JAGMAC on Radio Disney’s Next Big Thing & how they got ‘scammed’

JAGMAC on Radio Disney’s Next Big Thing & how they got ‘scammed’

HELLO and welcome to this week’s chat with LEMON.

Joining us on the show today are Alyssa and Angelique from the sibling band JAGMAC.

There’s 6 of them: Jared, Angelique, Gabriel, Manjo, Alyssa and CJ.

The group first came together to hold a special birthday performance for their dad and that’s when the idea struck for them to perform together.

From there, they went on to perform at their church before landing themselves on a national tour in the UK with mega pop group Little Mix.

They’re now been named as Radio Disney’s NEXT BIG THING, a title that Shawn Mendes and Camila Cabello has held.

In this chat, we cover a lot of things from being an Asian person in the entertainment industry to how the group was tricked in their early days.





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[00:00:00] How did you guys get scared? What do you mean by that?

[00:00:03] So, like, they were just overcharging us for, like, you know, simple things like for making like a website or for me even just up. What was it called?

[00:00:10] My losing my house at the time, my make it because we didn’t know at the time we were like out of it.

[00:00:17] Obviously, they put they put like fifty thousand pictures of one picture on the screen. I was like a you know. I don’t know what this is. I’m like ten, but this isn’t right. And they were like, pick us up in this limo. We want to eat this. This is. And yeah, it was so bad.

[00:00:33] They were a little little too goofy for us all in our music, all the places without even telling us just really sketchy things.

[00:00:49] Hello and welcome to this week’s conversation with LEMON. Joining us on the show today, Alison. Angelique from a sibling band, Jack Mack. We haven’t seen a family band in a while and dynamic kind of like the recognition of the Jackson 5, but the modern version.

[00:01:04] So they’re very cool and very hip and talk to them. We feel so uncool. But anyway, there’s six of them. Jared, Angelique, Gabey, out manager, Alyssa and C.J.. So you take the first letters of the name that creates Jack Mac and Jack Mac has come such a long way from performing in front of the dad to perform in a local church, to go on a national tour with a mega pop group, Little Mix. And now the group has been named is ready disease. Next big thing. It’s how do that show Mendez and Kimberly Kabila has held in his shirt? We come a lot from what it’s like being an Asian person in the entertainment industry to how the group was tricked in the early days. But Alyssa and Angelique tell their story. Here’s them.

[00:01:44] Hi, guys. How you going? Hey. Welcome to the show. Where are you guys calling from?

[00:01:51] So right now, at this moment, we’re actually calling from Orlando, Florida.

[00:01:55] They were here at Disney World.

[00:01:58] Oh, my God.

[00:01:58] The happiest place calling from Sherman for you all the way, Sidney.

[00:02:06] We’re probably about eight hours from peace LEMON. Right?

[00:02:12] We ask our guests the same question.

[00:02:14] So what are you watching or listening to that you can recommend to our listeners?

[00:02:18] That’s a great question. So this is a list, by the way, I listen to a lot. But recently I’ve been listening to a lot of, you know, Gary V podcast, a lot of comedy podcasts like Chris D’Elia. He’s like one of my favourite comedians right now. A little raunchy.

[00:02:39] Sexy. Are you a more of a comedian? Yes. Not true crime. Go because look, everyone listen to a podcast. Most listen to true crime. So you’re more of a comedy.

[00:02:49] I’ve never heard of true crime before. No. Yeah. So I you know, I just recently started getting into podcasts and it does. But they’re but they’re fun. But music wise. Good. My little brother loves podcasts. Our baby brother Aaron. Yeah. The Jay and JAG man. He loves Michael. But music wise. That’s a tough one because we honestly listen to everything. But I want to say, I’ve been listening to a lot of John Bellin. I’m a huge, huge fan gimble in his music. He’s so inspiring. And I honestly have his stuff on repeat all day, every day. So I can’t lie about that.

[00:03:26] And what about you, Angelique? What are you listening to?

[00:03:30] I feel like being in the music industry, you kind of have to be well-rounded with every type of music. But for me personally, what I listen to is like classic rock. You can ever go wrong with that. I love indie pop too. It just makes me feel good.

[00:03:46] Do you have any favourite, any singers or artists that you can recommend from indie pop or your along with Queen Bee?

[00:03:53] Oh, she ranges. No, no.

[00:03:58] She considers her own thing.

[00:04:01] Well, no, but I love Hayley Williams, so that’s why I get my inspiration from her more often.

[00:04:08] So that doesn’t get combined.

[00:04:10] Hayley William would be on stage. That’s what I try to be.

[00:04:14] Oh, I see. Would you ever kind of tell you, hey, I like Haley Williams in the future?

[00:04:19] I’m actually gonna go. Funny you say that. Purple’s so that you feel you and stuff with her hair. I’m always changing my hair.

[00:04:29] You didn’t. You have pink hair. Look at that. It looked like a bad music video.

[00:04:33] It was it was a wig.

[00:04:34] You’ll remember there’s a wig. Hopefully that wasn’t your. Because I can’t imagine dying a head like İcra.

[00:04:42] They just ripped it off. Meals, a owl.

[00:04:47] A lot of people who are listening don’t realize that you guys are actually siblings as sisters. So your grip, Jack Mack is consisting of all your siblings together, Kiran. What was that like being, you know, in a family member of six? What was it like growing up as a child?

[00:05:01] So we’ve been doing this for quite some time. But more recently, you know, you know, well, within the past three years, you know, we took it to another level was when we went on tour with with little mics in England, actually, a few years ago. How amazing. That was kind of like our kick off as a as a group. But growing up doing this together, you know, we come from a Filipino American household. So there’s always karaoke. You know, our grandparents are we call the hello. Our Lola or Lola are 99er. And that they they would always make us sing in front of their guests and stuff. So it was just it was always a long road. It was a here. So when we took it, you know, professionally, we just kind of like I was just kind of natural for us because it was. I do want to say it’s in our blood, but we were just already used to it. No, to the stage early on, I guess.

[00:05:53] Can I say that something about Filipinas, I’m sure it’s in the water, but every Filipino that I’ve met has a pair of amazing lungs that you guys can belt and shoes only condense or condense.

[00:06:06] Yeah. And if you have if you’re a Filipino, you have one of them.

[00:06:08] There’s something wrong with that or they become an amazing nurse.

[00:06:15] Got. They can still get the licence.

[00:06:21] That reminds me my friend J. He he can’t sing. He can’t dance. He became a nurse.

[00:06:26] Every dream. You can’t become a musician. They want you into the medical field.

[00:06:33] Yes. So I was growing up like with so many siblings and you know, so of different personalities as well.

[00:06:39] Absolutely. We’re all kind of different, but similar, you know, in our own ways. You know, we come from a very loving home, like our parents always supported us in our dreams. And so our dad actually has a martial arts school.

[00:06:51] Yeah. I mean, yeah, we do.

[00:06:54] We teach taekwondo. We all have our own. But our black votes, we’re also world champions and no Filipino stick fighting called a screamer. So really cool. We grew up doing music and martial arts at the same time.

[00:07:09] It’s a very cool thing, but we we watch, you know, we would watch Mortal Combat one day and then like, I don’t know, a Disney movie the next day, like, oh my God, yeah, we’re martial art teaches by day and then singers hangers after that afternoon. It’s so much fun because we incorporate that into our slots, too. And not a lot lot of people have seen that or done. Really? So when they see it, they’re like, whoa. Yeah. We’ll put it in. Don’t mess with the martial arts.

[00:07:38] That’s going to start because it’s like with me, my sister. Right, because we get into fights all the time. Imagine if you guys get into fights like you’ll be like a Jackie Chan movie, you know what I mean?

[00:07:48] You know, we joke, but we say that like, you know, when when one person has, like, their leftovers in the fridge, we don’t want the other person to eat it. And then one person does eat it.

[00:07:56] It turns out to like a company that is just like you all we do fight over who that’s like the main thing we fight about.

[00:08:06] So you guys grew up in Baltimore, right? So we’re from we’re from Ausra, so we don’t know what Baltimore’s like. Is it maybe like a multicultural city or is it what kind of community is Baltimore?

[00:08:18] Oh, I would say so, yeah, for sure. There’s you know, you have American, you have Hispanic, you have a lot of Filipinos are actually too African-American. All types. All types. Sure. I wouldn’t say it’s as diverse as maybe New York or something, but we’re about four hours away from from New York City. So if you can picture, you know, a little south, that’s where it work.

[00:08:40] So we we grew up in Baltimore, but we moved to the subtle like. Now we kind of live near D.C., Washington, D.C., but we’re like in the suburbs.

[00:08:51] We’re also near the water, which is really nice. So we didn’t grow up really in the city city. Yeah. We kind of grew up like near the water, which is nice.

[00:08:59] That’s where your parents originally from, like today migrate from the Philippines or where they were?

[00:09:06] We did. So our father came here with his family when he was six years old. I’m going to win this because. So when you came here to this country, you know, he was forced to speak English so that, you know, he could understand it. So he can’t speak Tagalog or the Filipino language to us, but he can understand it. So it’s not fair that we get or understand it. But I mean, like the whole story of coming here is like a movie. But because, like, our grandfather became a doctor. Right. So, like, he like, I don’t it’s it’s so cute. Lee might read it here first.

[00:09:38] And he, like, you know, got a job and started working on it at this hospital from the ground up, literally. And then, you know, made his way to the top. Brought his family over when they were young and then started a whole new life here. And we have, you know, them, too. You know, it’s so painful. I’m so grateful for, because, you know, my dad never came here. He would have never met my mom.

[00:09:57] And that it it you know, we would today meet your mom was at the hospital.

[00:10:02] So this is actually another story. And so my dad went to an all boys high school and my mom went to an all girls high school. And one day they the two schools merged and had a dance. And my dad saw my mom dancing.

[00:10:17] And she’s not the best dancer, but my dad is a dancer. So a lot of people who use a B-boy in the 80s and our mom was an opera singers are amazing.

[00:10:25] Yeah, I got it from a Rackley.

[00:10:28] But my dad saw our mom that night when she was 14 years old and he was like, oh, my gosh, I’m gonna marry that girl. And lo and behold, however many years later, they got married and had all of us.

[00:10:40] I know a lot of people know that your mom is Polish. Is that right? Yeah.

[00:10:44] She’s Polish. But she her family had. Here for a while, I think we’d never been to polling yet. We want to go so bad.

[00:10:50] So growing up was Phillipino or being Polish or American, which which culture visited the most with you guys?

[00:10:58] Yeah, definitely our Filipino culture. You know, our grandparents live not too far from us or on our dad’s side. So every Sunday or even certain days throughout the week, we’ll just go there and be with them and eat with them and sing with them and pray them, do all these things at them, you know?

[00:11:14] So we’re really, really close to our grandkids. Really? Yeah. Our grandparents are actually here in Florida because they’re ready to watch us perform tomorrow at Soheil Epcot.

[00:11:24] They’re so supportive of you guys.

[00:11:26] Oh, yes. Our families, the Buffet Filipinos will support you. They’re just. Oh, no, no. Like it’s just something about them once they know that you’re Filipino.

[00:11:35] Let us not make war by someone like on the stream like you Filipino. And then you automatically have a connection. Yeah. And then they’ll eat in their house and say somehow we’re just related. No, come with us. Well, we’ll make some rice. But they’re so generous Filipinos. Is this. I feel like just like the Asian community. Community is just so welcome. And I love that. Very welcoming, guys.

[00:11:58] I really want to know. Whose idea was it to form this band like sibling band? Because there’s no not many sibling bands these days. I really want to know. How did you guys get the idea to form this band together?

[00:12:11] Ok. So in all honesty, you know, when, you know, my brother and I grew up in the 90s.

[00:12:16] So the only bands are out there like, you know, catch you boys and sing spice for em. Our older brother was like, hey, guys, you know, we have a surprise birthday party for our dad. Let’s come together. You know, I’m going to write a song and I’m going to teach you guys some dance moves. We’re gonna we’re going to perform in front of our dad. We’re like, OK. So basically, he was like, I’m I’m forming my own band right now because I can’t be in a band. So with my friends, why not just do with my siblings? So we did it. We performed in front of our dad and our dad was so shook that he was like, you guys should actually do this for real. And so from then on, like after that night, he was he was calling up, you know, friends or whoever could help us. And from then on, we wrote our first E.P., you know, started recording. And it just never stopped from that point for you.

[00:13:04] So what was the song that you guys performed for your dad?

[00:13:08] Oh, it’s a really, really old song. It’s like, yeah, it’s not I don’t think it’s out there anymore. You can try to find it. I feel like it’s out there. Someone has it. But I did bring it back. So honestly, my brother was. Well, when he’s when we all started.

[00:13:26] So I was hearing less and literally. Our youngest brother, he was coming to like walk properly was like three or four, honestly.

[00:13:32] He’s Michael Jackson. He’s living with Michael Jackson. Yeah.

[00:13:37] So this all started when you guys pretty much were in high school. Or was it a lot more offto like professionally?

[00:13:43] Professionally. Yes. After after high. Well, for some of us.

[00:13:47] So my brother and I see Jay and I were in college by then. I think the rest of them are still in high school at the time.

[00:13:52] But we’re home schooled so we. Yeah. It it it worked on our favourite because really, man, we really want to go to regular school and just like experience it. But, you know, like with regular school, like you have to it didn’t have to have like your homework and everything like you. Like a lot of work to do. Like when you leave with home schooling, you can if you can travel and do your work. So we do like car schooling, plain schooling and all that. But it really, you know, it worked out.

[00:14:22] So we focus through like now you guys are performing at Disney. You guys are performing with little mics as well. How did it get from performing front of your dad to signing a label or getting a record deal with a UK label?

[00:14:37] Ok. So how that came about? So we had been doing music on our own. Not really with any will anyone’s help.

[00:14:43] My parents were kind of our managers at the time. And honestly, we were at the point where we were kind of spent financially and we were like, I just don’t know how much longer we can do this for. You know, the kids are missing a lot of school, not missing school, but like missing out on school opportunities and relationships and all that. Yeah. So. Right. You know, it was it was I think it was 2013. We had met our for our investor, which eventually became our are label. And he was just a godsend at the time because he he truly believed in us and was like, I’m gonna take you guys to the next level. And surely he did. And, you know, from then on, you know, he introduced us to our managers over in the UK. And then now now we’re with a new label called Unitards Entertainment. And, you know, it’s just been we’re just so blessed to have him, you know, on our team, buddy.

[00:15:36] It was the time. And we felt like giving up was like, you know what? This is great.

[00:15:40] We’re going to go to the Philippines g.d, you shodan and come back and just, you know, live our life the way we want. Like. Normal life. Right. And then the next day, my dad got a call and that was our investor, right? Hey, I’m in the entertainment business. My dad hung up.

[00:15:57] We’re done.

[00:15:58] Like we’ve got to say, we got screwed so many times. But he’s just crazy. Like the time when you feel like you’re giving up.

[00:16:05] Giving up is like the time when you need to keep pushing the most.

[00:16:07] No, I just wanted to get back a bit because you guys mentioned that you were spending a lot of money like you’re almost trained out of money. Was it from all the recording or was from travelling?

[00:16:17] Why? It was for everything coming. There’s eight people in our family. So to just even, you know, drive up to New York or something and stay overnight, you know, gets a little pricey with hotels and gas and food. We eat a lot, by the way.

[00:16:31] A big appetite is not that. That was how the we we had we had people who were, you know, scant scam artists and like you asked for. Yeah. Like dummy up in a little mall. You were so naive at the time. So. And we would just listen to anyone, you know.

[00:16:46] How did how did you guys go? How did you guys get scared? What do you mean by that?

[00:16:51] So, like, they were just overcharging us for, like, you know, simple things like for making like a website or for me even just up. What was it called?

[00:16:59] I was at my house at the time for make it because we didn’t know what time we were like out of it.

[00:17:06] Obviously, they put they put like 50000 thousand pictures of one picture on the screen. I don’t know what this is. I’m like 10, but this isn’t right. But it’s more like they were like, pick us up in this limo. We want to eat. This is this. Yeah. It was so bad.

[00:17:21] They were a little a little too goofy for us all in our music places without even telling us just really sketchy things. But.

[00:17:29] So how did you guys begin your career from obviously performing at church as well. Right. But you also we also posting on MySpace as well. Is that where it kind of like began in the early days?

[00:17:42] Well, we grew up definitely singing in a church for sure. Our grandmother and our mom all were part of the church choir. And, you know, once we were able to like, you know, do it, like at the age of twelve, they were like, oh, you guys should sing with us. So we did. But I wouldn’t say that we got our first start on MySpace. I mean, we had one just because you had to have them back then. But it really launch there. I would say I would say our biggest thing. So once we signed with our first label back and doesn’t 50 years of fourteen, fifteen or something. We were doing a lot of stuff in the U.K. so we were doing school tours and then we got the big U.K. tour with little mics and that kind of like launched everything for us.

[00:18:26] And how did you guys get that tour with little mix was a little mix managers like Approach 6 where you guys performed some and then approached you guys.

[00:18:34] It’s a great question. I. I can’t remember.

[00:18:37] I think someone backed out that last second.

[00:18:39] And I guess someone saw one of our one of our team members knew the person in charge. Like maybe one of their agents or something. And, you know, they were contacted and said, hey, do you have any opening act? You know, this group just back out. So we were really lucky.

[00:18:53] We got to perform with Nathan Sykes as well. He’s a super talented, but we miss our UK family over there. We haven’t been back since 2016. 1769. I don’t remember. It’s been a while.

[00:19:07] So you like we want to pay your flight to just come back or like, oh, my gosh.

[00:19:13] Definitely. But hear your story. You know, you like you wanted to get into the music industry and the point that you bring where you want to give up. Door opens And now it’s to make someone backed out. And then another blessing came. It sounds like, you know, your spiritual I guess your spiritual guide is quite strong.

[00:19:30] With a look. Wow.

[00:19:36] Well, that’s basically like the reason why we’re still in this. You know, like we just we really believe, like, this is like our calling because I mean, that’s like the reason why we’re still even doing this, because it’s mainly also because of our Jack Mack family shadow to a Jack Mac.

[00:19:57] It’s crazy. Like you just see these messages and they’re like, you know what, I stop that’s up self-harming myself because of your guys’s music and what you bring, you know?

[00:20:08] And like, it’s just crazy what we can do.

[00:20:11] And it’s just like maybe a the power of music in general is just it’s it’s so powerful and it just puts you on a different frequency. And I truly believe that, you know, you can really inspire just even just one person through through your lyrics or through whatever your message is. And it’s such a huge platform.

[00:20:29] So what our faith has kept us knowing for sure that just going in and the support of our family.

[00:20:36] Yeah, the combination of everything. Yeah.

[00:20:40] Has there been a point in your career, I guess, where your faith has been a bit compromise Blanchett.

[00:20:47] Yeah. Any time you have a real setback, you’re kind of just like God, you know. Why did you allow this to happen? Like, I thought this is what you wanted from us. But I wouldn’t say we would compromise our faith. I think it you know, you make you question it a little bit, but then you kind of just have to, like, throw it up and throw up your hands and you feel like, God, you’re you know, you’re in control, not me. You know, you close one door, hopefully another one opens.

[00:21:08] I feel like, yeah. Also, in the time of waiting, God’s really testing us. He’s like, are you still going to serve me even if this thing doesn’t work out?

[00:21:18] You know, like I feel like that’s a time when our faith is being really tested because, you know, being in the music industry, things always change constantly. And like, you know, you can’t really believe stuff until you’re there in that moment. But I feel like I wouldn’t say compromise, but I feel like for me personally, I feel like it makes my faith stronger because then I know that that happened for a reason.

[00:21:39] And he has something better, you know, in store for us.

[00:21:43] But absolutely, 100 percent. And being in the entertainment industry, you meet people like minded like you. So for all of us, I feel like we’ve came across like a few people.

[00:21:54] Christian, it’s crazy to see that because they point out, like you have that like this generation needs it, you know, but it’s crazy when you need someone with the same energy, energy and mindset and goal as you too.

[00:22:07] Yeah. So it’s it’s crazy to come across as people. It’s not common. But you do find the ones that, you know, understand on a deeper level and then to stick around with those. Yes.

[00:22:19] It’s like God is opening so many doors. He even opens the door to be named as Radio Disney’s Next Big Thing.

[00:22:26] Ok. So a year before we were named Real Gays, let’s think we all were watching the radio Disney Music Awards. Right. And I’m you know, this is the time or like doing and then Gabriel Nine, which is the G and JAG macaco. We were watching it on one. We just loved each other. He told me we’re like, we’re gonna be there next year. We’re gonna be there. And I was just like, okay, like next year. And we were there with MBT. So when we got that call, we were just like we were what we were so shocked at.

[00:22:59] How crazy, how it like something happens in a time when you least expect it to happen. It was insane. Like we all were crying, you know, because it was never my kids like my dad. Remember, my daddy was like when we were younger, he would go to these people at Disney like, please check on my kids. Like they’re singers are like, yeah, I got a green bag. You have to grind.

[00:23:19] And now we’re staying at like and then, you know, for Disney to have chosen us was just such a huge honour because, you know, the previous NBA teams were like, you know, Sean Mendez. We’re like, are we even worthy enough? And, you know, you know, lo and behold, like, they you know, they truly accepted us into the real Disney family. And we’re so grateful for them. I mean, that’s the reason we’re here right now.

[00:23:41] That’s crazy. So he calls who like actually. Cause it was your manager that told you that was our manager.

[00:23:47] Yep.

[00:23:48] So what did he say? He was like, hey, guys, I’m ready. And this is cool. And I want to name you as the next big thing is that like you said it was.

[00:23:55] He goes he said other we get this. You go. What do. What is J-Mac? You know, Alessio Carra, Camelia, Kobe or whatever have all have in common with the law because I know you guys are all over MBT and we’re like, what does that mean? We’re there every day.

[00:24:17] You wasn’t.

[00:24:18] So it was it was a dream come true. We got to do so many amazing opera performances with them. You know, last year was just like, we’re on cloud nine.

[00:24:27] How how how many of you guys teared up after hearing that news? Did the guys cry as well?

[00:24:33] Wow. You think they all were too scared to show their emotion lately? We finally got our dad cried.

[00:24:41] You know why? Because it just makes you like it. Just it’s crazy how. Oh, mazing God is because the key hears he hears your prayers, he hears your cries.

[00:24:52] You just like you just like I just got you.

[00:24:54] He’s talking in his time.

[00:24:58] And it’s just I love Disney so much. So like and I’ve always wanted to just be a part of it somehow. And so just like being on that platform, like, oh, my gosh. Like sometimes I even for.

[00:25:10] Yeah. We forget, you know.

[00:25:12] When you’re in it, you know, get back and like, you know what is so Disney doesn’t get enough credit because all of these artists like Selena Gomez, Demi Lovato, Miley Cyrus got beat, they all stars of them. So like Shadow is me. I will be a Disney fan for life.

[00:25:29] I got to do that special kind of Mickey Mouse. One thing is to be like, you’re watching Disney.

[00:25:33] I mean, we didn’t have the one we were on. Well, we know what they did features on the Disney Channel.

[00:25:41] So that was really, really cool job to them.

[00:25:43] They support us when no one did. So I am going to start I’m just here at Disney. So like, this is crazy. Like, I just eat a really good panini.

[00:25:54] I was like, why is it so different from the rest? Because they proved what they made it with love.

[00:26:00] That’s coming up next on LEMON, Alison. Angelique tells us what it’s like being an Asian artist in industry and how Radio Disney has supported the career. But first, here’s a word from today’s sponsor.

[00:26:19] What kind of. What kind of support do you get from from Disney after being features and expecting? Because I know that they they blasted music on all the radio stations. But what kind of other support do they give you in terms of like elevating your career today?

[00:26:33] How does performing at crazy venue? So last year we got to open up for what was it? It was like the national baseball o ornament, the all star game we got to do. Gosh, they’re so glad to do a surfing competition. There are so many from supercross also pro like they will always be like, you know what?

[00:26:56] Like we want the next song with the next one. The next one. Yeah. To like we want you guys to succeed. And Deanna from Disney, that’s kind of crazy.

[00:27:04] Well what did they ask back in return.

[00:27:06] This isn’t just like, oh what what am I doing?

[00:27:12] I don’t know. I guess just to. I don’t know. We we we we’ve established, you know, a really great relationship with, you know, the people from Radio Disney. So like every time, you know, hanging out with them, like even after like work is over or after new interview’s over, like, hey, let’s go hang out after this. And like, you know, because they’re our age, so they get it.

[00:27:30] And it sounds like they I guess because there’s no kind of big Asian artists, I guess, in the American entertainment industry, you guys could be like the next big Asian thing to kind of launch everybody. I guess all of us in there. So I guess they kind of see that as well.

[00:27:44] Thank you. Yeah, that would be a. That would be amazing because, you know, I mean, I know that her on the artist, her she’s half Filipino and her mom. And yeah. She has the time to write.

[00:27:56] Yes. Yes.

[00:27:58] Yeah. I feel like slowly but surely Asians are starting to make their peak because K-pop is like, oh, so growing up.

[00:28:09] Did you guys ever wanted to be the face of, you know, Asian people in mainstream media? Was it ever occur to you guys that you guys could actually do that?

[00:28:19] You know, I mean, sky’s the limit. Like, I think when we were younger, we just kind of wanted to make music and just perform. But now, you know, doing other things and doing TV. We were also featured on a TV show with Zach Galifianakis. Zach Galifianakis called Baskets. And they were actually looking for Asian-American singers who were like, oh, perfect. So we got we got to star in that for a few episodes or not. So sorry, one episode. But it was it was really nice. Yeah.

[00:28:46] So if the opportunity cost for us, you know, that’s totally I’d be so mad like we want to be like X Asian Jackson 5.

[00:28:55] Yeah.

[00:28:56] I’d be. Yeah. I realize it won’t be long.

[00:29:01] Yeah. Oh yes. People forget that.

[00:29:04] I don’t forget that he gets it.

[00:29:07] Do you know why. It’s because he’s he’s made so big that we realize that Asian artist is an Asian. People can make it that big on a global scale. So when one of us actually makes it, we forget that the Asian we’re capable.

[00:29:24] So early. You guys mentioned that, you know, right before you guys were going to quit the musical together, you were like, okay, let’s go to the Philippines and do a few shows. Where has it ever occurred to you guys to look?

[00:29:37] Why did you guys want to pursue a career in the U.S. rather than the Philippine? Because most most people we talk to, they go back to their home countries and pursue some beer because they feel like there’s no opportunity for them in America. In Australia, which is more Western.

[00:29:52] I’m not gonna be asking you. It’s really, really tough to break in the US. Very, very hard.

[00:29:57] But I think it’s opposite. People like American people go. Yeah, I know. UK, British you. Yeah. Well, yeah, but you know what? We’re actually really so we’re dual citizens of the.

[00:30:11] So be on like a U.S. citizen and a Philippine citizen. So what we’re trying to do is we’re now we’re trying to like tap back into the Philippines because now we can stay there for a long time. Yeah.

[00:30:21] Well, yeah, I mean I mean we we we so yeah we did a couple of shows in the Philippines but we couldn’t get to stay there long enough to really break over there. And so you know, we work since we were here, we’re like we might as well just, you know, keep pushing here and do so. Last year we actually did a US tour with the a boy band called In Real Life. They they were on a TV show that called Boy Bands and they were the ones that won. And so we did a US national tour with them, which really kind of put us on the map to the US fan here. So before that, we were kind of just doing some shows like on the East Coast. But now, you know, after doing that nationwide tour, now we have fans all over the US. So I see I think we’re starting to grow for sure here. But that’s not to say we’re not gonna go back to the UK, go back to the Philippines. You know, travel everywhere as much as possible to, you know, to become like worldwide.

[00:31:11] I want to say, what do you think is the hardest part about breaking into the entertainment industry in the US as an. Asian artists.

[00:31:21] I think just for anyone in general, you just have to be persistent. And I think people there’s a there’s a point, you know, and just anyone’s life for you. Like, how much longer can I keep going like before? Because I’m about to be twenty seven, you know, and I’m a woman, too. So it’s like, you know, I want to get married or have kids. You know, it’s thing I have to say. So focus on what I want in my career. And it’s it’s I can’t back down now like I’m in it too deep to just be like, yo, you know, it’s so easy to just give up and it’s all so easy to go back to school and just get a nine to five job and then you’re gonna be questioning yourself like exactly what I really, you know, like that.

[00:31:55] You didn’t push that much like.

[00:31:56] Yeah. So I would say persistence is the really is really the hardest part about the whole thing. And if you, you know, surround yourself with people who share goals with you and, you know, you have a good head on your shoulders and you’re not you know, you remain humble. I think that’s, you know, one of the most important things for sure.

[00:32:15] But I feel like it’s hard for musicians now just in general, because like everyone, labels don’t look at that. They look at numbers. So it’s not about talent. It’s just about how many numbers you have. So like, where are the real singers at? Where are the real musicians? You know, and that’s the that’s like one of the main things that musicians just in general like. They feel that like they know the struggle because it’s hard, you know, getting followers. But that’s like all that matters. You know, I’m not the one you like. Oh, you guys are perfect for this. Like, you guys are the full package, but they’re like, you know, lower your numbers, but your numbers weren’t out.

[00:32:47] The tape that’s going like buy followers. You know, we’re not gonna get to that.

[00:32:53] Yeah.

[00:32:53] I’m like also like we like our sound. We like we want our sound to be generous and arrested. We don’t want to sing what everyone else is saying. Like, no. Like, we can sing about that. It’s so easy.

[00:33:04] But it’s like we we write out all of our own stuff. So this is really hard for us to, like, get a song from somebody and be like, okay, sing that. Really, you know, we’re artists like we want to be able to get in there and create. We worked on the writing side and the production side. So on a jag. Maksoud Yeah.

[00:33:19] And it’s interesting that you mentioned that, you know, you’re evolving to a woman as well. And there’s always, I guess, that stigma, especially in the Hollywood series that, you know, especially with women, the older you get, it’s harder for you to break through because it’s kind of like a ticking time bomb.

[00:33:33] I guess we have to say that I was.

[00:33:36] And my feeling I was watching one of your covers, actually. You did that. Christina Aguilera cover every Nerdist that you did have a ring as well. So was there like a pressure to you know, I mean, when you guys travel, is it hard to maintain a relationship as well as when you do get older, pushing to your 30s as well? Is it something that’s I guess, that comes to mind set? Should I be doing this for a little bit longer? I want to settle down.

[00:33:57] It’s always. Oh, my gosh. Yeah. Uh-Huh. Like you said, perfect, perfect example. I do have a ring, but that’s not I’m not engaged.

[00:34:06] I just I just love rings, but I’ve lost some time. Is that engagement rings?

[00:34:12] I don’t know much about whether ring goes, but is that something? No, no, I do.

[00:34:17] I do keep it on the ring finger, but I do have a boyfriend and he’s actually also in the music industry. So it’s great because he understands, you know, where I’m at and where he’s at. And, you know, we can both do it together. And, you know, you don’t I don’t feel pressured, you know, get married and start a family. Like, you know, we know we understand the pace of each other’s careers and everything. And you just have to be patient.

[00:34:41] I feel like, well, this is Anderlecht speaking and I’m single.

[00:34:48] I feel like raw meat. Look, she’s OK. Like she’s chillin. What do you mean? I feel like for me, it’s hard because you either have to find someone that will be with you through thick and thin.

[00:35:00] And that’s why, to be honest. That’s why I don’t really have friends because, you know, does a girlfriend. I mean, like in general, because they don’t understand my lifestyle. You know, like I can’t always be there for them. And like, you know, like if you’re like in the army, you have to go when they tell you to go. You know? But I feel like they’re like, oh, you can’t be there for me for this. Like, you don’t have like a regular relationship. Like you can’t hang out with us, like you’re always leaving.

[00:35:27] It’s as if that person who you’re with has to understand your lifestyle. And, you know, I’ve had, you know, relationships in the past where they just don’t get it. And, you know, you have to move on from. For people like that, because they’re going to drag you down, but, you know, prevent you from reaching your goals. And so you just have to make sure that whoever is with you really, truly has to understand your lifestyle and has to be okay with it not being gone for a certain amount of time.

[00:35:50] And I feel like it’s like you.

[00:35:53] People, people also, they assume they see all the glamour stuff that happens like all she’s made. She’s fine. They don’t know the hard work we’ve put into it. You know, like the sleep, sleepless nights, like the preparation, preparation, the things I had to give up, like going to regular school. I never went to my own prom. I never had that, you know. So it’s like, don’t compare my life, you know, to yours, because, like, your life is amazing, too.

[00:36:18] So there’s six of you guys. And you guys are all kind of similar ages as with your brothers. Do you feel like you feel the same pressures? You know, working in the industry or do you feel like they kind of have less pressure because they I guess like being a male in industry, you have more privilege and more have it easier.

[00:36:39] I wouldn’t say that, especially nowadays, you know, with the rise of like, you know, women kind of like taking a stand and, you know, being that taking on that leadership role, I would say, you know, that, you know, being in a group like that and being siblings, not one outshines each. You know what I love? That’s you know, that’s what’s great about our sibling dynamic is that, you know, we all have our own strengths and our own different weaknesses. But we all you know, we all have a different colour to ourselves, but we’re all together and not one is thing about the other. And so I wouldn’t say it’s OK. It’s harder for the girls or harder for the boys because we all know, right? Yeah, because we’re all kind of one entity.

[00:37:20] I want the boys do help a lot because a lot of the girls like the boys, you know, get the numbers to help it.

[00:37:28] Yeah, that man love the boys, especially Jerry. He’s got the dimple. Nanjo has the long hair. So all the girls love that.

[00:37:37] Most people in the past, you know, like producers in the possible. You know, I think the girls just beyond this and then the boys are just like sitting down, you know, we’re not going to do that. We’re family.

[00:37:48] So, yeah. So like being in the studio and stuff, it was hard in the past. You know, Angelique and I had a lot of the the the the leading roles I’m eating out anyway.

[00:38:00] But nowadays, nowadays we all write together and we all have our own parts. And like, I wanted to make sure that that was a real thing because I didn’t want, you know, to be above my brothers or to be above my sister like I wanted all of us to share in that light, I guess.

[00:38:15] Yeah, it’s really good because I when I’m doing podcasting, I work with my sister as well. We have a little bit of a little business together. So we always. Yes, we always work together, but we always fight over the most silliest thing.

[00:38:31] Trust me, we fight. A lot of people think like we’re like, oh, you’re like, we’re so nice because we’re doing this as a group. No, no, I’m fine.

[00:38:39] I’m just like the bloom of other than food. What do you guys fight about?

[00:38:45] The boys fight about girls.

[00:38:49] You laugh, but it’s true. Because Gabriel Maxwell no, Gabriel has a girlfriend in the past. In the past, Gabriel and Mando, the two middle boys, they would always buy t.j.’s married. So he’s out of the picture, not out of the dating picture.

[00:39:03] But I feel like we fight also about like maybe we fight about clothes to late so we all know what what to wear.

[00:39:13] The boys, I love them. So I don’t have this. Like we’ll just find something even we played about every year. Just like little little fights.

[00:39:19] Nothing serious. Noble. When it does get serious, like it gets them. Oh, my parents at the set. You’ll calm yourself. Unless you like. Know what we’ll have like our own trigger word. Words. So like Gabriel hates it when you say shut up to him. I don’t know why he hates it. And you just like like Tom Bradley. You think so?

[00:39:38] That’s. You have nothing else to say but that. You know, he’s a.

[00:39:41] Use your words. I don’t know. But we do fight it. No, you do. It’s. Yeah. It’s just. No, it’s not.

[00:39:48] I mean, you guys work together. You guys create magic. Like, congratulations on your release of your new song. What’s Right with Me. Thank you so much.

[00:39:57] Yeah, it’s such a powerful anthem about bullying. And I love that you’re choosing such an important issue in today’s science. Kind of bringing bring awareness to what, I guess. Did you pick this issue to kind of champion it because of your own personal experience?

[00:40:10] Oh, yeah. I mean, so we write it came to our attention. It was brought to our attention from our label that, you know, the month of October was anti-bullying month. And we’re like, oh, yeah, that’s right. We have this song, What’s Right with me? Let’s, you know, let’s push that and, you know, talk about that. So growing up, we were homeschooled. So we were kind of surrounded by each other. But I wouldn’t say we were bullied in the home like that. But definitely, you know, bullies are always out there avoiding the bully. We were bullied a lot like a cyber bullying, another bully. We all got bullying. Major was bullied by small. I’m like, give me your money. Yeah.

[00:40:49] When you lose a good, you can use a girl.

[00:40:52] What the heck? Well, to be honest, people. Yeah, we get bullied a lot. Like people would they call me? Like, what else would they say to me? Because I cut my hair a lot. And like, if I forgot to move, they’re like, oh, of course you forgot. They’re like, you dyed your hair too much, you know?

[00:41:06] That was one of the reasons why I stopped dyeing my hair because I was just so bosu. I’m getting mono because they all said this my to tell you. Listen.

[00:41:17] I think students from our school, because they always saw me with like blond hair and like of the blonde, you know.

[00:41:23] And I was just like, you know what?

[00:41:25] I’m going to say it, but shut up and put sugar, which. No, but I kind of stopped by my hair after a little bit. To be honest. The main thing is like for for us, I feel like it’s cyber bullying because they’re too afraid to say in your face. Yeah.

[00:41:41] There’s some that are ruthless on the Internet. I’m just like, obviously, Twitter needs to work for, my gosh, they like come in games on Twitter.

[00:41:50] So it means a lot more for us. SENO singing What’s wrong with me? Because you really you’re singing something that you wrote. I’d have to believe it. You have to believe it. So when when I made that video, I’m not sure if you guys saw it on our Instagram on that video of me with the awareness.

[00:42:05] Yes. Yep. The running. Yeah.

[00:42:07] Those words aren’t necessarily from what people said to me, but words that I’ve told myself, because the biggest bully you can be is yourself. Yeah. You know, you have to be able to overcome those things until when? When I was, you know, taking off like on my makeup itself or taking out the words angelakos goes, you should really take off all your makeup. I know I’m gone. I’m not gonna let you go. Why? You have to really believe it. You have to really, truly, you know, love who you are going to skin that you’re in. I was just like saying, you’re right. You walk the walk. I got a clock. That’s OK. I got to walk the up. And so just as you know, without me go, what are you saying? No, but I just wanted to prove a point. You know, they like really I you you have to if you’re gonna be if you’re gonna do something like that, you know, go all the way and don’t be afraid or ashamed. And I wasn’t. And so I wanted to prove the point. And I want girls, you know, especially girls nowadays because makeup. Yo, let me take some I don’t know, girls ages anymore. Like you could be twelve and you look like you’re size with the power of make.

[00:43:08] When I was growing up, I didn’t know how to do that.

[00:43:10] I mean, I didn’t have the Internet so easily accessible like that, but still like it’s crazy what makeup can do. And not that, you know, it’s a good thing or a bad thing. But, you know, for women, especially because, you know, we’re all no one challenge. You know, you have to look like this. You have to look at general.

[00:43:25] You’re like a certain way to do the eyebrows on fleek, you know, like all good. But it’s just like at the end of the day, you have to take them, make a bot. Now you wake up with that face every day. So you better love that. You better own it because God at me, like they excel.

[00:43:44] Sometimes, like I also I wake up, I’m just sick all day. Like, what happened? He took a short time on me.

[00:43:51] No, but I have the right to practice what I preach to.

[00:43:57] Because I’m still learning as I go. Yeah. Because I will like I can motivate these girls. But sometimes, like, I need to motivate myself to and practice what I preach. You know, like I have to love the skin. And and it’s hard. But but when you hear like the fans come back at you and they’re inspiring you, it’s just like, wow.

[00:44:16] Like they think they don’t do anything for us, but they do as a mentor, you know, and it’s just we’re so grateful for that. And yeah, well, I love that you guys. You know, you guys mentioned that your fans, despite you like a low every day, three main reasons why we’re still doing this. Yeah.

[00:44:35] You know, and they and those messages are they keep going, keep pushing. It’s just oh so we like to call them my JAG Max.

[00:44:42] And because we don’t like to see them as fans, you know, love them and make them but. Oh my goodness. And you just hear their stories. And I was telling you like especially. Yeah. You this what’s wrong with me. Challen, what’s going on in our social media? You know, it’s really challenging girls to or just anyone in general to see really the good in them and have to acknowledge that because it’s so easy for all of us to pick out all the things that you don’t like about yourself. You know, it’s so easy. Like, I give you a list right now about me. But, you know, once you sit there and you really find and truly accept and believe that, you know, you love yourself in this, are those areas like you? It’s great that we’re seeing our fans and girls, you know, talk about it and express it in like sharing it with other other people. It’s such a beautiful thing. And it’s cool to talk, you know? You know, it’s cool to see that we kind of started it when honour. That honour. It truly is an honour.

[00:45:37] Definitely. It’s like you guys are the kind of the champion and the troll places of, you know, showing compassion, so much love. And even from myself.

[00:45:45] And through that, we’re sitting here, we feel so inspired as well as I do it to me. It’s like a great interview. You guys are. When you go down in Melbourne, we have to catch we have to catch show how we have to be energy. You need to talk to you before fun like they’re even more fun.

[00:46:05] But before we head off, we do have some wrap up questions for you guys that we didn’t asking her. Yes. What is one thing that you guys have to do every day, no matter no matter how busy you guys are?

[00:46:15] You know, I think one thing is we only eat together as a family. We need to find a way to eat to others. Family.

[00:46:22] Yeah. Our dad made that, you know, like a rule in our house that, you know, no matter what everyone’s busy schedules are like, we should all sit down and let’s have dinner together. So. So you can talk about, you know, your your happiness or sadness like anything at the table. And I think that’s really important for communication as a family and to be able to express, you know, what’s going on with your life are down really implemented? Yeah. But individually, like, I can’t go to sleep without, like, making sure I’m clean outside clothes on the bed. Yes. We got. Yeah. Just making sure, you know, clean on the outside but also like making sure I, you know, like wake up in the morning and like pray like if I don’t pray or don’t meditate in the morning, like my whole day is off, I can lock the kitchen in your closet anymore. All right. Well, Hockings, I used to love coffee to the point where my body was addicted to it and I was like, once I couldn’t have coffee, like I would get serious headaches. And I was like, OK, this is bad. This is where I actually need to cut it out of my life. And I did. And I actually feel great in the morning and I’m able to wake up with energy is the weirdest thing. But like I’m such an advocate about it now because like, I was able to do it and overcome it when I didn’t think I wouldn’t be able to be so. And I don’t think of any anywhere be I am sure that I pray when I meditate and I have that quiet time to, like, reflect on like how I’m going to start my day and like, keep the day going. It’s hard, but, you know, gotta try.

[00:47:51] What about you, Angelique? What’s one thing that you have to do?

[00:47:55] I have to eat.

[00:47:56] Yes, I have a good meal. Yeah. And if.

[00:48:02] If she doesn’t. Oh, she gets. Hang right. You will ever meet. Well she steps up. Whatever. Yeah. Yeah.

[00:48:12] But I do know what I’m like on this new thing. I sound like a hippie but call me happy. Well no. Like I like to do well.

[00:48:23] You’ll go. Oh, they’re on their way.

[00:48:28] Blakely. I got it. Hellblazer any. Oh, my.

[00:48:33] I like what I’m on. I like this morning routine. Yeah. You know what I mean? Yeah. Like eating would be a good one. I mean, coffee is always great. Also, I can’t I can’t go a day without listening to music.

[00:48:49] True. Yes. Music. Something’s wrong with me. I must be really, really depressed if I’m not listening to music all the time and I’m in the shower in the car. You know, work it, you know, work you out. I always have music on.

[00:49:03] What’s something you guys like to do every day?

[00:49:06] I. Sorry.

[00:49:09] I really like coffee. Coffee? No, don’t.

[00:49:12] Sorry. Look, I hate to do that for your job, you know? Sometimes you just gotta do it gives you that boost, you know?

[00:49:19] Yeah. I tried to quit coffee this week. I lost one day. I’m like not able to think hard.

[00:49:26] No, but I feel like we’re doing it wrong because we’re doing it like at five and like, you’re up, you know, like all night.

[00:49:32] So we may be drink in the morning, in the morning, but in the morning I had too much coffee. OK. Yeah. I mean, I was having like two cups a day.

[00:49:42] It’s interesting enough cause it’s like a few weeks he gets super hungry. He doesn’t eat. And I’m like, oh, I’m like, Alyssa. I I have to pray before I go to bed. Before I sleep.

[00:49:53] I actually forgot about that. No, I feel terrible. You’ll eat it up. Well, forget before I go to bed. To be honest, it’s bad. But we all knew. Yeah. Time is hard.

[00:50:05] Rain law falling asleep. You know, you end your night with that thinking.

[00:50:10] Do you guys have any guilty pleasures like any trashy TV like you like to indulge in all day?

[00:50:17] I was watching the show for a while called The Sinner. And it’s not really about the sinner like I they just made they just created that title to, like, lure you in. But it’s a great show on Netflix, does it? Because I thought about just with this, about Jessica Biel, really Swype. She did amazing in that show. So it’s like a guilty pleasure. I mean, it’s a great show. Well, OK. To be honest, Game of Thrones. Game of Thrones, too.

[00:50:42] Oh, I was saying eating theory after you brush your teeth at like 2:00 in the morning, clearing brush your teeth again, like saying that’s a guilty pleasure.

[00:50:53] My over an addiction.

[00:50:57] But for me, I have to put an ice cube in my cereal. Please try to change your life.

[00:51:03] I don’t. Ice Cube. You say ice can pull much colder. I’m going to make some more water. You know, please me. Just add sugar to balance out. No, your children use use on the milk. Although you got a new leader, a sweetener.

[00:51:21] I’ve never done it.

[00:51:21] But she swears by God it hit you differently. Please, Pinky.

[00:51:29] And last but not least, how can people follow you guys on socials?

[00:51:32] Oh, we are on everything. You name it. Facebook, Twitter. Instagram saying chat. Tick tock. Apple Music will modify YouTube trailer space.

[00:51:47] Mac or Jack Mac Music. And our Web site is Jack Mac Music.

[00:51:51] So and tomorrow you guys are performing at Disney as well.

[00:51:55] Tomorrow and Saturday. So keep us in your prayers. Hopefully the weather will be nice and we’ll have a great turnout or super excited. We were here last year, too. We did the same thing last month.

[00:52:05] They called us like we want jam, like a game or like we want.

[00:52:09] And then they got they they wanted me from you guys. So just keep in mind, they might be one of the scammers.

[00:52:16] Just kidding. We love this one. Yeah. Thank you so much for talking to us, guys. When you’re in Melbourne, we definitely have to, like, hang out because you have family in Australia to come.

[00:52:31] No, definitely. My friends like so many Filipino friends.

[00:52:36] If you know her. She’s got her name exposed, yeah.

[00:52:44] I know you guys want to see. This is truly been an amazing experience for us. And we’re so thankful and so grateful to do this with you guys. I’m sorry about the technical difficulties in the beginning, but we we were able to make the work. So I’m not in for. Yes. You love your energy.

[00:53:00] Thank you so much, guys. And we hope you could do really well tomorrow. And when you focus, I’m sure you will like it. Good luck with tomorrow. And yeah, we have to catch you next time.

[00:53:09] Let us know.

[00:53:11] We hope you enjoyed the chat with Alison. Angelique from Jagannath recently released the anti-bully anthem record. Like a bad. So go check that out. And if you enjoyed this chat, make sure you go back and listen to our interview with the Aussie big pops to Smith. AJP, you talk to us about the struggles after she was dropped by U.S. label. And as always, make sure you have subscribe to us on a course of a podcast, Spotify or wherever you get your podcast from. And we’ll be backing is next week on Tuesday and Thursday. See ya.


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