Subtle Asian Traits Founders on how it got started
Subtle Asian Traits Founders

Subtle Asian Traits Founders on how it got started

On today’s episode, we are joined by the founders of Subtle Asian Traits, Angela and Kerry Kang.

In late 2018, the Kang siblings and their friends started a Facebook group during a weekend Chinese class.

What was meant to be fun turned into a cultural phenomenon. Hundreds of thousands of Asian millennials joined the Facebook group in a matter of days.

The group is now the biggest Asian community on Facebook but with more than 1.5 million members, SAT is also one of the biggest Facebook groups in the world.

From juicy unposted memes to being invited to speak at Facebook, we talk about everything with co-founders of Subtle Asian Traits, Kerry and Angela. We discuss the humble beginnings of Subtle Asian Traits which was only founded a year ago by a group of friends that met at Chinese School.

Was this the only useful that has come out of Chinese School? What started out as memes about collecting toothpicks and serviettes at restaurants became the biggest community on Facebook. This immense response was because this was the first time there really was something relatable for Asian-Australians and Asian-Americans.

Subtle Asian Traits didn’t just become a safe place for bubble tea addicts to find one another, but it became a comfortable place to share life experiences. Who else could relate to the strict career expectations that migrant parents place on their children? These posts harvest great love and support by other members of the group, where strangers often comment encouragement and advice as they feel a sense of bond and connectedness with other members in the community.

Despite the highs, Angela and Kerry share the difficulties the group has had. This includes thriving for more diverse representation of all Asian ethnicities within the groups, and, the struggles of monitoring and approving every single post to ensure quality memes.

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[00:00:00] So how we go about our roles is literally. Oh, Angela, you’re the leader because you’re the oldest and you must be the most adult. Okay, I’ll carry your dirty designs because you did this cause and it’s like, oh, Kathleen, you’re doing the counting and money hype aside because you did v.c accounting. Like this is the extent of our roles you can imagine is like 18, 19, 20 year olds. We’re like, what the hell are we doing?

[00:00:32] Hello and welcome to Lem’s weakling conversation on today’s episode, we are joined by the founders of sutil Asian Traits, Angela and Kari came in late 2008 team the cang Samplings in different started a Facebook group during a weekend Chinese class. What was meant to be fun turned into a cultural phenomenon. Hundreds of thousands of Asian millennials joined the Facebook group in a matter of days. The group is now the biggest Asian community on Facebook, but with more than 1.5 million members.

[00:01:01] Ssat is also one of the biggest Facebook group in the world. We hope you enjoy the chat with Angela and Kari. Welcome to the show.

[00:01:10] I see say, guys, when we thought the interview with the same question was asked everyone. So what are you watching or listening to?

[00:01:20] Oh, I so I do think it’s why Taylor Swift. Oh, my gosh. Her new album?

[00:01:24] Yeah, her new album is pretty cool. And then how she’s performing at Melbourne Club, although, like, I probably won’t get a guy just kind of sad about the new scandal.

[00:01:32] It’s gone with Taylor Swift. And the Melbourne Cup, though. Wasn’t the controversy much of it like how she’s supporting it? Yeah, it’s really sad.

[00:01:39] Yeah, but like there was a report that sent apparently like because she’s announced that she’s going to be performing. The sales have increased by like 20 times. Yeah. So got tells me.

[00:01:53] Well, like the only thing that I actually watch and like actually like week to week basis to look at is like enemy what enemy are you watching. Oh like oh I was into one pace, but like I kind of stopped that because like he’s like week to week. But I usually watch like seasonal enemies. So like the ones that come out like every week, every day, every week, every like season right now. I never know like that. I have made names because they’re all in Japanese, but I want it. What’s the storyline? Because Ataman have like a way to store every every like every storyline.

[00:02:25] Is there just like someone coming from another world like I died or like some God, they all like so much magic. They like they basically have our people is obviously into that.

[00:02:36] He uses up all the Internet. I do. Yes, definitely, because.

[00:02:41] All right. So let’s take a back to when it all first started. So you guys by Chinese school. So whose idea was it to create the group? Like, how did it all come about?

[00:02:51] Right. So originally there was a Facebook group called sutil Private School Traits. Right. And that was just like circulating around Melbourne. And then it was basically like my kind of generation, but like my eu-level. And then I showed it to Angela, who had no idea what it was. Angela was like, oh, my God, to be such a good idea if we did subtle Asian trades. And then I was like, oh, OK. So that I messaged my Chinese school group and then they will. I was like all, what if we started like subtle Asian traits because everyone knew a sort of perhaps good traits was. And then so we just like said. So one of the admins so Kathleen just opened it up, started the group. And then just added all of us as admins. And then we all added all of our friends and then so and then we just started like posting our stuff. So like I think the first post was turny saying when you hold of toothpicks at a Asian restaurant, like I’ll take you as a chief because I don’t like Vijay fakes.

[00:03:43] And then it just blood from there. Oh, hey, guys, can I just say like this just proves China’s schools a waste of time? Oh, absolutely. Like everyone else at high school. I’d never like.

[00:03:51] Everybody you worked on. Like I never let a sentence.

[00:03:54] I think I probably speak more English in class than I do. Yeah. I used to pay some kid $2 just to test. No, I never had an experience in Chinese school. But once. And then I cried. I never forced you to eat my lunch, tried to flossing. But in the end, she kind of gave us okay to cry. How did we? I think I was about eight or nine. One of my biggest regrets in life. Yeah. The Chinese school was the worst part. It was like the scholarship class. Oh, my God. Do you guys even do that? No.

[00:04:22] I mean, like you lucky kids like Lloyd Hyrum at 12:30, whereas we went home at like three. No, it was later really? 500’s on LEMON.

[00:04:30] God, it was like full scholarship classes because you had to do like maths in English afterwards and it was the biggest waste of time. And I’m gonna say at the end, like everyone was going for a scholarship test, like to go to Melbourne High. Mac, Rob and then I’m giving you nine. And then I was like, Mom, did you forget that? We’re like, did you forget that like enrolments have opened like because everyone else is enrolling and you’ve made me go to like the treated classes for so many years. I am I go to a unit, Romi, and she’s like, no, like, I just want you to do the class. I didn’t think you were gonna get into micro.

[00:05:01] Anyway, I got a shot, Anna. And I was like, oh, shit. Like, cool, I don’t get to do these tests.

[00:05:06] She applied me for Melvin High. Yeah. I mean, that was just the live day.

[00:05:11] Looking back, do you guys regret I mean, like, do you guys appreciate that you went to Chinese school?

[00:05:18] You actually speak Chinese? Well, Ashley Kahn, iCar Sox, like my frikkin. Well, yeah, I don’t know.

[00:05:25] Like it’s obvious they use Chinese nowaday, but like just learning ahead, learning it as a learning anything as a subject is a pain. But like I find anything interesting. I just hate learning. But one good thing came out. It was stolen traits. Well, yeah. Yeah.

[00:05:38] So. Okay, so what happened after you guys careers like the first 48 hours was the whole thing like how fostered a blow up?

[00:05:46] The first 48 hours, I don’t think it blew up that.

[00:05:48] Cause I remember like no to brag or anything, but because I’m older, I have more friends.

[00:05:55] And because I had friends from Chinese school, I had friends from uni, I had friends from high school that were Asian. And just like other people I’ve met along the way, like mutual friends, friends of friends. And then like, say, I don’t know the exact amount you guys added, but I remember that night when I first started, I had like five hundred friends. And then like, you know, when you get those notifications and it’s like so annoying. It’s like all Phil has asked you to like.

[00:06:14] Stupid deejay black like shit.

[00:06:20] I’ve become that person that like I’m like, oh, but I want to grow my group so if they ignore it, whatever.

[00:06:25] And then people started to accept it and then people started to add their own friends. And then like before long we had to hate like I think the first night we’d already went over a thousand with like five invited, like six out by five six hundred and everyone added about 200 or so on.

[00:06:39] So do you guys intended for it to be a big group or was it just meant to be for you guys only?

[00:06:43] It was just literally like traits. So so to give me an example. It’s sort of these traits now. It’s just become means that life is sort of private school traits.

[00:06:53] What they would have traits would be like, oh, ha ha. When your school blazer costs more than a Hugo Boss blazer. Gucci blazer. Yeah. And then so subtle Asian traits. Used to be just like a trait, like a sentence mimic. Yeah. So that’s why Tony wrote like when you when Asians hoard toothpicks from restaurants and stuff. And then it was when we first started it, we obviously had to post our self-worth ever won’t be like, what the hell is this group about? So we had to like lead by example in a way. And then it’s become what it is now, which is just means.

[00:07:24] Can I just say Grace? Can I just say I don’t want to brag. Belzer 16000.

[00:07:28] I was twenty two thousand nine.

[00:07:31] We were both at about the same friends. Oh, yes, my friend Alfred the man. God bless her. Yes, she added. She had ever known a friendless.

[00:07:39] I mean, like that’s how it blew up so fast. Because not only would I just add one person, but lots of the time I would add like maybe 20 people, maybe out at a hundred people. And that’s how it grew so fast, because one person would add ten people say or one person would add 100 people, 200 people. How many friends they had her Minsky’s.

[00:07:57] So like even if it’s not 100 people would be like you just add your friendship group because like he can’t tag people outside. So you have to add them first and you’d be like, get in the groove so I can take you with me.

[00:08:08] At what point did you realize, like, wow, guys, we’re onto something really, really beautiful?

[00:08:13] Well, the way that we tracked our progress was like the number eight. So like in Asian culture, like eight is really lucky. So then we were like, okay, so we have to rate at that eight. We have to reach eight thousand eight hundred eighty eight. And so we took a screenshot of that and then we waited for the next one other. We missed that actually.

[00:08:27] Yeah, we wrote. We missed it all.

[00:08:29] So I tell the story of when we removed třeba get the mobile like we wanted to her I think know I don’t remember the exact step, but we wanted to get like eighty eighty eight thousand eight hundred eighty eight. And then we had to like watch it all the time because say for instance, if one person added one extra person, the stat will look ugly. Little did we know we could just like friendship put all like use programs.

[00:08:51] So we did. What are the admins means. I’m not gonna name who just wrote minutes people so that we can get this perfect number like terms of Dudnik so people couldn’t like it.

[00:09:01] So we’ve made it so like only we could approve people for this certain amount of time and it was probably like 1 2 a.m. And we were just sitting there all refreshing a laptop thing like shit, we’d missed the number and then we started deleting sites of those who aren’t so sure.

[00:09:16] They probably like, um, why would they have to be removed again? So every time you refresh a page, how many requests did you get?

[00:09:22] Like to join the group?

[00:09:24] It was like hundreds at the store. And then it turns into thousands. Yeah. And then I got to the point where like we couldn’t personally ad people ourselves. We just had it so that everyone could come in and prove.

[00:09:33] And what was that like even with, you know, improving means I was going to uni. Did you hot’s high all the people to do that for you or howzat. Like at the bus stop.

[00:09:43] So, OK, so at start we would allow anyone to post anything. So the only example that we have is cell private school trikes, which we didn’t stop by the way, and that group was probably really strong for about two, one month, two months. And then what happened? So now feels like search sort private school tried some Facebook. You had to find it because what that person did, the creator, they changed it. They changed the name. And then I think they used it for something else so they can, like, brag on me like I’m a girl at this random page I created, it has this amount of members, but it became shit because they allowed anyone to post anything. So then the main the traits would get repetitive. And then people would probably start spamming it. So we realized that really early on with subtle Asian traits that if we didn’t want to go to the same down the same path, we saw private school traits that we would have to turn on approach parts, which is really damn annoying for the members because they have to wait and wait for their prise to be approved. But it’s only fair that way. That way, everyone. We don’t keep saying the same things. You guys don’t keep saying the same things when you use fade and nothing like really offensive, really racist in always days like bad things as a scene. Yeah.

[00:10:53] Say how many members or how many admins are moderates you guys have now.

[00:10:57] So we have a admins and then we have maybe around 30 to 40 moderators and so these moderators like worldwide. So originally the moderators were just like our friends for like one to kind of help out. And then we realized that we needed more moderators to kind of help with the approval rights. And then so we the first kind of round that we felt like, yeah, asked for moderators was basically like diversity because the we got like a bit of backlash because we were all Chinese, all of the same background to that we did. We didn’t really like have much diversity and we didn’t really like a Norley that we didn’t understand the maims that were not Chinese. So we thought we actually needed some people outside of our ethnic earned culture and then so. And then the second round was asking people worldwide. So we wanted more people from like Mary coming from Europe so that like when we’re sleeping, they can be approving. When they’re sleeping, we can be approving. And also cause like the difference in like culture between like an Asian Australia’s and Asia as Americans, like they say Barbar, which is obviously not right.

[00:12:08] It’s Bubble Island.

[00:12:10] So. And then there’s this period of time where like those just like this fight between like Berbera of bubble tape, people like putting like whole paragraphs, like why it’s actually Bubble Day, which obviously it is bubble day.

[00:12:20] But yeah, like that’s how we kind of and the moderators like really happy to help. Like we got so many different applications saying, I would love to help because I’d like I’ve been in this group since the start and I love what you do well, like the impact that you have on our community. And then. Yeah. So like a lot of the times when we want to organise something on, let’s say, for example, there’s this there’s a trivia night and So-Cal, we have a moderator over there who really wants to help out zoË and she she’s habited like take on board all the responsibility and I kind of organize that fora for us money.

[00:12:52] It’s interesting. You mentioned like these want to help because they feel like they’re contributing something to our community officially all voluntary LEMON her pocket, anything.

[00:13:00] We don’t pay anyone. It’s literally just out of like our own free time.

[00:13:05] What kind of impact do you think you’re making to the community? Did you made such you guys of this have made such a big cultural impact within you guys realize or not? So what kind of impact do you think you guys have made?

[00:13:16] Well, deeply class.

[00:13:19] Well, like before us, that wasn’t really like any kind of online group of Popham like read it maybe like few sites that separate groups that like kind of talk about the Asian culture. And then so I think this is a satellite and trades is a great conversation starter and a great way for people to kind of share the experiences like our pages pretty much only like the only thing that kind of goes through is up offer means is like their own experiences and the way that people like experience different things. And so like know like our cultures might be the same, but then we have different experiences through others, like, for example, a lot of time parents can either be like really accepting or like really like traditional, very like conservative.

[00:13:57] And so that although a lot of people would like reach out and try to help and just like, yeah, today traits mantle and discussing this morning, full interview while saying we think does such a like hunger for Asian Asian media because we don’t get that on now mainstream TV. And it’s the reason why, you know, YouTube is, for example, all the biggest YouTubers are Asian. And there’s a reason for that is because we’re not being represented. Yeah.

[00:14:23] So I feel like, yeah, you guys, like made such a big impact and you guys feel like. Reflected. Do you have to feel like you’re responsible, like the responsibility to to, you know, filter out some, you know, make sure that you’re starting conversations or kind of carry on that legacy as well?

[00:14:39] Like two minutes we see like we have had like really early on, we had people who wanted to like who actually offered us dollar values to like buy the group because they saw so much potential in it in order to like some guy wanted to use it as like he’s as events company or something like that, like do deejay stuff and there’s no details.

[00:14:58] And then like, oh, like the money looks good.

[00:15:00] It was like what created and elbow if like we didn’t know that it would last like a year or two years or so on, like even if it lasted two weeks or something. We could at least say like this is what we created and we like proud of what we created in a way and just be like responsible and just be like happy and be able to celebrate what we’ve done. I think he’s quite an achievement.

[00:15:21] Exactly. Yes. Came from such an organic background as well.

[00:15:26] Yeah. Like we literally are nobodies in the world.

[00:15:28] And we literally created a Facebook group, which I think we’re very humble about. Like anyone could have done it. But and it wasn’t even just some genius idea or anything. It was just we didn’t like you. We didn’t realize you needed it in your life until it’s there.

[00:15:42] And you mentioned like Lokpal reached out to you. What kind of people have reached out to you? What kind of offers have you’ve gotten in terms of like money on just terms of like. Yeah. Like Pontoise share buying out acquiring.

[00:15:56] Like at the start. We did. We haven’t received anything recently. Although I don’t think we would even consider it really. It’s not like about who we are. It’s more like the whole point of it is bringing like a community and like celebrating a culture which I think no one would be able to do better than we are at the moment because we like want to stay true to who we are.

[00:16:17] And if you sell it, it’s like when you’re selling a business or something like no one is actually as no one is actually better than the actual business owner or like the person who owns it, like they committed like more than anyone.

[00:16:30] Do you know what the vision is? Yeah. I want what you want to achieve.

[00:16:35] Has that given you guys more opportunities to do things you’ve never done before? I mean, you people. Because I understand. Carry yourself that you had the opportunity. Go to Facebook America. Is that right? What was that like?

[00:16:46] I’m so just entering the first question for a lot of the time when companies kind of businesses kind of approach us, we we would a we would reply saying like, what can you give us outside of money? So like giveaways, like events, can you host to do anything? So a lot of the time, like a lot of the first few like kind of sponsors that were like approached us with more giveaways so that we could give back to the companies. And then a lot of the time when basically back when I’m thinking back to the necessary company and then when and then when businesses try to try to advertise their own company, we’d be like, oh, can you do any events like that? And that’s how we kind of met Phil. So he wanted to advertise his own company without all. Like, it’d be great if we could celebrate it. Was it? What were we celebrating? Was it six million? One million? One million? Yeah. I’m merely members. Yeah. At a doughnut event. And that went really well. Super fun. Yeah.

[00:17:44] Had like a Instagram final year, loves doughnuts and then like anyway.

[00:17:49] It’s like fills an Asian business.

[00:17:52] Like he I started as an Asian business so I think be able to help like small businesses as well. Yeah.

[00:17:59] Yeah. Was. Yeah. Yeah. Because then, then we didn’t we went to school which is good money. Yeah. There’s like an Asian nightclub or something different. And we had other securites, we had some drinks together. So I guess professional. Yeah. Just a couple of drinks.

[00:18:15] So you guys you get a lot of perks as well.

[00:18:17] And we got free. Colliculus. Yeah. I left on it. Yeah. I give it to my grandma probably.

[00:18:24] Have you guys ever thought yourselves as influences.

[00:18:27] Oh I got into my uni friends when I was like in uni last year. Like Angela. Why you want to do radiography. Just go. You’ve become an influence and I’m like what the hell. Like nah I’ve got insupport sort of got to be one of those like Instagram vacating model.

[00:18:40] You have to be a bikini model. Come in. And that’s true.

[00:18:42] Like people asking would you consider this is like a full time thing and like I know nothing about this industry.

[00:18:49] Well the thing is like we’re all in. Well I’m like we’re all production. First year Angelas just graduated. And so we have no experiences in his house. I’m not actually doing anything this year with marketing, like I’m doing engineering like other people are doing like biomed to doing like science. Yeah. Yeah. Arts. Yeah.

[00:19:04] So let’s see how we go about our roles is literally all Angela, you’re the lead up because you’re the oldest and you must be handled by Harry.

[00:19:12] You’re designs because you did this cause and it’s like, oh Kathleen, you’re doing the counting and money.

[00:19:18] It’s hype aside because you did v.c you can stand on our roles. You can imagine is like 18, 19, 20 year olds. We’re like, what the hell are we doing here?

[00:19:27] I wish you guys on useless. Strengths as well. Yeah. Strengths what being like v.c strange like.

[00:19:34] Have you ever had people try to kind of be friends? You guys tried to get in or.

[00:19:38] Well, like kids like I don’t exactly introduce myself saying, oh, hi, I’m Carrie. I am an albino sort of like you.

[00:19:46] So it’s like people did actually like a precious like wanting to be our friend. But like a lot of people, a lot of times when we like to partner up with people they like, they see us as like not kind of innocent, but more like less experience. So they do want to try to help. Like Phil has been like a great help in that end. And also Mickey from Scarlet as well. So it looks just different.

[00:20:08] Sorry. It’s just try to differentiate the people who will act genuinely like wanting to help settle Asian traits in the Asian community and seeing who we are. And like it’s being really wholesome, whereas separating it from. Okay.

[00:20:19] I want like percentage of shares in your company and you can like you can tell when someone has it like a murder. A murder of like behind what? Like how they do the intentions and stuff like a lot of times. If like we would ask them what do you get out of it kind of thing. Like if they tried to help us, we’re like, oh, what? Well, what do you try to get? And like a lot of time they’ll be like, oh, like, we just want to help you guys and that kind of thing.

[00:20:41] It’s our sense of feel as well, because when he started his own hellscape website many, many years ago, he was something that a lot of you were talking about. He didn’t know anything to me not to. Yeah. So when Seale’s saw that, he said, you guys are in the same position as I was a couple of years ago. Yeah. So you have differentiating people who generally want to help and people who see dollar signs. I think that’s something that you guys. It’s just the way that the values align. Yeah.

[00:21:04] And then a did tells Holmes a few times about this like I do feel like not but responsibility kind of I feel like I should look out for you guys because yeah when I was No. 16, 17 I had Pellekaan Pop and it was a big platform for four for me. Right. I didn’t know how to deal with that. Yeah. Had a platform and a little people. I was doing a lot of things for free and not like getting thing out of it. Yeah. And looking back you like. I regret that. Period. Yeah. I’m not taking the option in bit more B.S. so.

[00:21:32] But like, you know, even Facebook has contacted us and they’ve been like, what the hell are you guys doing? Because we have nothing to compare your group to, like even the Facebook settings. And like when you think of groups like that, the groups that you’ve been part of, I been part of like you twelve formal dresses group and like friendship groups and stuff like that. No one has been really part of. There’s like, well, a dogs group that’s got a million something dogsbody. I like it.

[00:21:58] Like there’s no other group that have 1 million something people in them. So Facebook hasn’t developed settings for that. So we don’t really have anyone to learn awful. Any footsteps to follow. We’re literally just creating a for self.

[00:22:10] Have they ever came to you and kind of said that you should be testing this kind of more concept like this or restricting use kind of person all the Clinton.

[00:22:18] So I’m not really I think they just have you in on I think they know that like we do us and they do them.

[00:22:25] So like as long as we’re not breaking any of the Facebook rules or laws like no nudity, no that type of stuff. Like although like we pretty much know they have the same rules as what we like. We are pretty understanding and know what Facebook rules are. So yeah, we follow their rules and it works out.

[00:22:41] So, Caird, Facebook did invite you guys. Yes. Who was at San Fran?

[00:22:46] San Fran. So originally they asked one of us to go and I was like Angela. So I think it was they just like randomly called her. And was this because Angela’s the oldest? So they called Angela. They were like, can I ask a few questions via the blog? And then so she answered them apparently nicely, like, well. And then they were like, oh, do you want to come to our house key?

[00:23:07] But they gave me like one week’s notice. Yeah. Like, can you get your flank pain like next week? And I’m like, um, what?

[00:23:13] I don’t feel like reading or doing like planning a trip to, like New York and like the a few weeks after that. And so I like Angela, like she I to get my passport ready. She did get a passport ready because you have to like you have to plan like six, six months in advance before like expires. And she didn’t get that. So she couldn’t get her passport in time. And also that she couldn’t get time off work. So she was like, okay, the next best thing is my brother. Can he go? And I was like, oh, yeah, I’ll go. And then so exams. Yes. So the conference was on the 11th. I had to fly out on the the night the night of the 10th because then I’d get there on the Tenth Reich is like the time differences. And then my exam and my folio if Octavia was due on the 14th.

[00:23:57] Right. And then in the morning of your flight, you also had an. Yes. On the morning of the 10th of the morning, I had I’d like my first like my final presentation of architecture. And then after that, I did leave early to catch my flight at 2:00. So was there in America flight 48 hours? Yep.

[00:24:12] So you get to pay for your flight yourself? No, sir.

[00:24:15] Facebook was I was lucky enough for Facebook to cover like flights, accommodation, transport. So then I flew in and then I stayed the night I got there and seven had dinner with like the people that was meeting. And then the 11th I. The conference sorry, it was the first conference was like the big one where on there was three. Those three groups said those made from Silesian traits, a lady from Maternity Va. and another girl from Gone Go International. And then so there was ussler in the panel, plus the head of groups she was asking questions to in front of 60 international media companies. And then 2000 first one and then the second one. We kind of broke up until I liked individual groups like people from like East Asia, like media companies like asked specifically me question sells like me, the head of the groups and like 10 of them. So I was like, so scared. But I like all the questions I already knew because that already like they were already prepared. So then I just had dot points and I had to do was kind of not read them out, but I kind of naturally answer them as them. So everything was like really cool. And then I got to like see the different like areas of Facebook, like they have free everything.

[00:25:32] I was gonna ask you, is it true they have like a buffet that they do then?

[00:25:35] No, they don’t have just one buffet. They have multiple the buffet.

[00:25:38] They have like the breakfast buffet that they have like the Asian like buffets and they have like like frozen ice cream, a frozen yogurt for ice cream, smoothies like this or like free. And so I think it’s just so that like Facebook, you kind of like basically get their employees to come to work. Is that right?

[00:25:56] Because it’s like they they their timetables are so different.

[00:25:58] And like, they can like kind of organize it, whatever they want. Like, if they have if they need to work eight hours. It could be from like the morning to I often, you know, like tonight.

[00:26:06] They do call it a campus for a reason. Exactly. Yeah.

[00:26:09] Did you end up seeing like Mark Zuckerberg at a party like that?

[00:26:12] We’re talking about it’s sort like naturally that we’re like, oh, yeah, sometimes I see marks. I’m walking around. And I was like, what did they a you know, they were like all like Mark always says, he’s like security around him. It’s all official. But like, he’ll like talk to come talk to us. And I was like, oh, why wake up today? Yeah.

[00:26:28] What’s what’s the coolest thing at Facebook HQ? Coolest thing? I think the free frees are typical. Yeah, that’s his thinking was any standout dishes?

[00:26:38] Well, like there was this area that like they really serve like all the there’s a bubble tater dispenser. I was I was like, oh my God, you take away containers, food concepts like other people’s take like a tactic that you take as much as they want.

[00:26:52] But like I was talking to those like, what do you do with the like the extra food and stuff? And then they’re like, oh, we like we like we kind of like torture. Like the areas around doesn’t like to talk. They talk to like the like the volunteer places and like they kind of just like like recycle the food. They get so much and like all the stuff since that day they like really into the stats at Facebook. Obviously it’s a doddle as. Yeah. And so like they would like calculate how much food is being left over. And I always try to like minimize that and everything. But like the best thing was probably just the frozen bar like, hey, I don’t know the bother bubble to the nuther like the frozen yogurt and like the ice cream. I love that. Yeah. You missed out. Hand-rolled.

[00:27:29] I’ll see you at work. And then at work, I was like, face hari kari. Here’s a look at your handicap.

[00:27:34] Oh, but another thing that I realized was like because I was 18. Right. And so they’re drinking.

[00:27:38] I was like 21. So they were all like, oh, do you want a drink? And I was like, I can’t drink your baby. They were like, they were dark. And I was like, I don’t I love mama devil. So hot hell as an eight.

[00:27:52] Eighteen. Right. Yeah. So as an 18 or did you feel like you were qualified to give them. Oh absolutely not.

[00:27:59] Like I had I hadn’t done anything like that before.

[00:28:01] Like I don’t usually like go out like speak in public. I’m out of out of all of us. AD means I’m probably like the most experienced I guess because like I was like I do like musical theatre, like schools. hosai edge like music. So comfortable in front of a stage, but not exactly talking to it all morning everyday.

[00:28:19] You get invited to Facebook. What you. Here’s prepared for that.

[00:28:25] So yeah, I like it. Kind of forced me to grow up a lot because I like it. The first one that was flying by myself.

[00:28:29] Yeah. Because mom was like, oh, I’m Kerry. You are going to come along with me like I’ve got days off. Kerry’s like no other way to come with me. I’m growing.

[00:28:39] And just like planning, like everything. Like planning like like transport planning, like where I could go like his on the things the 12th or something the day after, I could just like kind of go around, explore. And I was like, I’m not prepared to take the public transport for myself. I was so scared, such like walked around.

[00:28:55] I went to how you walk to. Cause I was like, Carrie, since you’re in America like bio awesome snacks so you can bring back snacks for the team.

[00:29:02] And then I would just really think around it cause I was around was at Menlo Park. I mean, the park is like really like healthy. Oh, those are good. You’re like Whole Foods. And I was like, I don’t wanna buy like healthy snacks. Vegetarian is like, where’s the pop top hotdogs, you know?

[00:29:19] So coming back from Facebook back to Melbourne, you kind of take anything back from that or anything that you guys wanted. You do it differently or I think like Carrie did, mate.

[00:29:28] Like because Facebook, when you message Facebook, it’s like welcome to customer services. Like like Anthony said, he’s such a generic emo back. And you’re like, I just to talk to a person. And then we had to speak into Facebook previously. But we’ve spoken to people from like London, from Singapore, but like not anyone specifically to do with groups because they all work in different areas. So it’s more to do with the connections and the people he made. And because like right now we’re still in contact with some people who he met and that have been like liaison between us and the groups. So I think I’ll end the free, free portable charger. That’s.

[00:30:06] Yeah. Lots of free things I use I use my tote bag like every day on.

[00:30:12] I was like carry was video call me and then I was I carry you buy me something from the merch shop and he’s like what are you one else? I don’t really want a hoodie irritation. And they had these cups. They had mugs that had Facebook on it. I was like, yeah, I mean, the mug, I’ll use them. I get home and he bring the he buys like he pays like what, 15 U.S. dollars or something ridiculous for it.

[00:30:27] He comes home and then the it’s printed for left-handers on the way around. Right. When you drink the handle is like if I’m a right hander and I’m holding the mug my right hand. The Facebook logo, we face my mouth the other way.

[00:30:43] So I’m like, oh, okay, Carrie, I guess it’s yours because he’s a lesson for me, but it’s for himself.

[00:30:51] And so you guys have a lot of celebrity. So in the group, how many celebrities you guys know that in the group there was Hassan Minaj, my thing someone.

[00:31:01] Aisha. Yeah, he’s really popular.

[00:31:03] Apparently that’s got a lot of crazy rich Asian costs.

[00:31:08] So there was actually was chosen. Nick Shock. Nick shot the guy who interviewed us, Beny. He interviewed us quite early on, sell Asian traits. And then he was like because we were all sitting in front of the video camera and he was like an American. We were in Australia. And then it was like most of our teams have public six or seven us sitting around the camera and he’s like, Oh, guys, like the last time I interviewed this many people in front of the camera was the crazy rich Asian.

[00:31:33] Like, oh, we can cancel them.

[00:31:36] I think a few of them might be in the group. We’ve heard rumours that there’s like Chloe Kim, I think that’s her name. The Americans and snerk Bora, apparently she know. I don’t know whether that lots of them in ssat, because if you search up the members, like if you set up Kim, there’d be like thousands of all the clowns and all the new Mingenew $n means that like we know that they know of scintillation traits.

[00:32:00] And I’ve heard rumours that like Harge Shum Genea also knows about [email protected] But whether that’s just rumours or whether they actually Ashlyn heard of her.

[00:32:09] Yeah, that’s what the Wolfy guys and Wolfie knows.

[00:32:11] You got one for his part of the group. tablo. Yeah. Tablature Eric Nam.

[00:32:17] Now I’m not. Now I’m like silent, really white.

[00:32:20] A lot of times like K-pop groups would like I think to. Yeah. Featuring Catch Seven. Got seven. Yeah. So I like Gotze like those two kind of like a purchase they would like. Oh hi. Can we do a few like giveaways and we’re like can you give some to us guys like Kathleen and I Groove is like a really big Caple fan.

[00:32:36] So like they were like yeah we’re like happy to give you like your team like three tickets as well as like giveaways as well as I was a big thing. So I got to go to my first well it was my first as my second I’m K-pop concert and I didn’t know much about K-pop, but I was sitting there like all the guys was like, oh, yeah, other guys were sitting there like, this is hard, boy, because it was like got seven is like a guy’s grabe. And so like they were just gonna see the they’ll goes into the music but then. Yeah. So this like they always like dream dream catches gave tickets to us but like it was the same day that the place down.

[00:33:10] Yeah. So we couldn’t go up and down but now it was I mean I yeah I they they had a concert though, they were having a concert in Melbourne and then on the day the venue qualifies and at the council.

[00:33:20] Yeah. Yeah. Really bad luck. Exactly. On the same day.

[00:33:24] But now that’s sort of has become so big. Have you guys received any backlash or any kind of criticism at all other than the like the Asian representation theme.

[00:33:34] Has it been any other criticism?

[00:33:36] Walk us from the start. We wanted like this like the set of rules because we didn’t want it to be too much like blah, blah, blah, like spammy. So we have all these different rules on one that is the biggest one is no political or religious content. And that’s just because we don’t want to spok anything further. We don’t want to kind of take sides because in our group there are people on both sides and we don’t want to. Exactly. Same bias, but not really that we don’t want to make it worse. So all these different roles and then from that, from the different roles came the spinoff groups. And so there’s so many different spinoff groups say, for example, the biggest one spin is the biggest spinoff group is still Asian dating. And that was because we didn’t want people to, like advertise. They are like they’re like, this is my friend. They love the level of law. They’re looking for a boyfriend. Girlfriend, like, please, Ditlev, like bubble. We were like, okay, like, I’d still be like, okay, that’s a bit funny. But then it got like a bit spammy. So we’re like, hey, maybe we don’t want to kind of endorse that. And so yeah. So Asian dating spinoff and all these different ones as well.

[00:34:39] Like subtle Asian Christian trache.

[00:34:44] Yeah. Yeah.

[00:34:46] So it’s a spinoff group. Downer This looks subtle traits. Yeah, there’s there’s lots of them.

[00:34:51] And I feel that sometimes Asia, it’s such a big town. That’s a lot of us. You are in the we obviously East Asian as well and sometimes we’re looking back at it. You know, I’ve seen some comments where I felt that it’s a bit exclusive, but there hasn’t been a platform to represent East Asians yet. Yeah. And what you guys are doing is quite powerful and it’s quite, quite good as home. It’s nothing. Just like you can’t satisfy everyone who comes.

[00:35:17] Haters gonna hate, hate, hate, hate.

[00:35:21] And, you know, there’s there’s people for everything and you know, like as in like there’s.

[00:35:24] Yeah. Like the political thing. I think he’s really subjective is subjective. Yeah. Yeah. Just because like everyone’s got their own opinion on things and if we are approving one side of the story it will make our biased opinions kind of show. So they’re like it’s fine to talk about political things in life, I think, but there’s a time and place for it. I feel like that just isn’t the place in the platform for it. Like if you want to bring that elsewhere, it’s just because then the comments just become like people being like taking it really personally and then it becomes not a nice place really.

[00:35:57] Are there any like, I guess, flexibility if those issues like, for example, about like an Asian person being discriminated from from a work? Was that something that you guys would stand up in, like champion?

[00:36:10] Yeah. So then like those kind of person, like, as I say before, personal experiences, we really do not like to endorse. We would obviously we would approve it. And then not only that, like we would kind of see how it kind of tracks and like a lot of the time hundreds and learn like this I 95 percent of the time it’s all like positive feedback. And then if. Let’s say like some will be like, oh, like grow up someday, that we’ll just like delete. And like a lot of the time we kind of rely on our members to like for poor kids, we can’t see everything. We can’t. We can kind of go through every post, but we can’t see every comment or every react or whatever. So we kind of do. We heavily rely on our members to report. And recently, this is being new Facebook feature where they can kind of like we can keywords so we can type in a keyword, say every time someone says the N-word. It comes up and then so we just delete it from there because we don’t want something like that in our page. Absolutely. Like in any context, we don’t want that.

[00:37:08] And now your team has kind of because you guys have admins and mods from Shirley and from overseas as well because it’s such a big group running. It’s. Has it been any kind of internal conflict between you guys? You have to kind of deal with all.

[00:37:21] Well, a lot of the time between like mods and admins, the mods kind of respect the admins decisions. And like at the Star we set, we said like all we have like half of you to help, but you have to kind of fall of our roles and they like habit to do that.

[00:37:36] I think our rules are really reasonable. Yeah. Like it’s nothing like you don’t have what do they call like those jokes where it’s just like all Chinese people get it better than Vietnamese people of unions, people within Korean people like I think anyone would understand like that stuff isn’t necessary to be posted on site. So those are the type of rules that we’ve set. If they want to be more mod like they have to follow these rules and they’re reasonable, I think at the end of the day, like if it doesn’t give anything back.

[00:38:03] If it’s not positive, then why should we approve it? Like, yeah, at the end of the day, we still try to find happy, funny, relatable content and some level.

[00:38:10] It’s like, well, we do trust our moderators as well. Like it’s like you would approve stuff that you want to say on your own timeline. Like, would you want to see this? Probably not.

[00:38:20] Then delete it like a lot of times really flexible. Like a lot of a lot of posts. A very. Yeah. So they’re not subjective. But like what I find funny might be different to what you find funny. Yes. There’s not like a golden.

[00:38:34] Scholder Mayme, apart from all those bubble teams, we have received backlash. If some people like you reproved too many by remaining means, I will. So I had to send a message to our chat and me like guys, just because life is a bubble tape in a picture doesn’t mean you have to approve it.

[00:38:49] Like some quality behind it. Turn it down on the bubble so badly.

[00:38:53] And then we also have like different chats as well. So like we had the admin chat that we like talk about. I’ve been suffering. We had like the mod chat that like it’s all very like casual. And then we also had like the reports chat and then like each of the chats have like different like names. So like the mug shot is like Sam.

[00:39:08] So subtle Asian mods is like the report. What is like rats like report isn’t shy of so like.

[00:39:16] Yes. The report one is just like for us to like kind of keep track of like all the different like reported kind of posts and we try to have like some sort of system. But because it’s so many of us, sometimes it can get lost. So it’s a lot of like members like being like Wyles and disapprove. Why was my deleted? And we think there’s nothing much we can do, really. We have like we have how many? Like 40000 pending. Yeah. Like there’s nothing much we can do. Yeah.

[00:39:43] How many how many do you get today then.

[00:39:45] It’s really hard to keep track of because like you could only if you are approving parties at the same time you might be getting more price in. So loss I think last month we went throughthe round, we approved around 35000 parts. But right now we’re still sitting on forty thousand.

[00:40:02] So it’s like we haven’t moved.

[00:40:04] Like how many do you have a goal and how many per student approve a day.

[00:40:08] So like I’ve been kind of waiting like weekly reports on behalf of our team. So ideally we say each person approve that twenty price a day, which isn’t a whole heap. But like as a whole team, each week we might get through around to 3000 posts.

[00:40:27] So it is a team effort resource like one month pending to get in.

[00:40:30] Yeah, it is. But then what? I don’t blame Facebook, but Facebook settings aren’t ideal because just explain it to you when you’re on your laptop. You can search. You can sort it by chronological order to approve posts so you can set it so. Feel your price might be like pending since August. And then if it’s chronological for August, ones will show up at the really, really top. And then the ones now will show up at the really bottom. But on your mobile phone, which is when most people will be out and using the mobile phones these days, it doesn’t give you the option to sort of buy chronological. It just sits by the newest. So if if Tom made a price right now and I happen to be pretty in price. Tom won Tom’s post might get approved first before I’m filled. And it’s like that while we encourage our team to do on a laptop, but like in a day when you have the most time is like sitting on the train, sitting like from the TV. Like those types of things. Yeah.

[00:41:25] You know, always that’s how you think. Like, oh, if you have it on my laptop, surely you can get it on your phone. But it’s not as easy as just like Facebook.

[00:41:31] Karsnia come up with a way where they can just flip all the data. If you do, you’re going to they’re still working on that.

[00:41:36] And that’s like the biggest thing that we’ve asked Facebook to do. And so, like, they’re working on it constantly. But like a lot of the time it’s it’s about logistics.

[00:41:45] What’s the most weirdest thing that’s been sent for approval?

[00:41:51] Are we sure we started because like one of the mods was like all can we like have like a chat where we like to post things that shouldn’t be posted just like in our group. And then so week we started it.

[00:42:04] It was something. Com I thought if I did call it does God gaming things that obviously were involved.

[00:42:12] So we started this discussion at night. That’s just more like casual, like a discord is like a casual Facebook is like more professional.

[00:42:20] Yeah. How do you explain all of this to your parents?

[00:42:25] I started analyzing traits going well like you good did it. Didn’t know what it is like. Did I understand like what the group is about?

[00:42:35] Today, yes, nothing that means like I seen them in our family, we chat group and then sometimes they get it. Sometimes they like I don’t understand what the main is. And they like, oh, he was this person.

[00:42:47] I’m like, what’s the point? I just laugh at it.

[00:42:51] And coming up, this Monday will be your first day.

[00:42:54] Yeah. So that’s been around for ya.

[00:42:56] So what are you guys going to do for us?

[00:42:59] Like a celebration or so a Monday night? Yeah. No, but it’s like a Monday for us. But then for Americans it’ll be a Tuesday. Tuesday. Yeah. No. Yeah. You’ll be out. She said we’ll be there Monday. That’s what I meant.

[00:43:16] That’s kind of hard cause you both have uni full time. Yeah. Guys are running. One of the biggest fans will get much in the world. Yeah. Is it hard to find time to kind of prioritize life over sort of Asian traits so.

[00:43:28] So like this weekend. Well, I’m doing this interview now and then we need go home. I need to start this. I’m sorry. I’m creating like I’m in charge of Crane, like a birthday PDA, like highlights. Now that I’ve told everyone, I feel like I need to start it.

[00:43:42] It’s official. Oh, they expect to.

[00:43:43] Do you like these birthday videos that are making it’ll like sheet house or even VFP. So like, I need to be in charge of creating this video.

[00:43:51] And then while Kerry is in charge of it’s a secret that satellite and Traci’s wave created some merch, like some design, Steve, S.A.T.’s hosted like off of the birth date.

[00:44:03] Well, maybe I can come by a match.

[00:44:06] And then we’re also doing like an event in Melbourne. Yes, I love it. Clubbing. So like more facilitate the nightlife kind of thing. Yeah. And then I don’t. I just like kind of think our members feel like being there. We’ve had like 1.5, which is amazing.

[00:44:22] Neftali, like, I wouldn’t have thought of breaching the imagine 1.5 million people look like. So in February we carry and I went to George Aseries concert and inside the stadium I think I Googled it and it was like, oh, 60000 people sitting here and this has been said had hit like three hundred thousand. So I was like, Kerry imagined this stadium full of people, but times like six times like that’s how many people we haven’t sat.

[00:44:46] And we’re like, well, I’m like, what is 1.5 million people will look like? I’ve never seen that many people. So you can’t imagine the decrease what it’s like. Yeah.

[00:44:55] Is there anything in the future that you guys kind of working on or you want to release in the future, really, when you want to take set?

[00:45:03] Because as you mentioned, you you want to do merch.

[00:45:06] Yeah. So like we we want to like release different types of merch. I think like Dream Christmas is a good time. And then during like Lunar New Year, is it like another great time? So it’s it’s a lot like Neil future. Not like dissin like tenuous future because we have no idea. Like we didn’t even know like it was gonna last for like a year, let alone like another five years.

[00:45:23] Yeah. But like events is definitely on our mind. But it’s just the operations of how it would go ahead because most of our team is inside Melbourne and like although the events that we’ve had in Melbourne so far have been quite successful. Like it’s just trends. It’s just making those events elsewhere in the world. Even Sydney’s damn hard because we’re not physically in Sydney and we don’t know where the most popular places are in Sydney. What Sydney people are into, like in America, like what the Americans are in, too, like maybe we’re into this type of music, but merican agents might be into something totally different. So that’s why we need mods everywhere else in the world in a way that way we can kind of gauge what it’s like in their area. Yeah.

[00:46:02] Do you think you would ever do a pop up full time? I don’t think so.

[00:46:06] I personally would. It would just because I didn’t have enough experiences in this.

[00:46:11] Like I I don’t feel like I am equipped enough to know yet what it’s like to be in this industry and even know what the how we’re doing.

[00:46:19] What are you doing? I’m like, I don’t really know what we do. It just runs itself. And yeah, we do our thing.

[00:46:25] When you meet people, how do you explain it? How do you introduce yourself? You say, I’m Angela l_d_a_. I’m Angela on the founder of Salvation.

[00:46:33] I like to say because it seems like such a weed. Oh, my God. Especially when I explain to white people like I was trying to get time off to go to Facebook. Right. And then sells like to my manager. I was like, oh, I’ve invited to go to Facebook and speak on behalf of this group I made. He’s like, so what’s he’s like? He likes, what, 50 is all he’s like a white guy. So what’s this group you’ve created? I’m like it’s like this Asian group. It’s just such a weird.

[00:47:00] He’s like, yeah, you’re so racist, like creating this group with Asians because, like, I guess you are if you’re only if you’re around our age and like Australian born, American born or whatever, you don’t really know what this is.

[00:47:15] And yeah, I don’t know the question. But like even like flipside of that, like there’s still a lot of white people who do know what like we all like. Yeah, I guess so. Shock. Yeah.

[00:47:23] What do you feel like.

[00:47:25] Ah we like. We don’t like. We don’t discriminate. Like if you relate to it then you can still be in the group.

[00:47:29] Yes. Well like some people, like some of the white people relate to more of the K-pop means and I mean. I did not understand my aha. Cool, I know lots of Asians are into it, but I have no idea. Like, if you tell me to name five K-pop groups, I would really sure yet.

[00:47:43] Fill it out. I love all the K-pop majors like Oliver.

[00:47:49] Yeah. Well, thank you so much for joining us. Thank you. We normally ask our guests to you know how this is fine. You guys both think they know how to find you guys.

[00:47:58] Yeah. Sizewell.

[00:47:59] What? DA da. Bye. Life as good as a guy that aren’t private. All right.

[00:48:05] So, you know, your private eye is a more private eye. Yeah, I know. Not at all. I swear, like all I do is sad.

[00:48:14] No, you need to become an influencer without the bikini. Yeah. Yeah.

[00:48:20] Well, think it was joining us so much. And yeah, we’ll have to send a run to join set and then they’re probably a policy set already. Yeah.

[00:48:27] If not come join us. Yes. I got Instagram. This guy. Yes. How did we find you on Instagram. It’s just titillation traits. Yeah. Yeah.

[00:48:35] As like the best liked best means all of a sudden isn’t she.

[00:48:38] Yeah. Yeah. To be honest, like lots of it means that we have on the Instagram have come from our Facebook group safety net part of Facebook group. That’s where it’s all.

[00:48:45] Before we go we have to do this, OK. What’s your favourite meme so far?

[00:48:50] Question. I don’t know. It always changes.

[00:48:53] Like people ask me, like, what’s that mean about an all started off like being sentences of traits? And then it became like those Drake wearing the orange jacket and like those types of ones and then became the pronounciation. It’s been done. And Diallo liked something. And then what it’s been to the at means and then became like the weed Kevin things.

[00:49:11] And now it’s like what the Chinese character of like Lir walks into a bar, walks into a bar and they become like me. Stop it.

[00:49:21] I don’t know. I don’t know. I think my favourite ones are like they’re like the grandma style one.

[00:49:26] All you like. They’re making a star like a cigar. Oh, yeah, they like me too. Yes, we did that at the other.

[00:49:35] Like the different variations of it. Like there’s only like eight people. They’re like they get DEBASS like. Is it a.

[00:49:40] No. Like not only just the means, but the stories I think have been really cool. Like you guys would have seen the. That I think is Chinese or Hong Kong. That guy who marry like a black girl. That one has hit. That one reached. The amount of people that it viewed it. I’m not enderman this statistic, but like it has one hundred and three thousand reactions, which is crazy like someone commented on. And it was like all this has received more publicity than Amazon.

[00:50:05] Phi Phi didn’t show up about that because of all the AMA’s advice.

[00:50:13] And another one that I saw today was it was like a screenshot of like some it was a good chat between two people messages and it was like, oh, a mid autumn festival or whatever it feels like. Are you going to meet on a festival? Is on the other guys like also, who’s the headliner? And then he’s like, dude, no, it’s a Chinese fest. That’s a Chinese, right?

[00:50:34] His name is Moon. Yeah, that’s a headliner for.

[00:50:38] Yes. That he’s like. We don’t actually write the post. It all comes from the people. So it’s literally like whatever we get and it’s really cool. How is o change? Like we have different phases of things like the Kevin Kevin jokes you probably have seen less of this week and like next week might be something totally new at the moment. It’s meant, but I don’t know. Like when Chinese New Year or Christmas comes around, they’ll be new ones.

[00:51:01] And like that’s just like all the more reason why we have to take our members. Like, that’s like they’re the reason why the content fresh. Exactly. And yeah, we don’t know what the hell is trending.

[00:51:10] And there was the same vibe. Are you worried that you’re going to run out of content? Or you think it’s gonna be 40000?

[00:51:17] We’ll keep content running out.

[00:51:20] Think like sometimes I’m like because lots of them lots of them are repass. And obviously, like the Chinese herbal medicine ones are getting old. Like people already saw them like first like few months and people want to see them anymore. The brbut dropping on the floor is getting a bit boring as well. So that’s when it comes back on us like we have to delete it and we have to be like, guys. This has been replaced, reposted so many times. Like, stop approving it. It’s getting boring.

[00:51:46] You guys are like the gatekeepers. We are set.

[00:51:52] So again. So before we go. What are your tips to get a poster proof quicker? Let’s make it. Make sure your post gets a proven set.

[00:52:01] Just make it funny. Original library journal. I like one of the best ones is just like when someone just whipped out their phone, takes a photo like their parents or something like those. Like the best ones.

[00:52:10] Yeah, sharing stories. I think he’s really like interesting. Like some guy.

[00:52:14] He said that I was showing my mom this and he was like 40 years old and like when I stopped and and like, what was a for your dad doing, you know? Still Asian tastes great. But he was really inspiring, like he was saying how in the past, like he’s he he wanted to join the army. The US army or something like that. And then in the Chinese culture, they say, like all good boys, don’t join the army. Like that, but he wanted to do it. And they cut off. The Army was like 36 years old or something like that. And he just followed his dreams, although his parents were really traditional and said, don’t do it. And I think that’s really inspiring, just like stories and just sharing experiences and like lots of them to do with like mental health issues I think is really important. So in addition to our child. Yeah. Like just mental health isn’t really spoken about. And although, like, we’re definitely not psychologists and our members lots of the time up professionals just seeking like advice from the rest of the community and how they dealt with their problems.

[00:53:10] I think he’s really awesome, just like it start to start that discussion and conversation.

[00:53:15] Exactly. And asking like randoms on the Internet for help and then having such a strong community and like all the comments so much at the time, so positive especially cause like the other day I was like, are you okay?

[00:53:25] So like a lot I saw a lot of posts like being like probably like the statistics behind like depression and like Asians like in Western communities and like alien like Asian comedians as well.

[00:53:36] So and yeah, even just being like all those ones like or being like homosexual and stuff and like, oh, how did you come out to Asian parents? Like, really light-hearted ones? Like, how did she tell you of Asian parents had a tattoo or like AP things and nose piercings and stuff like how did you hide it from them? At the end of the day, like, I think our parents will always be traditional to some extent. And like whether we wear the way from India or from China, like some white people also experience this as well, like trying to hide these things from their parents. But coming to other people for support and stories and experiences, I think makes it so relatable.

[00:54:11] Absolutely. And we have that kind of sense because we even though we’re all centred in parts of the world, we all have that sense connection to each other. And we all go through the same thing because we all come from similar plans. Yeah. Thank you so much, guys. Thank you.

[00:54:26] I’m lucky. Thanks for joining and Angela. Thank you, Piers. When they be leaving the house now standing in front of the door. I want a car. They just keep talking like mom. Let’s go. It’s getting really hot. Yeah, sweating it off. Okay. Thanks.

[00:54:48] Thanks for listening. Join the hundreds of other people who have connected with us on Facebook and also follow us on at LEMON podcast to see what goes on behind the scenes on Instagram. If you enjoyed this episode, make sure you follow awesome Spotify or subscribe to us on whichever platform you’re listening to or should leave us a five star review so we can reach more. Yes. We’ll see you guys back next week. Bye bye.

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