My Boyfriend Dumped Me for a Dating Show
Maurice from Love Island dumps his YouTuber girlfriend weeks before the show airs

My Boyfriend Dumped Me for a Dating Show

On the show today we are joined by Kerry and Angela Kang and discuss about:

  • Kanye West has released his Christian album ‘Jesus Is King’ and has revealed he is a ‘woke Christian’. He has also said that his kid North West will no longer be allowed to wear make up and wear crop tops.
  • West has also said that he no longer wants Kim Kardashian to be sexy because it made him feel uncomfortable when other rappers look at his wife.
  • Love Island Maurice Salib made headlines before he was dropped off in the island for dumping his famous girlfriend Christie Swadling just weeks before the show aired. You can watch her YouTube video here.
  • Filipino actor Alex Diaz was forced to come out as bisexual after his personal trainer made accusations that the upcoming actor messaged him on Instagram asking him to hook up. The PT uploaded the screenshots onto Facebook.
  • Diaz has since then apologised for not being his true self and said that the decision to not come out was both for personal and professional reasons.


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[00:00:10] Hello, hello, hello and welcome to the LEMON Show. The show what millennials are talking about. My name is Thomas Han. And I’m Philip QJ. And joining us on the show today. Back by popular demand. Angela and Carrie.

[00:00:23] Ok. Well, let you guys know your interviews with so people on the show. But but going specifically.

[00:00:33] And coming up today on the show, is it a case of publicly out someone when they assume the closets? And how do you know you’re being used in a relationship? Or worse, someone’s actually cheating on you. But first, how is everyone’s week by week?

[00:00:46] He’s pretty much the same every single week, like go to work and stuff that I’ve been enjoying. The nice weather. Really? Yes. Yes. But then today is like a total different. It’s like windy, miserable. My hair’s going up raining like this all day. But the day what it was like thirty eight smells like aircon.

[00:01:01] And I felt like I had my treat myself day like the other day was a Thursday. Yeah. I woke up, had brunch, went home, took a nap. Sunbathed. Went to work. Came home and was my dad. Thank you.

[00:01:11] How do you sunbathe? I can’t get into that. Why? Why you? I really do.

[00:01:17] It was because it’s like we 12:04 like exam’s. It’s like the last. No, NORAD’s ab yunior’s. I was like the last week of before swot vac and I was like I really need to tricked myself before like I actually Stofan before I start.

[00:01:31] Like because he studied for did use up all the internet again stream with them.

[00:01:34] What’s that. The fast internet now. NBA.

[00:01:37] Yeah, well they got that. Yeah I did so like before. Every time the doorbell rang. Because it was connected to like the internet. Our internet would stop. Does it do that.

[00:01:45] No it doesn’t do that anymore. I’m so happy. It’s like dog days finally leaving the right century. But yet we had a big week as well.

[00:01:54] We did actually. Funny enough that our interview with Jagan as you got picked up by the media. So they went not via about semi viral. So people talking about it. It got a lot of shares, but the comments were actually quite sad on not to see what. Yes.

[00:02:07] And it just likes to be completely honest. Before we interviewed Gia, you know, I kind of my perception of Jill was kind of like what I saw in drag racing. All Stars. You could you switch all stars, right? Yeah. Yeah. So she kind of got like the bitchy in it. So my head I just assumed she was kind of like a bitchy person.

[00:02:25] But I think coming out of all this, what I realized was that she’s actually really genuine and like a really honest person. I feel like she her story has not been told. And I feel like she has a story to tell, but no one’s listening. And she’s trying to tell her. It was just like all the skills, so nasty and fake. And China trying to get, you know, just attention.

[00:02:43] Hundred percent. And it’s like even a reality TV shows like you see The Bachelor. Even look on that. We’re going to talk about a lot of people who don’t realize that it’s just reality TV. People cut and pasting to make it seem like, wow, this is so good. But they believe so much in what they see on TV, but they don’t know what goes on behind the scenes. And I think Gia is one of those victims who fall into that, even though it comes from such a great and well renowned show.

[00:03:06] And Angela, we’ll talk about Love Island and Abby and stuff like that.

[00:03:09] Like we all know, like people get bitchy edits on TV shows. But, you know, we should just keep what, you know, is this show. So let’s not like take it too seriously because we talked about cyberbullying last week as well. You know, like these have, you know, people’s words online, have rural life, constant, constant quinces.

[00:03:26] But yeah, like I feel like it’s really sad because at the end of the day, it is TV and it’s all flat costing in ratings and reviews and all that. But it’s just imagine if you were in their shoes like what you consider as like a normal person and they like, oh, feel happens to have this personality that would suit this role that we’re looking for. So he’s more suited than is for this. Therefore, we’re going to play make him the villain, just like TV. It just makes the household feel like just a mess.

[00:03:50] Yes. So you please guys, like, please take the time to listen to what you have to say. And yes, please. You have have an open mind.

[00:03:58] I’ve completely turned around from what my perspective was last year to where it is now. I feel like there’s so few individuals in a position like mine to be able to give their opinion and stand up and say that this is what family is about. And I feel that God is using me and using the fire, using my family to show off. Do you consider yourself to be a Christian music artist? No. I’m just a Christian. Everything, huh?

[00:04:27] Now that God has called me and I’ve I now have given my life to Jesus Christ.

[00:04:32] I work for God.

[00:04:37] So you may or may not be surprised, but can–you West has released the Christian album titled Jesus is King and has said some things in the media about being a white Christian. So what exactly did he say, Phil?

[00:04:48] Well, adolescences on this one is actually pretty good. A whole album. Doesn’t do a few songs like because Kanye’s a really talented rapper and like everything he makes is good. Like you can’t deny that being with albums like number one and like 14 different countries is pretty crazy. So pretty good for a Christian album, right? Yeah. Basically his come out, he’s doing all these programs and stuff like those come out and saying that because he’s a work Christian now, he doesn’t want his kid north to wear crop tops and makeup, which by the way, have a question goes like why? Why are you letting a 5 year old wear makeup, wear makeup anyway?

[00:05:24] So on an early episode and Keeping Up with the Kardashians. Kiddush Cardassian ashes.

[00:05:30] Yes. So he’s come out saying that, you know, he was a bit conflicted with, you know, Kim’s Met gala outfit because she wore like some wet look bodysuit corset, really tight, really tight, really, really revealing. But that’s kind of like Kim’s brand right here said to her. You know, I feel little uncomfortable and affected by this. You know, I don’t like other rappers looking at you and like I don’t like how you all like other girls. And social media is like, you know, I vote would like if you just covered up a bit. And obviously, Kim is not happy with that. She’s like, you know why it’s home. And to do this because you built me up to be the sexy kind of person, you know.

[00:06:04] And even before Konya. Right. She became famous because of the sex tape. You know what I mean? Like she started her career out, you know, from sex. She and her found became the sex icons of our generation.

[00:06:15] And their business is worth billions of dollars. And probably where the income is coming from isn’t a beauty. May car brands, fashion and colleagues. Lip thing was accordian, Kylie Cosmetics.

[00:06:27] And you heard the pop culture podcast, but they’re making so much money based on, you know, ascetics.

[00:06:33] And then we look at Kim as well. She has changed quite a bit. But it’s sad to see that Konya, who is now a white Christian, has had not a great past, is now going on this new journey. And it’s, I guess, is a bit of a discrepancy whether or not he wants Kim to join him on this journey as well.

[00:06:50] Yes. He’s kind of built he’s kind of was sexualize women in his music videos. And he’s in his song. Right. He had the song Bava like, was it something about like it was.

[00:06:59] I made that bitch. Yeah, yeah, yeah.

[00:07:01] So in the music video shows like Lying A Fake, a fake, you lie naked next.

[00:07:06] Well, yoga angelic.

[00:07:07] So you’re qualified to speak on that and not a bad sign. A bit biased.

[00:07:14] Well, what do you think about all this? Would you ever let a guy that you’re dating or someone that you know tell you how the dress or like force his religious belief beliefs on you?

[00:07:25] Like, I feel like, yes, you should respect his opinion and so on. But at the end of the day, like, I’m obviously not comparable to Kim Cardassian. But Kim Kardashian is like built in his public eye and she’s always been what this. This figure, who is very much in the social meet like eye of social media. So people are going to look at her regardless of whether she’s wearing what a turtleneck or whether she’s wearing a crop talk or latex or whatever. But I don’t think it’s right that Konya, just because he’s on this journey to find Christianity, like he has to draw in control what Kim is doing into it.

[00:07:59] Yeah, it’s kind of like it’s kind of a brand as well. Like she is a black she’s much is a product, right. Because she sells her body and stuff. So if she had to cover up, she’s gonna lose out on money and like lose on deals and and stuff like that. So for me, I just feel like, you know, why would she do that?

[00:08:13] I feel like Chyna would almost like overshadow her in a way and just kind of have it like under his arm and just she would kind of be not seen in a way.

[00:08:22] I think you should like separate the issue with like Christianity and also like why Kanye West thinks that, like, Kim Kardashian should be like covered up, like people who like Christian, like they have their own beliefs and they like and like Christianity is so big, like even like, I’m sure Tom can talk about this bit more. But like in like the like Christian society, like you have different kind of belief systems. Yeah, I’m. And then let’s just like I guess that’s one side of it. And it’s not the greatest side, but like it’s just like it it’s like kind of old school, like misogynistic and like the fact that he just wants her to kind of cover up is a bit like males kind of dominating.

[00:09:04] I think it’s important to separate the look of being what someone. There’s no Christian look, there’s no Buddhist look like the look and the religion and the belief is kind of separate in a sense, like your values, like you might have Christian values and that’s your own beliefs. But whether you look a certain way, I don’t think needs to be tied down in that sense.

[00:09:22] And that’s a really good point. And what Konya from what I can see, because I went through a very similar phase with what Konya went through as well.

[00:09:28] So that pigface with cognac because in his past writes.

[00:09:35] He’s been quite outspoken and kind of controversial, especially the whole Taylor Swift thing. He’s been on the Rolling Stones cover where he dressed up as Jesus with the Crown thorns and pretty much proclaiming that he was God. And that pretty much brought up the whole Christian community. So now fast forward to Konya, who’s confessing this is real. People who are looking towards him are thinking, is Sky a joke? And if this whole whole experience is real, which I kind of like you think it is. I feel really bad for him because he’s lost so much credibility.

[00:10:04] Like, I feel like actions will always speak louder than words. And he can say on the microphone or thank God or whatever. But it’s his actions, like whether he’s going to change. And the public. I will always say that like the I guess the media will always what present he may be in a negative light, but maybe if he does more positive things in Exene, a more Christian way, people would notice that. And then it becomes the public’s opinion on what they think he’s doing.

[00:10:26] I’m not going to speak for my own experiences because I’ve dated guys in the past who’ve tried to force their religious beliefs onto me. And I’m like, I’m not like a Christian person or like a religious person in general, but I’m really open to the idea of religion and, you know, seeing what’s out there. And. And so I feel like, you know, if this is let me just quit that Kim Soakers, I think she sums up pretty well. So she says, you built me up to be the sexy person in confidence and all this. And just because you’re on his journey and transformation doesn’t mean I’m in the same spot with you, which is I think she’s as much now because like she’s a person, she’s on this journey with him and she’s open to it. But let her do it on her own time. You know, like if she when she’s ready, she’s gonna cover up, she’s gonna go to church and stuff like that. So just. Yeah, don’t like force onto her.

[00:11:15] So I agree. Hundred percent. I think what you said is spot on. It’s not Kanye’s time. It’s her own time. And a lot of people who want to convert other people to become Christians. They want to do at their own time. So they expect. Oh, my gosh. I’m on this holy train. I’m going 110 miles per hour. I love Jesus. I want you guys to love Jesus, too, because they think that this is their truth. She then, which is the ultimate that the best thing in the world said they weren’t people who they love to kind of expereince the same thing that they’re experiencing. But but they’re forgetting that everyone’s journey is individual and it’s so different as well. And if I could also add what Konya is having difficulty right now is following normal social culture versus following Christ, which is why he’s saying things like, you know, he doesn’t want his kids to wear makeup. He doesn’t want Kim to sexualize her body for profits. He even said that he doesn’t want his staff to have sex during the process, making him open. And I’ve been in Konya shoes before because it feels like you are unworthy of God’s love unless you check all these boxes. But the key message is that God loves you all. And he just wants you to have that relationship with him.

[00:12:15] So do you think there’s room for kind of both lifestyles like for like it because like Kano’s has found this new kind of faith. It’s kind of guy. It’s going to change his life one way or another. But do you think it’s going to kind of overrule his current lifestyle or like is it going to kind of blend with it?

[00:12:33] I think at this rates, from what I’m seeing, what I’m reading, I honestly think that Kim is actually giving in so much by the fact that she’s letting Chyna kind of dictates what’s as it as aparents, no makeup for their kids. You know, this and that’s I can actually see that there’s a bit of a pattern happening that’s over time. I think Kim and the rest of the court actions and agendas I saw you gonna be following what of is teaching.

[00:12:56] But I don’t think that makeup has to do with religion at all. It’s literally just a physical appearance. And like, yes, it’s like, okay, the makeup and the clothes and stuff might sexualize the girl. But I think that’s not to do with religion.

[00:13:08] The religion is to do with like the backdrop of the morals of it rather than the appearance itself.

[00:13:14] Absolutely. And the reason why they want to stop wearing makeup is because it’s when we do wear makeup from a Christian perspective, it’s you place a focus on yourself. You make yourself look beautiful. So people are attracted to yourself. So from a Christian perspective, it’s when you take the makeup out of it, your focus is on your looks anymore. Your looks have become important. Yeah, money isn’t important. You don’t care about anything materialistic except about God. So I think from Kanye’s thinking point of view, he’d prefer his kids not to be focussed on themselves, but on Christ. That makes sense.

[00:13:44] So do you think, like in his opinion, it’s like because like nowadays I, Kim and I, Konya kind of seen together like all the time. They kind of like I feel like they’re a couple, obviously. So like they kind of seem to be together. And that’s why, like hi-yo once. Kim till I kind of turn around.

[00:14:01] You want your partner support. To what extent can you like full drive that mean?

[00:14:05] Yeah, but she’s always supporting him. Like this morning she tweeted out plays by his new Christian album Jesuses Doesn’t Mean You’re Gay. So like she tweeted out to supporters, she almost supports him no matter what he does. Even if she doesn’t agree with them, she supports him.

[00:14:19] So and there’s a lot of pressure, I guess, on Kim to support something that she’s not sent there yet and does a lot of pressure on cognacs to do what he feels is right as well.

[00:14:30] Yeah. Like everything he’s say. His he says it’s going to be like massive and like. It’s kind of good that he’s kind of come into this new light. And like I think it will be like if he doesn’t write kind of thing. I think it’ll be really good for the Christian community, like rise and shine.

[00:14:50] So, well, my regulars. I’ve been getting so many messages from me asking what is happening and why they seen my boyfriend all over the ads and all over everything to do with a dating show.

[00:15:09] Wow, what an eventful kind of week it has been on Australian TV. So I’m not sure if you guys actually watching Love Island is a reality TV show, which is actually a franchise taken from the U.K. and the U.S. series. So what Love Islands about is that they take a bunch of really beautiful people. Check them on an island to find love. And there’s a lot of drama that happens. But so recently, Morris is actually a model actor and was dating a very popular YouTuber named. One thing he really severe declaiming. Morris dumped her two weeks before the show aired despite the application process taking a couple of months. So she has said that looking back at now, she realized that he was actually using her for her popularity and her platform to pretty much promote himself. He always tried to jump into her Instagram lives and, you know, be in her photos.

[00:15:56] So this got me thinking, how do you know if the person you’re dating is using you? Because when you’re in love, you might be blinded. I think you can tell from the eyebrows like this, more risk like this.

[00:16:08] Mariscal has really to find eyebrows so closely at his eyebrows alleged to be thick.

[00:16:14] But I have a pretty like wild story back in my early dating days. So I remember I was dating this guy. He’s not. Listen to this.

[00:16:23] He’s still followers on Instagram with a heightened sense of idealism.

[00:16:27] But anyway, so I’ll see him for maybe like a couple couple of weeks. And then back then, I was doing Hilliker part so that I got invited to like do this some judging thing for like a talent show. So I took him along with me. Like, I’ll be pretty cool to bring him with me. So I took him with me and then I was kind of doing rehearsals and stuff like that. And then he kind of just like I really want is for a cigarette. I’m like, yeah, just going for like just go out and buy a cigarette if you know it is like, oh, banning haveany on me. I’m like just walked on cause it’s down the road. He’s like, oh I didn’t have money. Do you can you can you give me like 20 bucks. Yeah. It’s all like on the side. Have any money on me.

[00:17:03] Like I mean before you type people don’t you like a screen if they got a job.

[00:17:06] He did have a job with the nandos. He just not have his wallet anymore. Just, you know, money had his wallet in here. He did have his long line dating.

[00:17:13] People like trade everywhere sells like yeah.

[00:17:17] Just go to withdraw whatever as it could not have any money is a killer. Can you give me 20 bucks? I’m like I’m like a serious and I’m giving my card because I was like, pillow’s like I really don’t like I don’t want to deal with this because I’m like, trying to work here. So I gave him my chi, withdrew 20 bucks or whatever, and he put his cigarette butt. Then that was kind of a big red flag because every every time I hang with him after that, I notice that I’d be paying for him for everything like any out and stuff like that sells like, I appreciate this guys. Just like using me. Sounds like. Then I ended up after a few weeks sales if I can do this. But yet ls a big red flag on me.

[00:17:52] I just sucks. But like I think sometimes when you’re in I guess the public eye for Kristi writes It’s it’s even harder because you know, you have such a public profile. You don’t want you want you like to be so path you create your life to look so amazing. And if shit happens, you don’t want to be public because it does affect your business. So interesting situation. Even though she may have seen red flags, I reckon she kind of probably subconsciously kind of suppressed it or kind of brushed it off even.

[00:18:18] Christy, I think she didn’t notice it till later on that Marissa was trying to use her because I think murry’s was one of her. What, like public people, managers or something?

[00:18:28] So Morris owns his own, like, talent agency? Like a yes. A management kind of company. So he signed Christie on to his agency is a good manager, but then she’s seen in her video that she’s getting all these jobs, but he wasn’t applying to them. So I don’t know. Do you reckon he likes doing her jobs or something?

[00:18:49] I think it’s she thought at that point in time that he was just being a bit of a cowboy way. Oh, my gosh. He was doing his job probably just to get what? Exactly. But looking back at it, I think she even though she was in that relation and she did see red flags out at the airport, she said to her, yes.

[00:19:03] I don’t think she registered that it was for his own intentions. I think it was just like him being like lazy or like finding excuses, not thinking that she was he was drawing the business to himself or trying to, like promote himself.

[00:19:17] And it goes back to what you were saying, like if you’re in love, like it’s so hard to know what the intentions are, especially because like, sometimes you be like thinking like all what are they doing? Like level blah ends. Like you just tell yourself like, oh, I’m just overthinking things. Like, I’m sure they just like doing something like this to make excuses for them. Yeah, absolutely. And then so I think she just realizes a bit too late. And there’s like it’s hard to kind of like, do you think she had her own like support group telling her like, oh, no, he’s a bad kind of person, even though she mentioned in her video that.

[00:19:47] Her parents met him before, and it was only after that they mentioned that, you know, this guy, she wasn’t good for you. You didn’t see it happening. But if this is happening to your friend, would you step forward and say something which if like they’re dating someone, you’re not really on board with that person because you think that they’re a total asshole, would you keep it to yourself?

[00:20:05] All will be really hard like you do want to upset your friend.

[00:20:08] You know, look at it all the time. Do you? Yes. My friends are like, OK, tell me where you meet this person. And then I meet them. I’m really blunt and I know what I’m doing.

[00:20:16] I run away things because I’m like, I don’t like confronting people about anything. So you you don’t you feel very direct and blunt. So like you don’t mind or not. But I don’t know. I mean, I think I’ll try and come to terms and try and tell my friends, but it would be a really difficult situation. Conversation to have because I don’t want it to, like, upset my Frankl’s. If they’re happy, they’re happy. Right. And sometimes if you tell your friend, they’ll be like all you just so wanted to be happy and like you wouldn’t want to break me up with my relationship and stuff like that. But I think is really difficult.

[00:20:49] I mean, like, if it’s me in that situation and I’m dating someone and they’re the biggest athlon I can’t see, I knew my best would be like, Tom, what do I do with my life? You wake up like if you let me get the fuck out of that religion, like you’re gonna ruin your life. And because sometimes my judgment might not be that good either. I might be looking at that. I’m not like them on a pedestal.

[00:21:06] Rose coloured glasses. Yes, exactly. Actually, Jamie, like you wear the rose coloured glasses because he’s so in love with lots of things, aren’t you? But even when you’re like that in love, you can’t see it for yourself.

[00:21:19] I can’t take the middle approach where it’s it’s like, all right. Tell them like they’re a bad person. But I would be like shopping. Just what you want. You’d be like. I don’t think they’re a good person. And then afterwards, like, if they break up, just be like, what did I say was right?

[00:21:33] I had a friend that was dating a guy and at service level, like the guy seemed really nice. superfriends stuff like that. But he was super controlling, super like jealous of all the time. And so we kind of dropped hints saying, you know, I think think think. That’s right. Like you should be able to, like, hang with us. But I think I don’t think we ever said, like, you should break. I think it is really bad.

[00:21:53] I mean, I’m not that bad. I won’t say my friend Frank. I should not have said it before. But it’s like I just look out for my friends. I want to have, like, the best intentions. I used to be the type of person where I keep my mouth shut and I give advice and I’ll be like, I don’t know. That was my life might ruin your life. But then they would my friends would date this person for many, many years and four, five, six years laid off and probably end up breaking up.

[00:22:14] What about what about if you saw your friends partner cheating on them? Would you tell your friend?

[00:22:19] Well, I’ve actually been in this situation. You cheated on someone, then?

[00:22:24] Cheated on me. My ex and I dated for four years. We were together. We were pretty much like high school sweethearts and they cheated on me four times in four years. So once a year, bitches, you know, I didn’t know anything about it until the fourth year and accused me where our relation got a little bit toxic and I wasn’t sure why. And they just broke down and told me everything, which is why if my friend was cheating on their partner or their partner was cheating on my friend regardless of the situation. I strongly urge a person to let the public know. Do you think any of your friends knew about your puddles for you? I definitely know all of his friends. Definitely not, because you feel like your friends were hiding from RTM reference. And I think I also believe that when they said that they didn’t tell their best friend that Betteridge didn’t know about it either. So. And I realized in the relationship that there were so many red flags, so, so, so many red flags. And okay, this is gonna sound a little bit gross, but I didn’t register until I got it. Hold on. That’s why they had a bit of a culture on their lip.

[00:23:26] That’s a that’s that’s a bit gross.

[00:23:27] But even stuff like that. They’ll come pick me up in the car and they’ll be like, oh, by the way, I will get a bit of culture on my lap. So drink then kiss me or anything. But, you know, it’s it’s it’s because I shared a drink with somebody.

[00:23:37] I’m like, you ended that. Exactly. Did you find out like four years? Well, it’s still not always on.

[00:23:42] What about you guys? Would you tell your your friends partner, that bitch that you have friends here in them?

[00:23:48] Oh, yeah. Oh, God. Because I want the best for my friend. And I don’t think that’s not your friend, though. You know, like my friend who cheated on, though.

[00:23:59] What are you trying to say? Like, for example, because a lot of people don’t know that. Carrie, Angela, your siblings, for example, Angela, let’s say that Carrie was cheating. Would you tell Carrie’s partner?

[00:24:08] Well, not because it might. Because I’m like. If you are. Because it might affect your relationship with Carrie. Right? I guess that’s true.

[00:24:17] But I think just like cheating and like jealousy comes from like just Broots itself from like insecurities and stuff like that. But I also just I don’t like pull yourself back to the actual issue at heart. I don’t think that’s kind of what’s happening with Maries. I think that’s just he’s he’s a fuck boy. Like, I guess just using her. Yeah.

[00:24:36] I was reading the comments on Christie’s video last night and people like it’s not called Love Island, it’s called Lust Island because literally it’s a whole bunch of hot people.

[00:24:44] Pretty much it’s about last really. And then. Another comment was like, oh, like if you’re gonna vote Morris out. So I think he got kicked out probably because so much of us really hated him.

[00:24:55] Yeah, but like Christy also said that she didn’t pick up the red flags with murry’s being on Love Island because what Mary said was, OB, I’m an actor. I’m only just going to appear on the ad. And then she was like, oh, was it the ads that I really liked him on? And then gave him the role or was he knowing all along that he was gonna be part of Love Island? And that kind of shows that it’s good in a way they didn’t end up because that was like. Clearly, he’s not telling her everything.

[00:25:22] I’ll also will say that’s Chrissy’s on her YouTube channel. She didn’t mentioned that, you know, not to kind of cancel him in a way. She said that he he was good to her during the time and she kind of gave him the benefit of the doubts.

[00:25:35] That’s true. Maybe Sean Payton was a bad person because we did say that, you know, people get the bad at it sometimes. Let’s give him the benefit of doubt.

[00:25:43] Let’s cancel the cancel culture. But watch me go back on my word.

[00:25:49] Woman gives another woman a trip to Paris. I might write. Right.

[00:26:00] Just before we begin our next story, this is all allegedly as Alex Dias has not officially released his statement yet and he will do so when the time is writes.

[00:26:11] All right, so the next story is about a Filipino actor named Alex Diaz is at the he pronounce his name dyads Dias. Yes, I Elzie Alex. Alex Dias feels forced to publicly come out as bisexual last week after he slid in to his trans DMD and asked his pretty much isless trynna who if he wanted to hook up with them. And the trainer was like, no, this is really disrespectful. And so after that, he’s kind of begged his trainer to kind of delete the message, but instead the trainer upload the message to Facebook publicly. And so that cunt. Yeah. That kind of expose his sexuality and and. Yeah. So that got me kind of thinking like, what do you guys think about outing someone that is gay or not gay, whatever. Even even though they sent you a nasty message bulking up, do you think that’s the right thing to do it?

[00:26:57] No lie. It’s I mean, like, what does he get out of it?

[00:27:03] Like, what does the guy get out of ruining someone else’s, like, career?

[00:27:07] Career. Yeah. As well as the Filipino culture that’s so religious. Like super, super Catholic. Super Christian. And for someone to out someone in that environment, especially if you’re you’re an actor with nearly half million subscribers on Instagram well follows and Instagram, it comes in to like you to fix the person.

[00:27:24] It’s not like there as a whole. And I don’t think it’s right to do that. Like when the person is ready, they’ll come out. But for someone else to kind of steal their lie in that way, just like what’s why was it necessary to do that?

[00:27:34] But do you think, like, you know, if if it happened to us, right. If we got a message from someone. Do you think it’s our natural instinct to screenshot and send to someone?

[00:27:44] Yeah. Like I guess it is now what you’d screenshotted you send it to your friends. You like. Ha ha. But to post it. But maybe I don’t know who the other person was, but maybe he was famous too. And he had a really good. Yeah. Follow. Yeah.

[00:27:54] I think like going back to the issue of like celebrity status. Like everything that happens to her like obviously someone likes has a celebrity size is going to be affected like a hundred times more, thousand times more. And then I think for his personal trainer to kind of post these things like the personal trainers and everything to lose. But Alex Diaz has everything to lose in this little thing.

[00:28:14] I find it really sad because he released an apology saying, you know, I’m really sorry for like not being open about my sexuality.

[00:28:21] To be apologizing for that. Exactly. Yeah. And he’s ready. And it now it’s just like happened all too soon.

[00:28:26] Exactly. He’s like an upcoming actor in the Philippines. Right. And so he’ll say the reason why he didn’t want to come out was because, you know, it was for his own personal reasons and also because for his career as well, you know, because in the Philippines, like it’s like it’s not widely accepted to be gay, even though I’m surprised initially thought in the Philippines is super open about, you know, being gay and stuff like that.

[00:28:47] I guess you had those people who the very big Filipino star, it’s that a lot of trans people. But I guess it’s a bit like a bit of a still a taboo where, you know, people who are very good looking men, very good look like Cherise Pampanga, for example, people who are such.

[00:29:03] Big in the limelight.

[00:29:05] If you’re not out out there crazy with the big wigs and everything. It’s not widely accepted, if that makes sense.

[00:29:11] Yeah, I mean, isn’t she could she come as let’s say he’s sorry, came as trans and ever since then his career’s has kind of taken a step back. So I think it’s just I think in Asian culture, if you come out as gay or like a trans you kind of get painted as black, you will just associate normally to a sex worker, maybe like a prostitute. But yeah, it was pretty interesting and I think I think he’s scared of like losing his brand deals and, you know, being bisexual brands might not want to associate themselves with with him.

[00:29:42] Maybe he thinks like he’ll be more limited in like the roles that he can do in the ads that he didn’t do. Because while it may be like Louis, Todd might not want to associate their brand with someone like this. It’s kind of really sad because like his own sexuality should be different to what his professional life and so on.

[00:29:57] But I mean, I don’t know much about film culture. But like it could be because like it like David was like a strong presence and like the Trans Am, like the LGBT community in Philly, but like it might be that it’s not integrated enough with the rest of the society. I think like in Asian culture, like you always have, like the like the kind of family role of like that man has to be like the provider. And then so it’s like if you kind of break that, then like what’s kind of going to happen with the family culture?

[00:30:24] Do you know much about the Filipino president, know his super controversial. I think he was. Was he Hills? Hills, a really harsh prison.

[00:30:32] He was shooting shooting people and lecturing people who never even had any like any drugs or anything in like on them. He’ll just shoot them on the spot anyways. So he this is maybe a few months ago now, but he he’s came out in the, I think, press conference. So something that he’s like, oh, yeah, I used to be gay once, like I had a gay experience. But then I met my wife and then it could be. Yeah, it could be. And it just like is so problematic because it’s saying you can be cured from like being gay. So I think yeah, it just plays into the whole culture of the Filipino competant community of like you know, like gay people misleading.

[00:31:08] And I think it’s just Filipinos, I think just Asians in general. Like it’s just not why people will like these two in the past. But I guess white people have just been more open and progressed in this sense. And I think Asians ought to it’s just at a slower pace or we view a slightly different because we’re more of a conservative culture.

[00:31:24] The strange thing is that you look at Singapore riots, even though it’s such a big it seem as progressive lesbians in Singapore are so widely accepted, like you can see girls holding history here.

[00:31:33] What was it?

[00:31:34] I was okay for girls to be like to be gay, but like for when it comes to guys, which which is a strange things like if you look at everybody in Singapore, all the girls are holding hands by gays aren’t allowed to hold hands in Thailand. You see so many ladyboys with a friend that could use. And it’s so widely accepted. But then you don’t see a lot of girls holding hands. I think it just comes honesty from culture. I’m just different society, I guess. And what is the cultural norm there?

[00:31:58] You know, it was really interesting in the Middle East and countries, you know, guys kiss each other.

[00:32:03] Really? Yeah. Like let lips like the great tilove and it’s like perfectly fine. And so God angels do that. Yeah. And the critics are wrong. Matthews Nah I think no actually no. I take that back. I think they hold has in public like oh guardian guys too.

[00:32:18] Greengrass’s Gloria. Oh I’ve heard of that. A lot of guys in Korea hold hands because they’re friends. Oh yeah.

[00:32:23] Yeah, those are Chinese girls do that. All the way are holding hands.

[00:32:27] We’re like friends to Chinese cause it’s over. Even if we did that in public, like people would be like all the guys are definitely gay. But like in yeah. Like in the Middle Eastern countries, two guys can hold hands. It just means that they’re friends.

[00:32:39] I think adding on to that, I think it’s a double, not double. But like I think he’s a little bit harder for him to comment come out, especially because he’s bisexual. And there’s always that connotation between bisexual is one. Yeah. Well, yeah. And also because like he’s like I’m sure he’s like decide that whether he likes it way is attracted to females is like more widely presented in like the socio social media. But then like the other half of it is kind of like kid in a way. And so the fact that like he kind of has to hide the other half, but then also like like the like that like with this instance, like people are gonna think, alright did he just do a 360 and like now he’s gay like nah he’s both. Why can’t you just accept that he’s kind of it.

[00:33:17] There’s a lot of um you know people don’t believe in bisexuality. We’ll just think your either gay or straight is no spectrum.

[00:33:25] Feel like this is a spanner in the works. But do you feel like maybe he’s hundred percent by or whether he is hundred percent gay and the beat where he says I’m dating females. It’s almost a hashtag just like cover up.

[00:33:36] Look at its Instagram. He had a few kind of female dates before or female people that he was dating. Like you said, I probably was a cover up and for him to come out as bi. He can’t come out as gay because he was dating men probably like behind behind closed doors. So that makes sense.

[00:33:49] But I think we should just, you know, like I like Tom like. I respectfully disagree. But like, we should just take him for his. What if he says is by. Yeah. Should this guy just go with that? Because you know, people there are by people in.

[00:34:03] Out there, you know, so we should give them a bit of that if they want to say their bilott and say bye. But people like Sly Romanoff’s came out as it goes by, but only because I wanted to use as a stepping stone. And that works for me. And that’s how I felt comfortable coming out. Yeah, but yeah. And but for some people that actually buy and when they told you that they buy. He was just like yeah. And people just like you. You’re not byyour, you’re just, you’re just gase. Too scared to say it.

[00:34:26] I think there’s a bit of both like that can be a point where people actually buy but they haven’t had the history of being a public before. Even like Tricia, parties come as transexuals. She could be a full on trans, but we don’t believe her because she’s kind of a chicken nugget before, you know what I mean? So it’s like in this instance, if I look at. Thing, Alex, if I look at Alex having a history of being the public eye, being a very good looking male, being in the entertainment industry as well, and also dating women, being publicly about that and then asking a personal trainer Halo to hook up and then being denied coming out his PR team, you know, it’s best you probably best for you to come out by then gay because people are going to question your previous relationship as well as true.

[00:35:08] And then he gets painted as it goes. Allies. Exactly. Some of you is not true.

[00:35:12] So regardless of the situation, we just wish that he is safe and we just wish that he has the support network and team around him. That’s a person does need when you come outs.

[00:35:29] All right, guys, it’s recommendation time.

[00:35:32] My favourite my favourite segment of the show. Actually, I love giving recommendations. But you know what?

[00:35:37] Everyone that I meet someone now, even this morning, I care. I should like to use a dictionary.

[00:35:44] I don’t even like Laslo. You at my house. Right. Lisa and. And joining us over as well. And then Thomas went to the toilet. And then I think Joanna yell out that we get to use addiction.

[00:35:55] When you use dictionary. You’ll like that like 90 degrees, because that’s a really thick dictionary.

[00:35:59] Hey, guys, this is got to save this story.

[00:36:03] I would just say once and for all, it is a use a dictionary. OK. That’s it. I got to recommendations. So I have the recommendation.

[00:36:12] A country to share with you guys because I’ve been such a big fan of this podcast. Could Modern Love.

[00:36:19] Yeah. So it’s symbolic of gay was all these TV shows.

[00:36:25] But basically Modern Love is started as a collection of essays that people used to submit to the New York Times. So used to be a column. So people just submit stories about like real, real essays about, you know, their relationship with their partners, but their breasts with their mom was in the pits. And there’s just like all these really different interesting and and yet quite unique stories. But basically the column was so popular that they made a podcast out of it. And then the podcast became so popular that Amazon made a TV series about it. Wow. And now does like Anne Hathaway, all these big A-list celebrities on each episode is like a different, different story. Like there’s one story with Anne Hathaway. Her cattle’s bipolar, bipolar, and she’s dating a guy. And then right before he’s about to come to our house, she had an episode where, you know, she’d start coming down, start feeling really down again. And so, yes, it’s really interesting and some really good stories on there.

[00:37:18] I can second that. It’s like listening to it, to everybody watching it. It’s like it’s a podcast or a TV show. It’s not easy. Yeah. That as a podcast. It kind of got picked up into a TV series. Yeah. It’s like the opposite depiction of black men, if that makes sense. Yeah. It’s so realistic. Yeah. Yeah. I just I didn’t know. Like if you think a black mirror just thing of the upper spectrum and that’s modern love.

[00:37:41] It’s like it’s like watching because I’m really a love rom coms and it’s like I barely have the time to commit to like a two hour movie.

[00:37:49] This is a really long issue. Yes.

[00:37:52] It’s just it’s a really nice way to, like sit down at the night just to watch a 30 minute short episode about, you know, coms to a loved one. Like a love story.

[00:38:00] I mean, you watch 30 minutes and you watch another form.

[00:38:02] So is it on Netflix or Amazon?

[00:38:05] So you think you can get like a 30 day trial then like just like watch it all and then and slowly subscribe to Thrive beer.

[00:38:12] And George, you recommend so mindmeld like a hot tip Helsinki about this when I listen to your previous ones, those I would you recommend. And then so like pretty much sums coming up.

[00:38:22] And everyone loves ice cream. So when I mentioned this to Carrie last, like, what are you talking about? Oh, Asians like love saving, right? And ice cream. Marlowe’s ice cream. So I used to work in an ice cream shop and I realized that like a single scoop of ice cream with like $4.

[00:38:36] And then what you when you buy like two scoops in a cup ends up being like $8 or something real expensive. So what you can do instead of say, for instance, I’m buying like a $4 ice cream and carried by another for $4 ice cream for it to equal $8. What you do is you get one cup and then you ordered two scoops of ice cream minute and then you buy a separate cup for like often they’re charged like 50 cents or something. So you end up paying $4 fifty for two cups of ice cream instead of paying like $8 for two scoops single.

[00:39:04] So again. So you think Angela’s masses? I think what he’s trying to do, what she’s trying to say is like two SKUs of ice cream is going to be cheaper than if you buy like a double scoop. It’s gonna be cheaper than if you just buy two singles. Okay. Because once the group is how much what Skip is like. Well, it depends on who you’re buying from obviously. I said yeah I said that she last time. It’s like I think I get what you mean. Sorry. Okay. Let me explain it like that.

[00:39:26] So you go to the ice cream shop and say, for instance, I want to buy an ice cream once group and Carrie wants landscape of ice cream instead of say hi. Can we get one scoop each? We say hi. Can I get two scoops in a cup and then can I buy? And then she’ll scoop it and then you like, can I purchase a separate cup? An empty cup? And then you get that scoop and you just put it in the other cup and you’ve got two scoops of ice cream and you save like three bucks while Asian hack. I know. And another thing, when you act like this is come from when I worked an ice cream shop, if I know it in my head that I’m gonna buy two scoops of ice cream. First she scoops the ice cream or hey, the person who scoops the ice cream scoops ice cream into the cup. And then you’re like, actually, wildlife officers. She’s put the ice cream in the cup. You say, okay, can I get a second scoop of ice cream and then you end up getting more.

[00:40:11] I regret this. Hydrophilic. Yeah. Phil, because when you when this group won a really big you ask with two straight away they make them smaller than they do you.

[00:40:21] Oh my God. You know, all those mass books I’m reading about this is like talking about someone in the book.

[00:40:25] I think that’s Angelina has that. Let’s ask shall be advised, fire escape.

[00:40:32] That’s such a great suggestion. I didn’t think of that dirty way I used to. I guess my hack for getting ask him is just that’s what, five samples?

[00:40:39] Because this is like, I hate people. Sorry, Max. Did you leave? Like, what I do is I get a chest try to flavor’s.

[00:40:50] I’m not I’m not going to get good exercise. What? I’m going to try to try this, but I’m not gonna get any better. I’ll get another flavour. Yeah, but actually in Asia. Right. You know how in this lot you have economy, right? You can. You have a rice. Right. And then you can pretty much pick your chimi a one video, whatever you want to pick. That’s where I you points I want that meets and you stare at it and you look at it for long gone and they keep going until you’re happy. And maybe it’s not even less if you go out this ring, this match with dirty night, just move on. Exactly. So that’s a great tip.

[00:41:19] Just keep Steria and they will be like comfortable. Yeah, but do you have a money-saving tip or do you have like something else? Well, any tip you like, you’re gonna get ice cream. Just get a whole tub like the top when you go to like a cold rock, whatever you like.

[00:41:38] Oh, that’s like $5. And you like think, oh, I could just go to like Woolworth’s and buy like a hot tub with Jeff recommendation.

[00:41:44] Carry on.

[00:41:45] So my recommendation similar to yours is like a podcast, but it’s like Gino VOCs explained a vox on Evoque. Yeah. Yeah. So they have a part of Eva. I’m not just the podcast series, but also a Netflix series as well where they just like it’s basically just their videos like on Facebook, but like more in kind of depth. I think it’s like a 40 minute kind of episode and they talk about like different things, like they were talking about like the water crisis. They’ll talk about the gender pay gap. They were talking about like like emotional intelligence, that kind of stuff, like whether like you can compare like animal intelligence to like human intelligence like this. They’re so different. And like every episode they’ll talk about, like the the female orgasm kind of thing. I was sitting there, I was watching it. I was like, I don’t know anything about this, but like it’s like, yeah, like I like you like so much like I was watching it and they were like the top cities have like to have a water crisis is like number two is like Melbourne.

[00:42:42] And I’m like, what a full out for me. Shit, but showers like that then back in the day. Yeah.

[00:42:50] Which which episode would you recommend to listen for us.

[00:42:55] Oh, I think the most interesting one was like they talk about the exclamation point and like, you just don’t think about it like much exclamation. Yeah, they call X mention point like X lynch mob and like the fact that like it’s overused in society nowadays, like.

[00:43:10] Right. I don’t know. That is my college Trump. That’s everything that I type LEMON district for.

[00:43:14] I’m so excited because I don’t even like I say like law. I’m with capital Al-Kharbit capital a capital L but behind like my screen, like my face is like like a lowercase.

[00:43:24] No, it’s not funny.

[00:43:26] Yeah. That’s like me with a type emails ’cause I use a lot of exclamation mark because I’d be like be like for example like hi Angela.

[00:43:33] She’s just thinking how are you today. Yeah.

[00:43:37] Well like they say, like the professionals like use it in their personal lives, but like in the media and stuff like it’s so overused that like just a normal dot point. Like like a forced full stop, like is more effective than just like an exclamation point. I think like you think you say all like so counterintuitive, but it kind of makes sense. Like more professional kind of brands have like a more dot point, like more like more minimalistic kind of feel like if you measure like Mercedes and like exclamation marks like this is like dot point is like a war zone.

[00:44:06] Yeah.

[00:44:08] What’s your recommendation? Okay. Coming from what Angela saying like a hot saving tip, right? Well, I normally do when I go into the shower. I’m much of the month through the second recommendation, but it’s a money away to save money overall. I guess for Michelle’s even less, actually.

[00:44:21] So what I do, my goal is to shower. Right. You know, you just watch your body with the shower. What the what what do I need? I turn off the water. Right. And I love the output of the shampoo, my hair shake, my body and Edgerrin stuff. That’s when it takes like a minute. So then I pretty much take like I’m in the shower for like five minutes, but the water I’m using is like a minute or less. I’m gonna save people as stingy.

[00:44:40] Not much. I’m so cold. But Kerry, you said that with the second highest drought in the world, it’s a good idea.

[00:44:49] But because I do go to LA time, I do it all the time now. I flush toilets. How much? I’m pretty much and I’m making it much anything back, to be honest.

[00:44:58] But you can just get like a hose that saves, like, you know, those efficient like taps that, you know, saves water. It spreads out more.

[00:45:05] Water is what it is like pouring down like this. I think I have one of those ones. But I just want to I don’t know when it comes to water. When I see people who brush my teeth and they leave the tap running while they’re behind, back hurts. My heart hurts so much, you know?

[00:45:19] You know you know, you should a recommended. Tom has this thing where we have to walk past a parking meter.

[00:45:24] He takes us to the parking meter for. And he’s actually he actually finds a lot of money.

[00:45:30] You know, there’s when you go by like metric tickets. Right. Or Yo, Mikey, which is like it’s a card where you get to top up your money so you can actually go on public transport. Yeah. So what we do is that every time I could go, Mikey, there is money inside. I mean, he wouldn’t take the change. So overall, like when I get back in uni days, I probably found it in like 30 bucks worth and change. So now whenever I will pass a parking meter, I put my fingers inside Gaza.

[00:45:52] I just put like, oh, 50, 50 cents. Oh, $2. Oh, a dollar. And I’ve collected so much that he does that in my house as well.

[00:45:58] Like, yeah, I take that.

[00:46:04] Why is the money leftover when you use your like he does when he just put it on the monkey.

[00:46:09] Because people did they change it when the exact amount maybe for like one shoe. You know, like you put in on the machine right there doing what you can to like $20 that he always does. No whole numbers. It’s only hole number. Yeah. So people who just once I don’t know what happens, they put money inside. The money just wasn’t and they didn’t realize that. That makes sense. But there is a lot of money inside, Mikey. There is isn’t he says she found a lot of money. I see my breasts. And every time when I see a parking meter, it spins around with if I’m with someone supercritical, just give me a second.

[00:46:35] I think maybe she is a bit embarrassed and I don’t know. I just got past. OK. There’s like another Cheadle’s inside. I sure I get it, but I can’t face it off. There’s the Asian culture we like.

[00:46:47] When you first move into a new house, you throw coins everywhere on the floor. Good luck. Yes, I am. Good luck. I don’t like it. Is it in your culture as well, other than maybe our province? And then like the first time I did, I was like, what the hell are you doing? Well, my grandma did that, too.

[00:47:02] I knew how she was throwing money over. I think it’s meant to spread good luck or good fortune.

[00:47:05] And then I just went around, picked them all up. Think the court is I mean, I’m not to that extent where I dive into a fountain and I pick up everyone’s wish I could never did. I just look inside. Oh, my God, there’s a lot of what I will do that oh, actually will put that past year. Charlotte’s half after closing hours. You see top line because we want to save money.

[00:47:30] You know, we’ve everything these days so expensive is the food is so expensive when you go and you buy an untrained domain.

[00:47:38] And I think like Asian food just tends to be cheaper than it is whenever I go out the brunch food. Right, I’m sitting there like my friends describe brownies, KALYDECO brunch and then I’m sitting down at the office, make it so hard on the Kalkilya not to cut avocado deals. 50. This is a carrot. It’s like 20 cents is like a piece of chicken. I give him calls for like thirty three dollars and then after a brunch I just feel so bad because of money that I spent half knees like those deconstructed brunch places where they literally have a toast.

[00:48:02] And in what I’ve seen photos of just like a half-court avocado and it’s not even cut up and so and deconstructed and a Foxworthy’s where it’s really like $2.50. It’s a very Melbourne thing. Yeah.

[00:48:13] I mean you say that, but until you go to the brunch time extra $5 for that smoked salmon poached egg at a time this week. So thank you so much for making this far into our show. Thank you, Carrie and Angie, for coming back on our show here and for having us. If you guys haven’t had that interview yet, please check that out, because that is such a funny, hilarious interview that goes behind the scenes. And check out all of our other interviews, too, as well. If you enjoyed this episode, please make sure you get to Apple. I choose. And while you’re there, there was a five star reviews. And while listeners can find us otherwise awesome, whatever podcast that they’re using. We love senior stories. Aware you are listening to us to make sure you tag us Instagram stories so we can see them. We’ll be back. It is on Tuesday and Thursday is next week. Bye bye. I’ll see you.

[00:49:14] This episode was produced with the help of what you want a long and Kelly-Anne.

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