ever being alone, and I think conquering that fear this year was actually bigger than any other transition that I had this entire year. I don’t ever want to have to need someone again where you feel like without them, you can’t be yourself. So fun wearing a fat rock for a few years, but now I just feel like I can actually be happy.

[00:19:45] If you’ve been living under a rock, you’ll be forgiven for not knowing that Miley Cyrus and Liam Hemsworth have broken up after 10 years together. Miley then infamously hooked up with Caitlin Cada hashtag cutco Sulla just days after the announcement of their Break-Up and then broke up with CONOR just a month after.

[00:20:03] Well, I think mine has been very I guess in this time. I’ve been really impressed with her response to all of this, because people who have been calling out like, oh, my God, she’s moved on so quick. Like like the girls like twentyfold. She’s the let’s move on and have like a rebound 24.

[00:20:21] Sasha Missioner 25, 26. Like she’s young. Yeah, but like, what’s wrong with him? A rebound man. And to be honest, if Miley’s getting too much hate moving on so quickly. Yeah.

[00:20:33] Honestly thinking if Miley’s fans panicked about how quick I’d move to second Tom and listen to wait three days. Gigi is over. No, but I reckon cuts.

[00:20:44] It’s like sometimes when you’re in a relationship. Yeah. Even if you are still in the relationship, you do grow a pot. And when you go from a long term relationship to another long term relationship, there is a period where you’ve already moved on emotionally before it ends.

[00:21:00] But if that’s how someone deals deals with addiction, no problem, right? Yeah, but like at the same time, I guess like being off topic a bit if you’ve been dating someone like 10 years or whatever. Do you reckon there should be a respectable amount of time before you publicly? Rebound. Jeremy, like pissing all over Instagram and stuff like that. Do you think there’s been a reasonable mark in my head? My previous relationship? For me, it was a month. I thought a month was a pretty reasonable amount of time. Both of us. Yeah.

[00:21:33] I think there’s no right or wrong for like how long it takes for you to move on. But at the same time, if you’re gonna be really like nonchalant about like having a rebound and really public about it, I think that’s a little bit disrespectful to a previous partner of 10 years in my like personal opinion and like values. I would not do that. I would, I think at least a month give it. And I wouldn’t also go into a rebound cause that’s also disrespectful to the other person.

[00:22:02] I definitely agree, but I would probably want to point out that more like Miley probably have broken up months before they announced publicly. So for us, we only see the spots on the surface. We don’t really. Yeah, exactly. Yeah, they did announce it that they’d broken up again a few days later with this Armisen and Caitlin Carter.

[00:22:21] It wasn’t killing Carter.

[00:22:23] I bet that that Break-Up could have happened months again. Probably even know about. That’s true. And this could have been just her way of saving face. Pretty much. You know, it was like breaking up with someone’s magnum does things to you, you know, your news conference yourself.

[00:22:36] So I’m like the opposite spectrum. I’m like Celebrex or somebody else or I’m like, you can do whatever you want, you and your free go do whatever you want. Girl, you know, even like I had a friend at my previous work and she broke up with her boyfriend not long ago. And then she’s like, I’m going to wait a year. Why do you waiting a year? Like, why you kind of doubting your own self? Like, if you wanna go out and get somebody now, go go with whoever you want, do whatever he wants, like with whoever you want to go hook up.

[00:23:01] It doesn’t matter because you are your own person, but you tell me it’s respect out of my ex. And I was like, that doesn’t make sense to me because you and your ex not together anymore, you know. Yes, you could have a relationship officer, but you are your own person now. I guess how I feel about the Miley Cyrus situation. Liam Liam Hemsworth is in the picture.

[00:23:20] Whatever. Her name is Qatar.

[00:23:25] And now be with Cody Simpson. You know, you’re about your own woman while you get whoever you want.

[00:23:30] Exactly.

[00:23:31] At the end of the day, as long as like you or Miley or whoever is happy, like that’s the most important thing. Really? Absolutely. Yeah.

[00:23:39] Have you seen the picture of Cody and Miley? On which picture?

[00:23:45] There’s been a.

[00:23:47] There was a picture of that Cody signs and posted of where they’ll both stand in front of a mirror. And then Molly had her hands down his pants. And then I click on tour and then I got the comments was shocking. What did they say? So I kill them every summer.

[00:24:03] I had something niceville.

[00:24:06] So there was some comments mainly about Molly, by the way. Holly, anything about Cody? So money.com’s was I thought Cody had more integrity than to date, that kind of trash. And then the other one was. I used to love Molly, but ill look at her now. She’s gotten my class and then I’m sorry. My. But you’re just way too old for him. And then at another point out that there’s hardly any concern about Cody. Like everything was positive for him. And this is on Cody’s page. Yeah, this was in Cody’s page. And then those one comment from a guy that was directed to Cody and I’m gonna put on my blocky voice your props.

[00:24:43] Let’s go. Can you talk like that for the rest? I thought.

[00:24:49] But I want to point out most of the comments was my was actually done by females.

[00:24:54] And so I understand like what’s with females bringing down other females? Like I forgot all about lifting each other. Little thing, woman up, you know?

[00:25:03] I think it makes it especially harder just because Miley is like a public figure. And I feel like people are just more insensitive about that because they’re famous and like they’re not real humans like people. People don’t associate famous public figures as actual human beings and they think it’s okay to talk about like this kind of shit just all across the Internet because there’s no repercussions. It’s healthy, most sellable. Exactly. Exactly. You’re behind like a digital wall and you’re safe in any way. But I feel like with the female especially, I think that when people put someone else down, it’s because they feel insecure about themselves. And I feel like that’s also like a message that a lot of females are actually really insecure about themselves.

[00:25:48] Do you do you see this like among your friendship groups as well? Was it just mainly when I lean towards celebrities?

[00:25:55] Well, I see it amongst a lot of females. Even in my friendship groups. And it’s not something like, you know, I won’t try and like egg it on. But when you see someone, I guess, gossiping or like bitching about another person, it’s very rare for another girl to bitch about another guy. Yeah, it’s usually like they’re bitching about how some girl did their and. God accomplice, she did this. I like it. It’s the deep underlying message that is insecurity.

[00:26:24] I guess also if you think about it, cause her relationship with Liam started in the public eye. People felt so heavily invested into their relationships, so they felt they were part of it. Yeah. And then when it broke up, I felt like they’d been broken up, too.

[00:26:35] But the unfair thing is for Miley is that’s for someone to be moving on, to be happy where she is. She she gets quite a thing, trash her because I know she’s got no class. But even be like if you look at the trend of Miley before she got with Lily, with Liam, she was pretty much that ratchet in a good way kind of girl she got with Liam. And then she started releasing music like Malibu.

[00:27:00] And then afterwards, actually, my mother’s daughter. I’m a witch. I mean, she’s coming, you know what I mean?

[00:27:04] So it’s like she maybe from my perspective, when you look at Miley.

[00:27:10] It’s something different.

[00:27:12] It’s like I just remembered something. Liam is actually in a relationship with another girl, right?

[00:27:16] Yeah. What has known? Why is the one you pointed that out.

[00:27:18] Yeah. Yeah.

[00:27:19] Well they’ve said that they’re taking it slow or something, but that’s all he gets is he gets painted as a wholesome guy, you know, like he just wants to get married, settle down and like. But there’s Miley.

[00:27:30] She’s like you know, like she should be careful.

[00:27:34] I think like I’m. Yeah. When you made the comment before about Miley being provocative and I think that’s a thing when on the Internet, if you paint yourself out to be a certain way, people feel like that’s permission to put you down because how you get your trashy all the way you act or the clothes that you wear. They think that’s like permission to say all of these hurtful things. So it shouldn’t.

[00:27:54] This is exactly the abbey from the. And, you know, it’s funny. It’s like, you know, we go to a party and then for a guy, if we see another person or another guy wearing a same shirt. Oh, my gosh, brah. Yo, what’s winning? And it’s, you know, the girl. We’re like.

[00:28:09] Somebody change. And it’s helped me. Who were that are so obviously made. And it’s like, yeah, you know, it’s competitive. Competitive. Exactly. Even sometimes, like, I catch my supping really competitive.

[00:28:21] They’re nice. Even though it’s a male and another male. I feel, oh, my gosh, his biceps are huge. Like I wish I’d biceps like that. But it’s more in a.

[00:28:30] I put them on a pedals the way LEMON admiring. Admiring way. Yeah. Actually there’s there’s a great article David on Teen Vogue about slut shaming. So an article they write, you know, slut shaming, slut shaming also depends upon the out dated assumption that there are two different kinds of women, a good girl and sluts. Some guys still think that they need to hook up the sluts to date, eventually marry good girls.

[00:28:56] What are you read?

[00:28:58] So he’s going. And also just look a random. This is random like side. I think this whole slut shame thing happens in the gay community as well. You know, like when when someone the gay someone’s gay sleeps around. If I was very quick to jump to say that slut. But then when when a straight guy does like good, no one’s ever say anything about it.

[00:29:19] Oh, my goodness. In all it’s like. If you are doing it safely, you know, if you’re giving consent, then it’s okay. But you know, everybody who to sleep around wants to hook up. You guys do, you know, be a Mylie? Doesn’t matter. Cause no one’s gonna judge you.

[00:29:33] Know you’re free to live your life. Absolutely. Yeah. But I think cause I guess people just have their own standard or their own belief that it’s wrong when it’s not their life and they should just really mind their own business.

[00:29:56] Okay. So a couple of days ago, my Facebook feed, I came across this article about this story of how this Japanese Ardo was assaulted and how this happened was one of her crazy stalker fans zooms in to her. I saw her reflection a where she lives and found out how crazy is that?

[00:30:14] So how did he find where she lives? Through reflection of her.

[00:30:18] Through the reflection of her eye. So how Toka exactly facing her? Probably the furniture she wrote using whatever Kobilka Japanese one. But then he zoomed in, saw the station. I think the train station or where she gets off. So he waited there for her to get off. The next day or when? The next day that she was waiting for her and follow her to apartment, then, you know, sexually assaulted her.

[00:30:40] Yes. That’s suddenly saying that reminds me of I saw this picture on the Internet, on Reddit. I think it was a picture, those taken and shot in a Chinese city, maybe Shanghai or something, where they used like a very high quality camera where you can zoom in from space. Only then you can zoom into the fact we can see how close. But what the details of the people’s faces. And that just reminds of that. Kids, it’s so crazy because technology has involved so much. You know, like our screens are like people face shooting more than ever because, you know, you can see pimples and stuff like that. Looking at me like that, like very high quality photos and all the photos, a type of, you know, G.P.S. locations. Now we have that chat. And have you you know, you can find your friends on Snapchat and yes, you can see where your friends are hanging out on Facebook. And so I don’t know. With the introduction of technology, we have to be very careful like allocations, because like on that as well, I think there was a thing.

[00:31:38] I don’t know if it still does it anymore. But on iPhones, like people were going crazy finding out that you can actually go into your location settings. And if you’ve set your apps to allow access to your location, always, even when you’re not using it, there’s like literally a list of places you’ve been. And if they keep track of that information for whatever purposes. But like that’s pretty is desk. Yeah. Yeah. Pretty in-depth.

[00:32:03] So we like Apple or what Apple. What Apple would do is they would track this information of where you hang out and where you normally go. So then when you win the next time you get to a car. Right. At the same the same time, the winner. Hey, do you wanna go to. It’s gonna be 20 minutes to get to work.

[00:32:17] Yeah. Stuff like that. Yeah. But it just kind of shows how creepy techno crazy. Yeah.

[00:32:22] I get that on Google Maps but I thought I’d disable it like you could is like when I see my friends on Snapchat. Right. They put their location, you see that bit a merger, whatever. Why do you guys do that. But then probably I probably have that but not even know. Yeah.

[00:32:33] Yeah. The thing is, I work with because I have my own business. I employ a lot of, um, young kids and they’re all use Snapchat. Yeah. So one of the girls at work work with me. It’s a shame. His Snapchat. Yeah. And then literally can see we’re all her friends are hanging like you see like a bunch of them hanging at this one house.

[00:32:52] Yeah. And I’m like what’s happening? Is there a pie that you weren’t invited. Yeah. Yeah. Yeah. I think they’re hanging. Yeah. But the fact that you can see like Wall Street they on and like.

[00:33:03] Yeah. Wherever it is. Yes, I know. That’s open. So much opportunities for people to stalk and try to do.

[00:33:10] I heard actually there was some a story about how Snapchat the that feature of being able to see where your friends are actually exposed and destroyed a lot of relationships almost.

[00:33:23] I’m not surprised. Come on, man. Like be a little smart about your location at least and turn that shit up if you’re gonna do that.

[00:33:31] I mean, if there’s anything coming out of that Sokha location thing, I mean, it’s that you’ve been exposed for infidelity, for cheating. But, you know, even with this crazy stalker story of the guy in Japan, it’s like I’ve looked at the stats and it’s actually so common as well. Even in Australia, like women make up 75 percent of stalking victims in Australia, while 80 to 85 percent of the focus are male. That’s not to say that, you know, males don’t get stalked, too. And the mercy of people who are behind it are men and women can stalk too.

[00:33:58] But improve yourself like you’re a beautiful girl, you know, you got those cigars, booty and the hourglass shape. Actualizing is the only guy at this point. This is about even a beautiful girl like yourself, you know.

[00:34:10] How you been in that situation before?

[00:34:13] Yeah. I’m not proud to say yes, but I can speak on behalf of many women that we have all at some stage of our life experience, something like this. For whether it’s just feeling uncomfortable with the way someone’s looking at us, and and this is not to say that we’re sensitive and we think that everyone’s looking at us, but it’s like you can tell when someone is spending like an uncomfortably long amount of time looking at you and following you around as well. Like this happens sometimes at the gym when like I notice someone is like looking at me or like following me around. And so I’ll I’ll I’ll like pick up and move my stuff and move somewhere else. And then you’ll notice that they pick up and move their stuff and follow you as well.

[00:34:55] And that’s kind of like that’s kind of like. Like where are we going with this? And it’s just little things like that. I think in a lot of females.

[00:35:03] What about like when you’re walking down the street like on a talk?

[00:35:06] Oh, yeah. You know what’s funny is that when that happens and we were talking about this before we started recording. But I often when when I’m in that situation, I’ll either call my boyfriend or I’ll message him and say, hey, I’m going through like a dark alleyway or like walking through a dark footpath at the moment. And not only that, if I see someone there as well and that also dodgy guy. And like I always have to preface this, like I can never trust that I will be safe even if it’s fine. Like I feel like we’re all very, very cautious and expect something to happen.

[00:35:42] And then there’s really like annoying because like, you know, it means harm because we guys we don’t have to think about that unless I mention China.

[00:35:51] I did think about it sharita. We don’t have to think about it.

[00:35:56] Would not think twice about it. It’s like I’m gonna be okay if I’m walking around by it for yourself. If you’re in a public air, you see you’re alone. There’s only one guy. You have like a key between your finger. You ready to punch somebody your arm?

[00:36:07] I’ve always a voice like being like I’m ready to run at any point. I’m always.

[00:36:14] I know literally this is something I regularly think about.

[00:36:18] I think I’d rather try and run first before I’d like fight. And if I needed to do that, then I would go for the bulls.

[00:36:25] On the upside, though, if I’m walking down the street and I see that there’s a girl walking ahead of me in that she looks looking a bit scared, I kind of have to like to do the heavy myself.

[00:36:35] Do I have to like to strut a bit like my girl? You know, you’ll be like extra feminine should get it is hilarious.

[00:36:48] But for any straight guys. Oh, this is this. You don’t have to, like, strut and be okay.

[00:36:53] Like, I know it’s unfair for all of the other men out there who actually are genuinely nice people and who would never do any harm to anyone. But it’s just like it’s a shame that in society a lot of women are just very cautious because they almost expect something to happen in that situation.

[00:37:12] And also to say if you’re a straight girl, businesses and you want to make sure that, you know, you can let the let the guilder know that you’re not gonna hurl whatever they should say, the guy goes, yeah, well we can do is cross the road.

[00:37:25] Maybe if you walk the same road and then more maybe walk ahead of her. So she knows that, you know, she’s not to be harmony.

[00:37:30] She’s gonna do the Gangnam Style. Yeah. Just let that be public knowledge that I’m safe.

[00:37:38] But even if you look at, for example, The Bachelor what happened last week, there was a guy, the may of New Sur and Jets, and he was being very what’s the word?

[00:37:48] He was like the most sexist most. Oh, my God. Like person. They didn’t just miss misogyny as such.

[00:37:55] Tell me. Oh, my gosh.

[00:37:57] I it his thought to Angie, though, and angelea and his the Betteridge this year, she handled it very well. So the um, the bachelor episode I think was Episode 2 or something that they’re doing a photoshoot where the guys had to dress like animals and she had to pose with them for this photo shoot. And so he was told to wear to dress up as a horse. And then the photographers like Angie, you need a seal on him. So we take this photo.

[00:38:21] I’m on a side note. Probably the pictures also had some to do with this. Like, why would you tell someone to sit on someone if you don’t have any kind of plan to keep going?

[00:38:28] But yeah, definitely, definitely. The producers knew this would’ve went down sweat bowl. Basically, after being told that she needed to sit on him heels like, oh, a couple of energy guests invited me first and she was like, no, my land, that Zagros, that ceremony that night, she called him out. But it was nice to see a lot of other men supporting her. Yeah. Hauling him off thing.

[00:38:49] No need to cut that out. You can’t do this. That’s not appropriate. So there are guys out there who actually do the right thing. You stick up for women and women who do seek out fraud and men who stick up for other men. Such a shame that we just have the outliers. I guess in society that’s making a lot more difficult for everyone.

[00:39:04] But I think it’s also just because you have you see the outliers in the media. That’s that’s what’s being reported on. You know, if nothing’s happening, there’s nothing to report. So unfortunately, like our perspective of what’s happening is probably skewed as well.

[00:39:16] Actually, if he goes does I should to six statistics that I read the other day, no one female, a Wiccan.

[00:39:22] Australia is murdered by a man in Australia. That’s the law as a law. That’s a really sad that is a really sad.

[00:39:29] It’s just stick and not to make light of the situation, but it’s always followed by a passing joke.

[00:39:34] Oh yeah. Okay. Well you think about that.

[00:39:39] Yeah, but I definitely like I feel like this is a hard thing to talk about because like I don’t want to put this on men either. And I also want to put this on females like anyone should be able to walk anywhere at any time of the day and not feel like they’re going to get hurt or murdered or raped or something. But I think it’s just biologically there’s no denying it that females are just at a disadvantage physically. And like you fight me, like you can fight me on this, like I. Jim and I go to the gym all the time. I’m building my strength. I can deadlift a lot. I can squat a lot. But if, like a 200 pound guy came up to me, I don’t think I’d be able to defend myself if I didn’t have that knowledge or like. But then at the same time, like, I don’t want to assume that every big guy out there is out to get me.

[00:40:29] At the same time, like it’s very tyring to always question. Yeah, yeah, yeah. So I just think we need to create I think this is back on to guys where we have to talk about it and say behaviour is not is not right. Yeah. And so yeah, I think the onus is back on two guys, not girls. You have to constantly question guys.

[00:40:48] But I guess also like let’s put like there is also some responsibility and I guess maybe the way that street lights up, maybe like if there were brighter spaces and car parks had, you know, good security and like I know that there’s like CCTV, but like just ways to make it seem like there’s less of a risk for someone to walk alone here, I think. I mean, there’s obviously it’s that that would be a big project. But I think also that would help in that situation.

[00:41:20] If you look at the culture behind, for example, Singapore. Yeah. That it’s such a safe country. True. Because it’s such a small place. It can be controlled that so many cameras. It’s so strict. Yeah. The laws there are if you use something, you you can be killed for doing something very minor as well. So I guess we need to kind of take that culture, that aspect of safety and kind of input it in our society. But it’s very hard geographically because it’s so big.

[00:41:43] Yeah, it’s a big place. Yeah. And then it also comes down to how it’s like policed and how it’s enforced and then how it goes through the legal system and yada, yada, yada. But basically like at the end of the day, like everyone just look out for each other no matter what and just be be be a nice person, please.

[00:42:05] All right. It’s recommendation time.

[00:42:09] Thomas, you had a great recommendation last week that everyone was sending us messages. It was everyone pulling really nicely. I mean, the Cohens are relaxed now, right?

[00:42:19] Look at this. At the time when you said that you can recommend pooping in a toilet, I a bit hesitantly. This is a list of recommendations. But I’m glad I’m glad a lot of people found that recommendation really useful. Look, I prevented a lot of haemorrhoids last week, so I wanted everyone to have haemorrhoids, a softer side because I got food poisoning from a Chinese Russia.

[00:42:39] You got me poisoning, too. But yeah, I heard like a it’s gonna be a bit too my butt. A couple of days ago, I was doing like five, six times a day.

[00:42:46] A day is like, is that is that that’s not normal for you, right? No, that’s not my number, though. I’m not gonna say your burp games.

[00:42:57] Luckily you had that still to help me through a shout out through my poops. Still, guys.

[00:43:01] Wait, so you actually put it in a dictionary?

[00:43:03] He has a button. That’s the budget version he puts books on. Yeah. You think you actually have to go out and buy his books? Yeah. We’re Asian, usually cheaper. Well, that’s true. Well, the Tandja, but like I’ve seen ads for that store before and I was like, oh my God, this is legendary. I need to get one. But it was like at the time early, like U.S. I don’t even get it. Yeah, like you’re off topic a bit.

[00:43:24] Have you seen this, like in Asia? They have like people photos of people squatting on the. Yeah. I don’t understand how people can do it. How do you do that? Like training because there’s been a few times where I’ve walked in. So it’s hot and it’s just like a nightmare.

[00:43:37] Yeah. My knees do not bend in that way. But I actually got a funny, sociable gait by this, remember?

[00:43:44] So at our bakery right outall it could well take my shopping if you have a toilet for customers. But sometimes every once in a while there’ll be a customer that would be begging us to use the toilet. There’s no public toilet or now shopping strip. And so there’s one guy who’s a taxi driver. He came to the shop, asked my sister if he could use the toilet. Right. MASC I get a cab? I guess so. So she walked into the back door to the end of our shop to from used toilet. And then he after like ten minutes or whatever, he came out all smiling like you. Hi.

[00:44:17] Thank you so much for letting me use your toilet left. And everything is like a comeback and possibly next time. And then she went to the toilet. Oh, my God. Bozek shit on the wall. All ethical. It’s probably from because from squatting on top of the toilet.

[00:44:35] Get on the walls.

[00:44:38] I forgot she had to clean up, obviously. Oh yeah.

[00:44:43] Now thanks to our recommendation. Now I can’t stop thinking about poo. That’s why they have the signs that said don’t squat.

[00:44:51] Don’t put your feet on top and squat at make sense to me now because to me I’ll go on the wall.

[00:44:59] He had haemorrhoids but is pointing to like someone.

[00:45:06] Explain this to me the physics caterwaul.

[00:45:10] Well, we have a lot of smart listeners and maybe an can explain by letting yourself explain.

[00:45:14] But back to recommendation’s time.

[00:45:17] Let’s start with you. What would you recommend for this week? Oh, OK. So last week I recommended a podcast and I felt like it wasn’t useful because Thomas recommended such a great one about pooping. No, it’s a great book. That’s really good. Okay. Well, I have a different recommendations because I’ve been, I guess Trina’s for the last month or so and it’s been really helping me. But basically, this is not sponsored. But I’ve been using these supplements from Swisse supplements. They like me to help you relax and lets you take to a night before you go to bed. And it just kinda just like relaxing put you in like you really meant like safe, well, safe, but like, really relax.

[00:45:53] Evar drugs are, you know, really bad.

[00:45:57] Belike it’s just a muscle. It’s not a sleeping pill or anything, but it does definitely help you have more vessels sleep and you’ve noticed is a bit in a different. Oh yeah, I sleep really soundly because juryman I normally have to wake up a lot of times or to night, but since taking out something I’ve been sleeping a lot more sound.

[00:46:12] Yeah. Oh I think I’ve seen that in your room. Right. It’s the one with the pink. Lynn. Yep. Oh my god. It stinks like Bill Gates. It makes you.

[00:46:19] It smells like ass pretty much. This is not helping Phil’s argument. Why does it come back to being an ass? I don’t know if I rub my role. My life reveals on the toilet.

[00:46:30] I feel like what I’m going to recommend now is got to do something with pain. What if he’s healthy? What would you recommend?

[00:46:37] Well, I would recommend, since you’re talking about supplements, either either all probiotic supplements or yoga because you like, it’s very, very good for your gut health.

[00:46:49] And like, there are studies that show that there’s actually no risk in taking them, like because there’s a lot of controversy around whether taking vitamins and supplements do anything for you. And like disclaimer you should always see a doctor first before you, like, take vitamins. Just make sure you’re like, not deficient. So you’re reading Miach meeting your ideas, but. Probiotics are one of those supplements that you can take and there’s no risk behind it because it’s good bacteria and it helps you poo and again.

[00:47:19] Exactly. Now, I was very inspired listening to you talk about poo. I’ll actually plus one that I like. Yeah, I I should. Cause the reason why I said taking part probiotics actually for my skin. Yeah. Because I saw this YouTube video that this go saying you’ve got healthy into your skin. Yeah. And I was breaking up really bad. I was like, oh my gosh, what is happening to my body? It’s breaking down. I’m twenty five. So then I looked it up and then she said, you know, take probiotics. It’s good if you start taking in a health plus. Not sponsored, by the way, guys. And then you can tell that my skin’s out to clear up. Yeah. And something that probiotics I don’t know what it what it is, but it feels so good for you.

[00:47:53] It’s the thing with the gut, though, like there’s so much going on in your gut. And that’s why I like even your skin because it’s like hormones and stuff. It’s stress. And just like those live cultures are just really good for your gut. So even like bloating as well, it helps with that and digestion. Oh, yeah.

[00:48:08] I went through a phase. I went through a phase was because my cousins my cousins because I live in my cousins rivals says the skin care. So my my female cousin, she just bought a whole bunch of your coots has been drinking. And so I YouTubed I’m like, why are you drinking this? I Googled it. And I think, does it help with your skin? Is that what it does?

[00:48:28] It is pretty bad. As a coloured line or something. And it’s also like old sugar, you know, to each their own.

[00:48:36] Yeah.

[00:48:36] Yeah. So what does it help your skin or something. Yeah. Eligen. Right. Gives.

[00:48:40] Are you looking younger. I don’t know to be honest, but I think about, you know, when some of that cringing he puts. So do you. And you cut together and I’m thinking this is good for my skin because the alcohol is killing the good bacteria within your clinic.

[00:48:51] I mean, we need a bit of balance in life, right? I don’t have this conversation with me.

[00:48:58] What do you recommend, Tom? Sir, I found this thing online a couple of months ago. I’ve been to it for a couple of months now. I’ve told my friends about it. It’s called mewing m Itoldyou i n g. So on YouTube, that guy. He’s called Dr. Mike New or something. He’s an orthodontist in America. So he talks about how with your MCSO facials, there’s muscles, there’s burns, everything. It’s pretty much how we look, how we function. So there was experiment that he’s in. One of his patients went on to him. His twin brother went to another orthodontist. And even though they’re twins after their course of treatment, they looks completely different. Here’s how common what’s happening. So then he discovered his own thing called mewing. So what mewing is that? You put the tongue on to your heart and soul. You push it up there for about eight hours a day. You can try to do it with your sleeping as well, minimum eight hours a day. And what happens is that over time, you tap the pressure of your tongue because you’re tonic. That’s 30, 30 kilos of pressure over time. What happens at your zygomatic bone, which is your cheekbones, your palates, everything changes. It opens your airways, your NATO. OMG, I’m going to really.

[00:50:07] You got to look at me like I’m crazy. Let’s just say guys like you can’t see Tom right now. Alec, I haven’t seen him so passionate about anything other than what this works.

[00:50:17] And the reason why I enjoy it because I’m a little bit vain. Well, I want to look good. I took be before photo and an automatic and there is a difference. How long have you been doing it? Well, it’s been about four or five months now.

[00:50:27] How did you do it for eight hours? You mean to get used to get used to it?

[00:50:31] Ok, it’s true. But when you’re when your mouth isn’t resting, position, your teeth don’t touch and your tongue should automatically go to the tip of your roof. That makes sense.

[00:50:40] So the argument is with muling, right. I watched the video to actually show that mean I’m too I’m way too lazy and not able to commit to muling for eight hours a day. Basically what this guy is saying, he’s saying that, you know, back in the ancient days, people our ancestors were mewing. That’s why they have strict, very strong jawline. And they don’t have this much processed foods as yet. We do now because. Because now these days, our food is so processed now it’s easy to have to chew as much. So al jawans on as my mind, I’m one week. Yep. So he’s yeah. He does best. He’s basically saying back in the days we used to Mubi default, but because of today everyone know he’s processed food and stuff like that. We our tongue position and our jaws is not in the correct position.

[00:51:26] Right. Yeah. So it’s like when we knew it flattens out pellets which actually creates more of an airway. So it actually allows you to breathe a lot more better. So let people who have allergies, people who have sinus issues once they’ve actually started Teemu for you things it’s kind of disappear on their own and on the shelf. It’s harmfulness. It as if it were true. Check. It’s funny.

[00:51:47] As a doctor, before you do anything that we recommend you do, your due diligence is definitely recommend moving for all of our listeners, because if you want to be buit who does want to be beautiful?

[00:51:57] You know what I mean? This is it. It’s full. We’d like finish off. This is actually like a YouTube craze right now.

[00:52:02] Like like Iran. Let me just appeared on my suggestions one day on YouTube. But then everyone on YouTube. As I said, doing at the moment and all these, I guess, influences a newspaper saying to look, look, look like a model. Most models are mewing and it is your friend.

[00:52:18] Here’s a friend of someone in the modelling agency at the agency told them what she knew. I think so. I remember. Yes, sir. Yeah, a lot of the modelling agents held them modest to me because it gives you that really nice sucking up kind of cheap porn appearance and that like, you know, you just look gorgeous and just do it while you’re pooping.

[00:52:35] While you’re pooping.

[00:52:38] Thank you so much for joining us. OWFI How can we find you on Facebook and Instagram? Say stuff like this is fun and just Drumgold?

[00:52:49] I think it’s hard for me to go to the toilet, but how can we find you on Instagram? Thank you so much, guys, for having me. It’s always such a pleasure. Oice so much fun to talk. You can find me on Instagram at to plug plugging your podcast. Yeah. My podcast isn’t as good as yours. My language. Just look up OWFI high on Spotify. Apple pie costs, car cost, banks, all of those things and then you’ll find my podcast, which isn’t a frequency we should have done as a sub like. What do you what do you do on Instagram and focus on my podcast is all about like motivation and like mindset, fitness and health and just like holistic wellbeing. It’s all that magical stuff. And my Instagram is all about the same kind of thing and just promoting people to be better versions of themselves and just and and not focus too much on their scale and their numbers and just appreciate and nourish their bodies in a way that sounds like healthy and strong.

[00:53:57] Hey, Menton, that show says interview coming up with Luminance Wilson mix. She does is an eyes choon.

[00:54:04] Definitely. And thank you so much, guys, for listening to us. And give us a five star review on i-Tunes. Leave us a beautiful comments as well. If you do it. Episode. Also, follow us on LEMON podcast on Instagram. Join our other LEMON is on our Facebook community and group to keep us up to date with what we’re doing as well. We hope to see you back on Tuesdays and Thursdays. Bye bye.

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