Ok, boomer, that’s not my name

Ok, boomer, that’s not my name

On this week’s episode we discuss:

  • Simu Liu calls out CNET for mistaking Asian Australian actor Chris Pang for him. Pang has told Huffington Post Australia that it ‘trivialises hard-won progress’ for Asian actors.
  • Taylor Swift has released another statement last week calling out Scooter Brauner and her former label Big Machine for prohibiting her from performing her old songs at the American Music Awards. Should Taylor just honour the business agreement? Is she just riding on the #MeToo wave?
  • And finally, WHAT THE HECK ‘OK, BOOMER’?It’s the viral TikTok meme that has divided two generations. Millennials are using the phrase to shut down baby boomers who are resistant to change – but is it ageist? Is it dismissive? Commentators are calling it the new ‘N word’.
  • RECOMMENDATIONS: Phil recommends you check out ‘This Is Us’ if you haven’t seen it yet. Available on Amazon Prime. Tom recommends you check out Buzzfeed Unsolved on YouTube.


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[00:00:00] Please tell me why you on Sunnies. Do you think? Do you think you like a Raffa at a radio show? No, because I want to try to express myself. Only Iggy can do that. You can’t pull it off when I can’t pull it off. I’m wearing a green bandana. Yeah. How you saw through the script?

[00:00:14] Well, I was looking at Asian people. Asian guys in particular wearing bandana. And they looked so hip and so cool, like all these BTX members. And I’m just feeling myself right now. I’m a little bit here.

[00:00:22] But the show.

[00:00:34] Hello, hello, hello and welcome to the LEMON Sharat, the show What Millennial’s Outspoken About My name is Tom Tan. And I’m Philip Kitsch. Coming up today on the show, Taylor Swift’s ongoing feud with big machine record has escalated with Taylor Sangh. A former label is not letting her perform her own music. And a new Barbuda has come up.

[00:00:50] Everyone’s saying, okay, Bhima, but it’s just the new N word for ageism. But first, how’s your week feel?

[00:00:56] Whoo hoo! I’m glad it’s over.

[00:00:58] Why? Busy week this week. What I’ve been up to while you were there with me most of the week. Sure. We had three interviews this week. We see. Did you forget about that? I think I just knocked it out. I think I just blocked out because mentally this week has been crazy, crazy, crazy. I know. But we had to have some awesome people coming up in the show. And we do weeks. We we met AJ Mitchell. That was amazing. Was such a fun experience.

[00:01:23] I never met like a teen idol before. Me too, actually. Yeah. And then we also met Billy Davis, who is a Melbourne based singer who started Sony, who’s so close to rush out to the west side.

[00:01:33] Yeah, he was he was like to be built on the skills. He’s like a hip hop artist. Right. Sells a bit because I did the interview by myself cause you old film city.

[00:01:40] So yeah, I was a bit intimidate cause he’s like really like blokey bloke.

[00:01:45] That makes makes sense. But very bro. Yeah. Yeah.

[00:01:48] But after the interview start I think I got comfortable and interview. Yeah.

[00:01:51] It was a great interview. Had. Know he has a great or a great time. Great energy. When I forsomeone he just walked in to the house or the studio you could just feel he was just such a pleasant person. Supply such a pleasant nine confidence loves his sense of fashion.

[00:02:05] He’s sneek is also on point two and he’s like did he have the massive fingers? Am I just imagining it? Because it was a massive case. I don’t know. Waits for an unknown in a way he did. He did, right? It did, yeah. He’s really cool. And then we met and interviewed my my one of my best kids from high school, Jennifer and Genco.

[00:02:22] Hi, Jenny. Yeah. Yes.

[00:02:25] You understand why when you listen to the podcasts. Yeah. So we interviewed her and then those pushed my week I think was my week spent was spent with podcasting this week. How’s your week?

[00:02:37] You know, he spent a lot of time with this like this week together. And I think I’ve just been trying to actually know, Gina, how I’ve been sick recently. Yeah. I’m so actually still like your getting more sick now and I’m recovering. Yeah, but I went to the doctor’s second time again and it turns out my first diagnosis is that she was a misdiagnosis, which kind of like pissed me off a little bit. What did I say? The first something in the first month they said it was I just like, you know, just a normal flu, just viral. Go home, take some LEMON honeywood, take some deep congestions and you be careful next couple of days, which is why I couldn’t do the interview with Billy Davies, Billy Davis. So I took his advice and I wasn’t getting any better. And then I just went back to my doctors. I saw my another doctor, which I normally juicy, but she was in there that day and she’s like, no, you’re going to sinus infection. You actually got a chest infection. You need to be on antibiotics. And I’m like, thank God. Now got fits. Ever since I’ve been on antibiotics, I feel like I’m living like my skin is clearing so much. A little like a fish, so much better.

[00:03:34] Yeah. Love classic episode. You said you’re getting sick from me. Yeah. So but now I’m like super sick from you. Go with me to this opera house. Ally, it’s just been like a week. I think so.

[00:03:48] Are a lot of, say, Asian guys out there who claim to be mistaken for you. Yeah. That’s a common complaint. For me, it’s OK. So sometimes people will come to me and they won’t know if I am. So though they won’t really ask. But then if they do ask, I typically don’t want to lie and say I’m not because I want to. Once and for all, be like, yes, you’re right. The one Asian guy you recognize is the Asian guy. He thought it was his the actual Asian guy don’t all look the same. But like you get people you have people that send you pictures that say I’m tyred of like getting mistaken. But it’s doesn’t even make sense.

[00:04:30] Okay. I think, like, it’s kind of hot. I do get it. But recently, what has happened? C-Net has actually reviewed the new release of Charlie’s Angels film and they’ve actually gotten kind of two Asian actors kind of mixed-up this happening a lot is. So Chris Pang was in crazy rich Asians, similarly was in Kim’s convenience. So Chris Peng was actually starring in Charlie’s Angels and he get this correctly starring Charlie’s Angels. But when C-Net wrote the review of the movie, they’ve actually reference similarly. Yes. They wrote The Hills in the movie, stupid. So this actually mistake was actually caught by you who tweeted in response, hey, it’s either you got the wrong Asian or I’m misreading the census. And you’re actually referring to âTS Peng is my Australian thug, if it is the latter. Please carry on. So what do you think about this? Look, to be honest. There is a lot of similarities between a lot of Asian people not going to dumb. That’s an all kind of water. It’s on say that we’re all different. If I go to an Asian country myself, sometimes I do have difficulties identifying somebody. But some people can make an honest mistake. Martin, I’ve had in the past, like when I’m watching American Horror Story, a lot of American Caucasian men cos they are quite similar intensive appearance. But if you ask someone of a public figure, if you have someone of power, you if you are publishing an article on C-Net, you need to do your research and kind of kind of cross check before you kind of make it the statement online.

[00:05:57] I agree. And as someone who’s done a lot of writing in the past, I will I why I wasn’t working for a big mess of kind of like C-Net, for example. But all it takes is like two minutes or even 30 seconds to quickly Google what Chris Penn looks like. Exactly. symeou looks like Evan. Yet it’s Lhotse of reference the right person. And how many times have you heard of a white actor or white person being, you know, referenced wrongly? Not as not very often, as often as an Asian person. And I feel like I don’t know if I’m imagining it, but like the last few months, I feel like it’s happening more and more and more as Asian people get, you know, working more in Hollywood. So, for example, when in Vogue in a vote article, they tweeted a photo of Tan Ha and said that was Michelle Yeoh as a flex.

[00:06:44] That’s the only Asian photos that I can think of. So not once, but another one, the Twitter feed of Djimon Chan and then said it was Levo, his Henry Gollings wife then. And then if you look at other round, you got People magazine who who write that you’re running. Chang’e was in a photo when he wasn’t in it.

[00:07:03] And then you realize, I think we talked about this in one of our test recordings, but there’s was an SNL writer who was the first Asian person to get signed. Yes. And then all these pop media publications were writing about the new SNL writer, who’s the first Asian person, Asian-American, to be on the show. As the writing team. Yeah. And then they reference a different place. So yeah.

[00:07:26] That now that. Yeah.

[00:07:28] It’s just happening more frequent. And frankly, I just feel like they’re not when it comes to a replacement. Asian people did not effort.

[00:07:34] It is true. Like to be honest, Tankan, qua- and Michelle, you don’t even look like I can understand where it’s coming from. For example, for even I’m Asian myself, I’m East Asian. Chris Paing and similarly you there is a little bit similarity. So I can understand where you’re coming from. You forget about these people who don’t even look like remotely different. They just pretty much like us. Yep. That’s Michelle, you. Funny story, actually. OK. I’m not sure if I’m allowed to say that as my mccrum or tell me what if I decide? Great story. I could have been related to Michelle. Yeah, I could have been her nephew. Everything you see, everything we actually in the movie that you even crazy rich or I mean, you act like, oh, my gosh, that is that could have been my aunt. Because the story is Michelle Yeoh is actually from a small town in Malaysia called EOPLE. And that’s where I’m from as well. So that’s where my parents grew up. And my very close uncle is actually the same age as Michelle. Yeah. And story goes back at allegedly argues they actually used to be an item back in the day.

[00:08:33] She was famous, right. She punished officials before, way before. But before she actually actually went to a beauty pageant, just went down like 14/15, my uncle and her used to kind of have a little bit of a gift, like a high school fling going on. So this isn’t high up, isn’t going to high school. And they will go swimming together cause, Michelle, you and my uncle swam quite a bit and then my grandma told me that she is very close with her father. Because it was actually quite a small town. And now I’m in the car just thinking, oh my gosh, grandma, I could have been like you. I could’ve been somebody. But she’s like, married to some, like, rich rural area. She’s rich. I mean, Michelle. On done. Super, super. Well, and bless her soul. She’s led the Asian movements. But I just think that could have been. I didn’t like you could have been walking the red carpet. I could imagine from there with her. Who’s that? Emma Roberts. Who’s auntie?

[00:09:23] I don’t know Gemma.

[00:09:25] She was in mygosh no, no, no, no, no, she’s in Pretty Woman walking down the street. Julia Roberts I haven’t seen that movie. You haven’t seen it. It’s great. Watch it. But Julie, Julia Roberts is actually like she’s an A-list star. And the reason why Emma Roberts made it so big was because of her anti-Jew letter.

[00:09:43] They’re related. Yeah. That’s Clutha. Okay. Okay. I could have been the Emma rubbish of my time, but I think podcasting would take off. Or maybe my idea would be that crazy rich Asians. I could do it. The cousin. Go back to this topic.

[00:09:59] It is so true. People, I’m putting an effort inside.

[00:10:01] You feel like you feel a thing about similars. I was thinking about it as you’re speaking before. Like, yes, Chris and Seamier have similarities. But then think about Chris Pratt. Chris. Who are the other Kris’s in Hollywood? Chris Pratt.

[00:10:14] Chris Evans. Chris Evans. The Helmund Home and Away Guy. The Shaalan Guy. Chris Hemsworth. Chris Hemsworth.

[00:10:21] These guys are the typical Hollywood white celebrities, right? They have similar names, similar body types, small faces, body type. Really? Yeah. They’re both muscular do all ripped, all muscular. So like how they’ve never been mistaken for one eyed mullah. But yet you have two Asian people who have different names. Look, the case looks somewhat similar, but still very different. True. And yet they can make a simple mistake like that.

[00:10:44] It is true. And it’s I think it’s not. It’s I think it’s up to the responsively are people who are publishing this. If you’re working out five people magazine, C-Net, don’t these publications because. But yourself like you don’t you just kind of crush check it or get someone to support you?

[00:10:58] It’s there’s no metric like three different editors. Really? Yeah. Because it’s like a step by step process.

[00:11:02] Some surprise that they ran a store. Wow. With the wrong name. But do you think it’s just because, you know, Asian celebrities aren’t as mainstream as other celebrities? Do you think that’s the real reason why?

[00:11:14] I think it also comes what what we’re talking about last week, people are putting an importance on Asian East Asian people, especially another funny story as well as back when I was working my DNA back in my uni days. So it’s really small says about 30 to 50 people maximum. And we’ve got one professor on who is quite highly in my university. There is only one Sri Lankan girl in my class. I’m gonna say you shouldn’t.

[00:11:37] But she’s one of my very close friends. As she listens to the. She listens. Oh, gosh, Aditi, you match. I love you, Marcia. I remember what we were actually in class. And then what happened was bound theElectoral just saying Bob up a blah. And then she said she was talking. She Umar shock. But then she’s like, Hey, nashieqa, what’s up? It’s all the same. Like nothing’s the same. And then we all just looked at each other and we all just nodded, laughing because we’re like, we’re just talking about who these Shashi Kar who she could. Shashi curious. And then you Marsha’s like she talked to me and then she kept saying, Shashi Kecia chica-. But then we found out a couple days later that Shashi Kopp is actually in a year above us. What does it have that both just by Sri Lanka in Sri Lanka and don’t even look remotely alike?

[00:12:20] But yet she got those people mixed up and I took it like nobody took it to the fence. We thought as a humorous and so funny that she said, sure, she can tell you, Mattea, but it’s the fact that people don’t take into effort to learn individual people. But yet. Hey, Sarah. Hey, John, it’s. Hey, Emily. It’s so easy to pick these people’s names because they’re caucasion. But once it comes to people with colour East Asians, they don’t take in the effort.

[00:12:45] Oh, it’s tricky for them. That’s true. I guess, like if you talk about real life scenarios as well, you know how good at 45, right?

[00:12:55] There’s there’s an older lady who’s one of the trainers. She constantly calls me Eric and not Phil, huh? Yeah. She’s like ireton walk into like, hey, how are you, Eric? Do you correct it? I just like I have corrected her. I was like, oh, my name’s Phil. And then she’s like, oh, no, I’m so sorry for mistaking you. But then after a few weeks, I’ll just go back to Eric. Oh, my God. I said, when you talk about this effort thing because she’s like a Caucasian lady, like, I didn’t know it was like like, I don’t know who this Eric person is, but I’ve corrected her on several times. And just it’s just not making the effort to to remove my name.

[00:13:30] What a shame. But to be fair, there are a lot of Asian Erics out there. Yeah, but it’s not that many Asian bills. And I’m like the one. Exactly. You know, that is very true. And the funny thing is, some people just blame it on they can’t pronounce your name. You know what I mean? They say that he needs a little bit difficult. I might just shorten it, but there’s so much hair, so much pride behind the name. If you got to know Balenciaga. If you go the named Gucci, Prada, all these big, long ass names, I sometimes I can’t even pronounce you. You can learn you my show. You can learn other names like what my dance feel like.

[00:13:59] Feels like Christmas. Not hard to learn. SMU is hard to learn. Exactly. Yeah. Just make an effort to make an effort, guys.

[00:14:09] I mean, one thing about this album that’s really special to me is that it’s the first one that I will own. Which is the concept that they are very supportive of. Right.

[00:14:20] You know, the. I was gonna wait to ask you about that, but since you were there, this is something that is very important to you and you’ve also said that you’re planning on rereporting summer.

[00:14:35] Are you going to do that? Yeah. That’s true, and it’s something that I’m very excited about doing because my contract says that starting November twenty twenty, so next year I can record albums one through five all over again. So I’m very excited about it because why is this so important to you?

[00:14:53] Because I just think that I think that artists deserve to own their work. I just feel very passionately about that.

[00:15:01] Have you been following the Taylor Swift’s feud with her former label only recently, a few months ago, she wrote big statement saying that she’s been felt like she’s been bullied because her scatterbrain, who she is she’s not friends with, has bought her company like her former label and others. This its whole feud. Anyways, it’s kind of escalated this week because Tila has released another statement about how she’s been nominated for like a take on a sophisticated American Music Awards. But then she’s you know, obviously when these things happen, you kind of like perform your older songs, right? Yeah. So Janet Jackson performed like a medley. And yet we just like to, I guess, like to honour your career. So she’s. She’s apparent. She’s been asking her former record label who’s suing, as well as Amy Scott. Scott Brown, Scooter Braun and Scott Borchetta. Yeah. I’m saying, you know, she would like to perform a medley of her old songs. And Pound is gonna said, no, you cannot perform it and not giving her permission to perform it. And also how they have not let her use her old music for this documentary is coming out. Yeah. So she was this big statement on Twitter and Tumblr and stuff like that. And as her fans to go after after these people.

[00:16:10] Yeah. Yeah. So anyways, what are your initial opinions? Because this is Chris, this whole discussion about, you know, taking control of a woman’s autonomy and feminism, feminism and just a lot of big issues.

[00:16:26] This is a very tricky one. And the one thing I I am a big fan of Taylor Swift’s and her music. But one thing that she’s doing, which I do not agree, is that she’s created a toxic feminist vibe that you’re asking your family. Fans are crazy like that. Tell us which fans I want. And probably the biggest, biggest fan yet, the fan clubs and fan members out there. And she’s saying you need to go go after these people, go after them and go. I’m making my life.

[00:16:53] And so you’re saying she’s using feminism to her advantage? Is that you’re saying?

[00:16:57] I’m saying that she’s using her power to ask her fans to go after people who aren’t letting her get what she wants.

[00:17:06] But that’s not there’s nothing to offend, isn’t it? This is just to be clear.

[00:17:09] Yeah, but it’s come from a hashtag metoo movements where it comes from. People I see have tried to take events. The hashtag. Me, too. So you’re saying it’s come from people who have been sexualized by people in power?

[00:17:21] People who have been raped. People have been stepped on. People have been abused by people are power.

[00:17:28] And it’s kind of created this kind of pitchfork eros of trying to come after people or cancel culture. And now she’s taken this for me. It seems like it’s like she’s taking this casual gotcha, using her fans to come off the two people who bought over the songs like The Rights of a Music.

[00:17:44] I could see you coming from. But I just. Yeah, it is a business contract. She did sign it. Michelles didn’t say that she will give all the rights to, you know, to the label if she leaves the thing.

[00:17:57] I agree with you, but it is a powerplay thing. You know, they’re saying that she said that she said in the statement saying that she’s asked before her old songs, that older songs that this musical world. But they’ve come back and said no, unless you stop record rerecording of songs because she’s playing to rerecord assault xixi. So that means that she can perform right and not have to go through this lessening thing. But now. Yes, it does. You know, she has lots of rerecorded and plus just stop talking about them.

[00:18:27] So they’re kind of like blackmailing her in a way is certain it is.

[00:18:30] I think it’s a powerplay thing. I think they’re using their position to hold one up against.

[00:18:36] So I do. I do see that. And it’s a bit unfortunate that it’s all done so publicly as well. Obviously, that I do feel that Taylor’s with has tried to negotiate them behind in private closed doors, but she’s left with no kind of nothing left to do.

[00:18:49] But like she said in her tweets. And what is a very sad thing is that we need to remember that Taylor Swift and big machine records, they may Taylor Swift, who she is. Without them, there would have been a Charles Taylor Swift. You know what I mean?

[00:19:03] Hilda Swift is coming after you now. But no, no, it’s true. I don’t think those they they’ve they’ve they’ve had no it’s been her artistry that’s gotten her. Yes. They’ve been promoting her, been marketing her. And that definitely helps. But it’s her artistry. She’s one who’s written those songs.

[00:19:19] You know, she’s the one who’s performed who’s to tour. She’s the one who’s had to do all of the singing with the people who believed her.

[00:19:27] Yeah. Big machine record labels. Definitely. But but they didn’t. But they didn’t create her.

[00:19:31] But yeah, they didn’t. But they created her brand, stayed there with people who pushed her to be who she is. We can’t say that Taylor Swift would have been big anyways. I feel that big machine records had a huge, huge impact and helps us get a creative head to be the biggest pop star of our generation. And yes, she decided to leave big time records because Scoopon brought up for the rights of it, meaning that he is now the CEO. He’s now the founder. He’s on the boards. So he actually has. We don’t know. He actually had creative rights of all. Sounds like she’s down in the past. Mm hmm. So for her to say, I want to perform my songs, watch learning. Why aren’t you letting me perform my songs? I do understand from the OP’s perspective that’s you know, this is very personal, G, because you created yourself, but you sold your rights to that. You sell it and you’re like, nothing.

[00:20:18] I think that’s a thing to learn for people going forward, you know, to not sign as a rights. I think her by her talking publicly. It definitely brings awareness to that. But the thing is, if you think about it, if the biggest pop star in the world tells Swift can’t even perform her old songs, I kind of get these riots. What hope is it for young musicians like a song?

[00:20:38] That is true. So I’ll jump. It’s an awful lot of people who don’t understand about the music industry. It’s like, for example, feel if youre a painter and you beautifully created this beautiful painting and I want to buy it. I bought this painting and now you’re getting award for the best painter of our generation. And you want to use the painting that I bought from you to showcase it in your whatever show that you want to showcase it. Bombsite. No, sorry. That’s quite catchy, happing right now. So I have the right to you painting. And from for you asking me, can I learn the painting to putting my show cost. And I’m saying no. I do have a right to say no because I bought it off you. What’s actually happening? Happening now, you’re complaining that I’m not letting you have the rights to this painting, if that makes sense.

[00:21:25] I get this from like an outside of stuff that you’re not a Telis with fan, for example, if you’re not in this music industry bubble, I think the person looking at it just sounds like this little girl’s crying about, you know, about doing business. But you did have interesting point when she just like do lip sync or something in her contract.

[00:21:45] Right. She’s just not allowed to allowance licences for she can forbut life and buy. She could lip-sync it. She could get someone else to cover it. And then she just goes in the back into what if and I just. And that kind of transition Segways into her love, a new album that’s different avenues that she can go to. But she just wants performer. Yeah. And all those religious things that she should get all the things to see. Other things. This again as a tribute. As a tribute yelp. Be pretty cool. And honestly there it’s just rich people problems, to be honest.

[00:22:13] These people are making are nearly about 100 million dollars each year and they’re just complaining that why aren’t they getting more wanding anymore controlling Freidan. But in the end. You’ve made so much money, your talus with your Scooter Braun. It’s again, like you said, just a little powerplay.

[00:22:32] Coming up next on the show, why is everyone on the Internet assembling, using the term? Okay, Bhima. And why are some saying that it’s a new and would have Aitchison? And we have some new recommendations for you this week. But first, here’s a word from today’s sponsor.

[00:22:46] Mr. Speaker, how many world leaders, how many decades have seen and known what is coming but have decided that it is more politically expedient to keep it behind closed doors? My generation and the generations after me do not have that luxury. In the year 2050, I will be 56 years old. Yet right now, the average age at this 50 second parliament is forty nine years old current.

[00:23:16] So the next segment is about this catchphrase that’s been going very of our on tick tock. And I know that you are a very big fan of Tick Tock, Tom.

[00:23:26] I see.

[00:23:27] Scrolling on your phone all the time anyway. So earlier this week, a New Zealand MP who is 25, she was given to talk about climate change in parliament. She’s young. She’s very young. Twenty five years on, she. Yeah. MP But she’s giving a, you know, a chat or talk about climate change. And how about how it’s affecting her generation? And then an older MP in Parliament heckled her as a to shut him off. She’s just it’s like a buma. And that moment has been talked about. It has been writing about it. And that’s become like this viral tick tock thing. And I think like, yeah, like this someone’s like between $25000 off. Okay, boom. He’s already got the hashtag. Okay. Boom has been viewed by a seven hundred and thirty million times or something like that. And tick tock. Oh my goodness. Because it’s just having a moment. A lot of you talking about it and some who have been coming out saying that okay. Him is very dismissive to the baby boomer generation and that it’s the new N-word of the of know ageism is very a.g.’s. Ben, what do you think about it?

[00:24:36] Fair to say it’s a new N-word. It’s definitely not. It’s a big case that. Yeah, that’s a huge call. And no way like the people, the African-Americans that went through all that, you know, called the N-word, but they reclaimed that word. Okay. It must have been so dismissive of.

[00:24:51] Baby boomers were aging. It’s forty nineteen forty six.

[00:24:54] I’ll give you a bit of a run though, because I even had a bit of trouble going through my yet the silent generation, which is 1925 to 1945 on the Boomers which is 1946 and 1963, Gen X which is 1964 to nineteen seventy eight then which is us millennials, which is 1979 to nineteen ninety five, and the genze which is nineteen ninety six which we had 10 or present. So if you actually have a look at this kind of graph, it could be a little bit off by the way, you can actually see there’s a bit of a generational gap.

[00:25:22] So anytime there’s a bit of a generation gap, that’s where they have a bit of the rivalry going on, which just shows that whenever the generation is in power, the younger generation is always going to disagree with it.

[00:25:35] And this is the exact same scenario here where well, where the millennials, of course, waiting disagree with people powers. That’s the reason why this protest as little vote calls and a lot of articles and Instagram posts, stuff like that.

[00:25:50] But yeah, it’s always existed. And even if the baby boomers themselves, you know, the exhibition went to with the only revulsion removal revolution, the revolting something.

[00:26:02] Yep. Yep. Yep.

[00:26:03] Yeah. So that that exhibition talks about how the baby boomers were the ones.

[00:26:07] Yes. Super vocal about things. That woman’s right. About Black Panther, Panther, black rights. Women’s issues. Yeah. Even gay issues. A great museum, by the way. But yeah, they’re the ones out there protesting as well. So they were the ones that disagreed with the generation above them. So yeah, I think it’s just another generational war is another gender.

[00:26:29] It’s one of those things which is in kind of trend.

[00:26:32] It is. And and I do agree, it’s very dismissive to the bull like the baby boomer.

[00:26:37] I mean, I think what they called it, they called us lazy. I don’t know people who I just.

[00:26:44] Zach, same thing, right? They they they use it was millennial in the same way that we use a keep your mouth.

[00:26:50] They say they just say all the hip. They’re just all millennials in the same way to disregard us. Just dismiss us. And so by us using okay. Humour is just like. Yeah, like okay mom. Okay. Yes granddad. Yes. So yeah. I just think it’s I don’t think it’s ageism ages. Do you think ages things ages more.

[00:27:11] It’s a little. No it’s a little bit H.S.. Kept a little bit but it’s not full blown racism or full blown like.

[00:27:19] Calling the N-word.

[00:27:20] Pretty much dividing a generation. I think it’s just a mean thing which has gone so viral. Another way to claim back, you know, what they’ve been calling younger people because we’re always going to see people who are younger as troubles. There’s little rap schools, you know, lazy, blah, blah, blah, blah, blah. But I guess it’s just kind of as revolting in a very mean Internet way. But also, you know, this is actually another generation we’re going on. I was actually reading Facebook and then there’s a current generation to Generation X, which is a pretty I think a parent’s generation, which carries an actual, hey, I want to see a manager person.

[00:27:56] I if it’s offensive. But your mom looks like she can. My mom does have a Karen haircut. She does has that Lena Blond highlights.

[00:28:04] But I’ve actually done a bit of research too. But the reason why people are going against the current, especially the genze it because they’re saying that the current generation with Generation X, they got a lot of things handed to them. So they are buying houses. They were buying house. Then back then, so easy. They were more entitled. They all had a lot more opportunities. Things too. Then came a lot more easier than we did. They didn’t have to. Sometimes you have to pay for school. Can you believe it? So then Generation X, which just below us is re revolting against. That’s like you said, again, just a generation gap wall. And the funny thing is that when I was reading through it, the people, the generation Z people who were actually going against generation parents or the people that were actually kind of giving shit towards kind of omega. That’s actually bit my mom. Oh, my God. That’s like my God is actually like my mom. But I think it’s just one of those things that the older that we do, it gets we are becoming less less willing.

[00:28:55] Wouldn’t change less. Yeah, definitely. I think once we’re at their position, we’re we gonna want to change either. She’s just slightly uncomfortable. Whatever you want to do, you know.

[00:29:09] Recommendation time. OK. OK. So welcome back to recomendation Time.

[00:29:16] Ok. So funny thing is, you know how you told me to recommend I’m putting my fingers inside the ticket machine. I can’t. Eight dollars. I like God. I can’t believe I actually believe this actually happened because people give me shit for putting my fingers inside that desk. Ticketing machine. Try right. I found $4 one machine and the next machine, Gabbie, an extra for as holy crap. This guy should pay for parking the city.

[00:29:36] You know, we saw me in Thailand travelling to China together. We’d been booking accommodation. And so hotels are like 20 bucks a night. Not every night like this could pay for our accommodation.

[00:29:46] We should go around the city just like you figured it out. Yeah. And finally, money machine. Well, my my real recommendation this week is I am very spiritual ghost person. You know, I like looking all those dark things. But I recently got onto a YouTube series which actually quite popular.

[00:30:05] It’s called BuzzFeed Unsold. So what I think you’re not watching this already. You been living on a rock. I mean, like as in like, it’s very popular. Yeah. You ever watch is like it’s like formula just about persona does it.

[00:30:15] Yeah. Oh shit. I didn’t because I only found this quite recently but. Oh my gosh it’s so scary. But it’s so realistic to. I think what makes it so good is that what’s the Shannon Ryan. They’re so against all this and not it’s not real. All the Asian one.

[00:30:31] The older Ryan Ryan is super superstitious and like who? His really insular. And then you have this contrast character who’s kind catching the real person is Shane exchanging them. He’s like a non-believer is like, why I want to be even doin this fall. And so every time they catch evidence of a ghost, it’s like, oh, whatever. It’s just like dismissive of it.

[00:30:50] Is this enough? You know what makes it so like what’s so real? Because those people were like, oh, yes, you know, those other kind of ghost hunters on these ships. Obviously, you saw something. Yes. They’re trying to make something out of it. That’s when the viewers are like, nah, they’re making something out of nothing. We don’t believe you. But for Shane and Ryan to go on a show, to go to people’s Raoul’s houses, real places, documents and edit so well and give a backstory and say, yeah, maybe. Probably not. Maybe could be a little bit of something from outside. Yeah. What if I could be a car? It makes people know it is real.

[00:31:19] Yes, I like it because it’s very, very realistic and very like comedic. Yes, you can watch it and not be scared, even though it’s scary what they find. I should say, like you hit ghost voices and you catch like glimpse of like wolves and solving then that I think with them done a great job hosting it.

[00:31:34] So you don’t feel like that’s shooted watching or you just if you ask scared, you kind of stay in the comments section and commerce section.

[00:31:42] But what do you recommend this week? Well I am was like two years behind, so I recently stumbled across this is asked which is OK with Mandy Moore and what was in my live and then to go until I got to know from hearer’s the guy from hearer’s. Oh yea. Anyways, I’ve been watching a binge that last night. Basically it’s a show about a family, pretty much about boomers. It is about boomers. They were born in the boomer generation, but there’s many Moore’s character he has. She gives birth to triplets.

[00:32:16] And so conscious was a story of like. The triplets in present day and then many malls care to his mom and pass. And is this a very heartwarming. Like like serious? It’s like modern love, for example, one loves very hot. Warm is like modern love that like one special size as I cut Sulla like I didn’t have solid. Have you Kardinia yet? I have.

[00:32:39] I think the curtains. The curtains are very, very relatable. Like one of the characters, Katie. She like dealing with her weight. Very conscious about her weight. And then you’ve got Kevin, who’s like in the same minister who wants to get out of his contract, was to be taken more seriously.

[00:32:53] And then you’ve got Randall who who was adopted by many Moore’s character, and then he goes out and fund his biological dad. And then he finds out his dad’s dying. So he kind of like kind of like navigates on how to deal with these last moments with his dad and how to learn about his family history and stuff like that. But, yeah, it’s very heartwarming. It’s like modern love, but like an extended like extended.

[00:33:19] I know there’s a very trend with you when it comes to recommending different TV shows. It’s like if it’s a real tearjerker. Yes. How much I love it. You know, I’m a bit of a tear jerker. It’s like Queer Eye. And when they were giving that shit, that heartwarming message, that lady, you loved it. And then modern love to movement. You loved it.

[00:33:38] So full of wholesome stuff again. It’s love having wholesome moments. Why do you like. I love that. I love BuzzFeed Unsolved. But like I just like I think because I have such long days, I just want to see. I just feel great.

[00:33:50] Are you experiencing something that you’re not having your present life?

[00:33:52] Maybe you just want a cinematic romance. Yes. Yeah. That’s basically it for this week. Well, then you should just get off Tinder then and just find somebody at a bar. I’m on Tinder. We are on Tinder. But only for the wrong reasons. Yeah, we were on our podcast.

[00:34:10] We have a few people who’ve messaged us saying that listen to the protocols and send us a hello about how the fans and the fans we just want to, I guess, with the desperate Fullers so that we please like share our podcasts of your friends and your family, get the first and just like download it and leave us a very lovely comment as well.

[00:34:28] But yes, put our recommendation if you are looking for such a very good tearjerker film series. Is it film TV series? Follow what’s called This is US. I was with Mandy Moore, right?

[00:34:40] She had such a weird career like she had as a pop star, then went down to movies and now she’s disappeared for very long time.

[00:34:49] And so they came back and she’s a great actress. So they were less of such a great actions. But she always sings like the roles that she gets in. Maybe she has to sing Tango. She was the Rapunzel girl.

[00:34:58] And then you have this is all she’s a singing go with her triplet mom and then you have a walk to remember the one that shot.

[00:35:06] I won’t spoil it, but the one that she’s singing in a play would have given us the ending that she dies. All right. Let’s say never seen a bad day. She dies. If I’ve been in this spot for me is well, I have the spliff, everyone else on me.

[00:35:21] So thank you so much. If you made it this far for the episode, if you love what we’re talking about and love what we’re doing, please follow us on Instagram. Join our Facebook community with other LEMON is and join our Facebook group as well. Make sure you’re subscribing to us on a cost. Apple, i-Tunes or Spotify or wherever you’re listening to us on. Please leave us a very great Five-Star review and we’ll see you guys next week on Tuesday and Thursday. Then bye bye bye.

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