I Identify as a Chicken Nugget
Trisha Paytus comes our as transgender man

I Identify as a Chicken Nugget

Welcome to the very first episode of LEMON!

We can’t wait to have you join us for some giggles and trashy pop culture talk.

In this week’s episode we have some important things to talk about. Like, is Trisha Paytas trans man or is this just another one of her click bait videos?

AND we talk about tall poppy syndrome and why we need it CANCEL it.

Lastly, we talk about why singer Kacey Musgraves’ Vietnamese Ao Dao is problematic (spoiler: she forgot to wear pants).

We are joined this week by friend of the pod, Jenny Zhou.

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[00:00:10] Hello, hello, hello and welcome to the LEMON Show. The show what millennials are talking about. My name is Thomas and today I’m wearing really tight blue jeans and black boots. Well, thanks for the visual. I see that my name is Bill and as of today, I’m on a call up because of 45. Consider we have a very special guest who is a dear friend of the pod. Miss Jenny Zhou.

[00:00:32] Hi. Thank you so much for having me back again. Invite me back in just like me. I’m also on our lunch break from my retail show right now. They have a manager’s not listening. Goodbye.

[00:00:46] And coming up today on the show are coming out. Stores becoming the new online trends. And why is it okay for country singer Kacey Musgraves to sexualize a traditional Vietnamese dress? Plus, we’re going to dive into tall poppy syndrome and how it prevents Australia from being productive. But first, how are you guys?

[00:01:03] Oh, my God. It’s been a pretty intense weekend. Same. Yeah, it does. Like because we released Altis on the weekend and I’m like Kingwell. You want to subscribe and write it. And we’ve been watching it.

[00:01:13] Got the charts as everyone commented and. Right. Good morning.

[00:01:18] Yeah, thanks for the overwhelming support, guys.

[00:01:20] We’re like the top 100 already, which we are even higher. New Zealand.

[00:01:26] I got one of my friends from New Zealand saturated. Yeah. And because of that rating we got four top hundred-year and I touch all the Kiwi fans. Let’s make it to Cambodia next.

[00:01:37] So you guys, what is the four? One, one, what has every even up to?

[00:01:45] So as you guys you know, this is our brand new podcast and doing this whole I guess, this whole podcast experience, it was really hard to get supporters because in Australia or even in China for yourself, Jenny, when you go to pursue that dream of being in the entertainment industry, it’s so hard to tell people exactly what you wanted you.

[00:02:04] For sure. Like I didn’t tell people I wanted to be an actress probably until openly like this year when I went to pilot season, because every time I say I want to be an actor first and so probably oh, can you can’t spot them. Like, can you cry right now? Secondly, it’s just like, oh, so like, where have I seen you? Like. Are you in any movies or TV shows?

[00:02:21] And then you’re kind of like, are these do the whole awkward thing? I’m sure it isn’t like, oh, I never see.

[00:02:25] Yeah, well I haven’t done anything yet, although I’ll say you don’t do any acting so you’re not an act. I’m like let me try to be kind of expensive.

[00:02:32] Like just with this podcast I would’ve been telling our friends and family, like what we’re doing and like kind of huge comic look on us and just like, oh, okay, cool. It’s like when we ask our friends for support, it’s it’s even they are close friends. It’s hard for them to support us.

[00:02:45] This feels like you’re asking for a favour at the same time. Yeah.

[00:02:48] I mean, like we have we’re lucky because we had lots of friends of film who have split us. Like it’s not like discount that, but I think like it’s almost embarrassed customer support.

[00:02:56] It’s almost harder to ask for support, unlike, like all. Can you subscribe to our channel and like like or whatever instead of like, can you come to this fund raising event that I’m organizing? My people were actually physically show up more than they will virtually arms up.

[00:03:08] You know what I mean? For some reason, it’s easier to physically show up.

[00:03:11] So. Tom, you like, if you will, and I’d like you quit dental. Yes. I’d go to Korea to do music. Do you feel better? How do you introduce yourself when you meet new people?

[00:03:21] I guess it’s a bit hard because with music, I haven’t met and need money yet. So then it’s I just hope people that I’m a musician and they kind of just, I guess, get that overall chest.

[00:03:30] But that’s because I haven’t really released anything yet. So working behind the scenes, I haven’t experienced much tall poppy syndrome because I haven’t made it, I guess. So a lot of people who don’t know what tall poppy syndrome is.

[00:03:41] So like the reason why I wanted to bring this up was because I came across this article about the triple J. Hot 100 like in like that’s that’s a whole other discussion. Lahoud’s bit about like Lily’s being Li stuff because. Anyway so Tenzin I’m not sure of you. Yeah. Sounds like she has like very much a song of the year in Australia right now. Yeah. She’s from France. Decision not to let him go anywhere. So she’s ah she got her start in on triple J. Like Shawshank. Yeah. Yeah. Everyone’s a scouter so she’s pretty much the favourite to win. Take the number one spot. But the thing is there’s never been a female Aussies ever won that spot.

[00:04:21] Really. Yes. Yes.

[00:04:24] So this article I was reading about was saying how there’s gonna be groups that are going to start emerging soon because of voting sees about the start. They’re gonna start voting against her, trying to take it down because the same because the same thing happened to Amy Schoch last year.

[00:04:37] Yeah. It’s amazing. Yes. In America and everything as well. Yeah. Yeah.

[00:04:40] So anyway. So that’s whole discussion. Got me thinking about just like the tall poppy syndrome in Australia as a culture because I was reading like does a lot of people who want to start something. And the thing is, what’s holding them back is the fact that this get to share and tell you about it and start it and then fail and then be embarrassed about it.

[00:05:02] Yeah. And sometimes isn’t even being embarrassed about failure. It’s just being embarrassed about getting knocked down before you even decided to try it. Because you’re already mustered up all your courage to go and do something out of the norm and someone’s like, why would you do that? It’s a lame and then you’re kind of like already knocked back down before you even started.

[00:05:16] Yeah. So anything that does become mainstream, it’s like people don’t want to associate himself with that anymore.

[00:05:22] And I was even looking at Margot Ravic because she’s a prime example of tall poppy syndrome. She’s been in neighbours for so many years. She was in an interview with Vanity Fair talking about tall poppy syndrome and asked quickly quotes. There’s a thing in Australia called tall poppy syndrome. Have you heard of it? It’s a pretty prevalent thing. They even teach it in schools. Poppies are taught flowers, but they don’t grow taller than the rest of the flowers. So there’s a mentality initially where people are really happy, treated too well, just turns you better than everyone else, or they will cut you down to size.

[00:05:53] Well, it’s even like in primary school, as the teachers are always like do the best that you can and like, doesn’t matter what level that is, but everyone try their best. Obviously, some people were lazy.

[00:06:02] Do you.

[00:06:03] Do you think people just wanted to take a little time because they it’s kind of like a personal thing where you kind of feel jealous that they’re doing some that you wish you could be doing.

[00:06:11] I don’t even know. I think it’s just because we’re also Australia’s known to be a chilled and relaxed and laid back country. So we can’t just have people zooming out ahead of us, which makes us a lot less chill. Like I can only really speak for entertainment industry. But how many singers, actors, producers, directors have gone overseas to seek fame when they were just as amazing here? One recognised or tore down, went to America, suddenly became a big star. Now it’s really like that’s my girl, Australia.

[00:06:35] We’re having this discussion about. Yeah, oh my god, there’s been an industry for the longest time.

[00:06:40] I thought in 1997 notice she was Australian when she first made in America as well. Yeah.

[00:06:44] And then as soon as she blew up in America. Oh she’s Australian like they want to claim her like you know, internationally everyone loves us, we just don’t love ourselves.

[00:06:53] Like Australia. Netflix released their first original series called Tidelands. And I was like, this is gonna be amazing. It’s got Charlotte best. It’s got Elza Pataki with Pataki, Pataki, Chris Hemsworth, beautiful lady. And I was like, this is gonna get torn to shreds. I watched it. I binged it. And not even saying that, oh, it was good for an Australian show, which is already kind of like a down combo. And it’s I and it was good for a show in general. Read all the reviews, just got torn to shreds. And I’m like, that was our first series. Like, we’re probably not gonna get a second season because of that other why are we so critical on ourselves? Even if it was rubbish, we should have all been saying that it was amazing.

[00:07:27] Absolutely. And I believe it has something to do with the culture as well. And jealousy has a huge, huge part in it. Yeah, I know people who are following you and because youre doing exactly what they want to do, they wish they were in your shoes and by you succeeding. It makes me kind of feel like shit, you know what I mean?

[00:07:43] Oh, it’s such a jealous industry like the other day as well. Someone who passes on things like I’m moving overseas, I’m going to become an actor. And I was like, I for some reason I felt this pang of jealousy, even though I am doing that myself. But I’m kind of like, oh, how come it seems so easy for her? She just said she was gonna do it, got all this communards support from all her friends. I was like, I’m jealous. Yes. You know what? If she becomes more successful than me ever, like you’ve tried so much longer and you’ve got to know 100 percent.

[00:08:05] And even with Phillip as well, it’s like, you know, when you made it with your K-pop public K-pop industry, it’s where you meaning K-pop. Are you meeting Jay Pak? Oh, and then people who wanted to be in your spots, I guess you kind of had that same experience.

[00:08:17] Oh, yeah. Oh, I’m 100 percent like I remember I used to tell people like, oh yeah, like I have this K-pop blog where you’re like even just speaking about like just trying to you see this a lot. When I introduce myself to people like I have to play down what I what I actually do. Yeah, I do. Because, like, I feel like like they’re going to judge a lifetime and say something then. And I’m like, I’ll try prove you wrong. So I always get that feeling of like too scared to sell myself or make myself more relatable. Her ex. Yeah, so it gets in terms of business from a business perspective that occurred to me as well. But yeah, like read an article the other day about how if we were or current like if Australia’s a whole like, you know, credit environment where we kind of foster these, you know, these people who want to, you know, succeed in something, the economy will actually grow by seven billion dollars. A lot is a crazy lot of money that we could be making on top of our economy.

[00:09:17] So we all need a bit of tout tiger Asia mum in us.

[00:09:20] We do wish to be better. You must be the of your mum is the best like she really what you see so much as well. She was a tiger. Mum died. That’s why I have a question.

[00:09:31] You guys have tall poppy syndrome. Ever stops you guys from achieving anything or like pursuing anything for sure.

[00:09:36] Just even pursuing just saying what I wanted to do and the fact that we get taught what tall poppy syndrome is in primary school, I didn’t even realize even as Australian thing. Why are they teaching us that?

[00:09:46] Exactly. And we’re doing the complete opposite of what we shouldn’t be doing. Yeah, I think Tall Publishing’s Jim. Like I also fall to the habit as well. I follow people in Instagram, but I’m chairman jealous of that. I wish that I looked like that. I wished I was what they were doing. But I guess it just comes down to, you know, even for yourself. I told you for so many years and it’s better just to, you know. Be surrounded by people who are talented, I guess.

[00:10:10] Hello, suckers. Trying to look to clanged on the glass. Hey, guys. First, it’s been toxic.

[00:10:25] I think it’s we should cancel. I’m not about cancer college for cancelling anything. isiah’s told Bobbie’s that.

[00:10:31] Yes. Yes. And talk about cancer culture. Let’s go to the next segment. I wanted to be referred to only as teeb because I didn’t know I did it.

[00:10:43] I didn’t feel like I identified as a girl in my head. I feel like I’m a transgender female to male, but also like a drag queen. Hi. Hi. Rationalized it in my head. I. Don’t like to be centre of attention. Just been attracted to guys, but not straight guys. I’ve always been attracted to guys. Something I’m a gay man. So do I think I’m transgender? Yes. A thousand percent do identify with my natural born gender. A thousand.

[00:11:20] Okay. So a lot of you guys I’m not sure if some of you guys do know, but Tricia is a big name on YouTube. She has nearly 5 million followers and she’s known to be, I guess, a real well, be controversial or controversial relateable queen.

[00:11:34] I guess traversal was a very relatable just the queen.

[00:11:39] She’s been in so many means. And Rason last week, a couple of days ago, she’d actually come out as a transgender man. So what’s actually making the community so upset is because before she’s come out as Bice. Yes, Beiser, lesbian, black and even chicken nuggets. And now she’s coming out as a trans man saying that she the reason why I she’s a trans man is because she has pimples on her face. Sometimes she feels a little bit dirty. It hasn’t as groomes.

[00:12:06] Sometimes she just says she says she feels like it trans.

[00:12:10] She feels like a chance man is not she? Yeah, but she doesn’t identify. She identifies with her biological gender, which is confusing itself.

[00:12:19] Jen and her friend G-G Gorgeous has actually come out to and defended Tricia, saying that if this is how Tricia actually feels, we need to believe her. But I think this is actually coming from place where she’s actually insecure because this how G-G felt about it when she was going through the transition.

[00:12:36] I think like like we had discussion before we start recording, like, is this just another case of like a boy cried wolf, like, is she actually likes transgender or is she just like it clicks?

[00:12:46] And I think you’ve got to look into her personally as well. ‘Cause she has had so much drama controversy every other week. It’s something different with her as well. And obviously the party is going through a lot. Mentally, physically, everything. And I think her life is just so full of the drama that it’s hard for whatever she says, something that’s gonna be a million people attacking her straight away. And if this is actually the case, and it’s true that it’s really, really unfortunate because no one even listened to her, but if it Israel, then Polgar.

[00:13:12] But if you look at her pattern, her pattern and her ad clicks, she made a mess, I guess, three years after her coming out where being a trans man saying that she’s going through some stuff mentally, she’s bipolar. And if you look at the video, there’s like seven ashlock. Yeah. So it seems like heaven is you and she’s needs a bit of money.

[00:13:29] Yeah, but we we we had a chat with Jean-Guy Hojo Jagan, not namedropping, but we are like geniune i.g.’s spoke, you know, about how the trans community has fought so much for, you know, to be represented, to be heard. And now we have people like, you know, Tricia coming out saying things like I identify as a man, but also identify as my biological gender and also Flicka directly sometimes. Like, what is she like? You know, she that she doesn’t decide. She knows what. She’s not respecting the terms yet, even though what it means to be trans, because she does in one part of the video where she’s just like, I haven’t wasn’t about fully transitioning or something.

[00:14:13] Yeah. She said that she’s not fully transitioned. She just that she’s confused. She just wants to be it sounds like she just is not part of a costume party, but she wants a part of that costume party. And it kind of devalues a lot of the shoveller that a lot of trans people go through. Even after a couple of days ago I found out because I went to a Christian private school, a guy who was a year below me. He was the he when he was a man was the most, I guess, much-hyped TB guy playing motorcycle. Yeah. And then I found out yesterday that he is now a she. So for she to go through a lot of the struggles that she went through to get to where she is now being a woman. Tricia coming out as trans kind of takes away that valley way of them, I guess. I mean slightly defending your.

[00:14:56] Not really. But obviously she is going through something and people go through it in different ways. Some people might bottle it up inside near the privacy of their own homes. She obviously, due to their struggles very publicly in front of millions. But that channel is also hers. We can choose to watch it and comment and subscribe or whatever. But that is her personal, still private air. And she can share whatever she wants to share privacy hundred, but she’s gonna take whatever whatever comes back to her as well.

[00:15:20] But I guess I feel like no, as a society, you know, there’s a lot of children out there who are watching this, you know, who are confused, you know, like I’m sure all of us have been confused at some point.

[00:15:32] And B, videos are while watching what it was like two minutes in and she was like eating like fifty chicken drumsticks.

[00:15:40] So I’m like, that’s why she feels a good chicken nuggets.

[00:15:44] And that’s why she always recorded videos on her fridge, like in front of her kids.

[00:15:49] I don’t know, actually. I mean, I think it just her thing. Yeah. I think now she’s she’s doing mock bangs. She because she was she was on Alan a couple years ago. She would just be the fastest talkshows on TLC.

[00:15:59] My show Interdiction really shows the boss is talking like really she can take a ridiculously fast and which was on TLC. She was. I think that’s for my strange addiction, for tanning. I think so. I guess if you look at the pattern of her, it does seem a little bit troll is she?

[00:16:14] And she’s always had something trending about her. Yeah.

[00:16:17] Do we where it. So what’s inclusion do we think she is kind of just click baiting or is that she going through something. I don’t know.

[00:16:24] I guess it’s hard because if she is going through something, she’s not getting the support that she does need. And one of the big trends, icon or champion on your ship, her name is Blair White, I’m sure, saying how it makes even people who aren’t trans. Not in the LGBTQ two-plus community. It confuses them, you know, because they want to support it. And when people start throwing these terminologies, I guess everybody just gets a little bit riled up.

[00:16:48] I’m just gonna personally wait this one out and see how she fares in the next month or so. We’ll wait for the next update. SHAPIRO Exactly.

[00:16:55] And even more, Jegan said if she’s a bit confused, try drag dragging for a while and see how you go. Oh, drag king sorry in her situation. All right, so we need to talk about Kacey Musgraves. We do know that a country music did say she’s actually not that big in Australia, right? No, she’s not. So how do we know her? So she is a six time Grammy winner. She’s also a she’s from Nashville. She’s from natural gas. She’s from Dallas, Texas. And her claim to fame is that she released, I guess, kind of country bops. Yeah. And then by her winning what to watch. Got a lot of attention as well. But what’s actually happened with our sister, Kacey Musgraves? And she wore a Vietnamese traditional dress on her show in Dallas a couple of nights ago, which is where we actually took the soundbite from. Say, if you guys haven’t seen it, I’d urge you to have a look for yourself. But no matter if I’m saying completely out die. I think say I’ll die. Yeah, but she only wore the top half and forgot the pants. Yeah. Currently allegedly. Yeah. So a lot of Vietnamese fans and media atti dragging her and demanding her to issue an apology. Yeah, a hot topic.

[00:18:04] Well, they show me a picture before and that is a very high slate.

[00:18:11] I guess it’s because I’m not I’m not we’re not the type of person who you really get since you like cultural appropriation appreciates and stuff like if people wore, I guess, clothes from my culture, my Chinese culture, and it’s done in, I guess, a respectful manner. Then go ahead. And and I guess for you guys, like when you see your friends who do go overseas or even people of Caucasian colour go to an Asian or and a country which is a Western wearing the office. How do you guys feel?

[00:18:35] I think when you see your friends in like, how are you here in Tokyo and everyone dresses up, it’s all fine. And if you go to India and you’re like a beautiful sari, I think it’s really beautiful to just join in on the culture and experience something different. But I think it’s time, place if you’re missing certain ideas, change the style up a little bit.

[00:18:54] I remember when I went to Sri Lanka a few years ago, we went to Sri Lankan wedding and I wore, as I think they called a sarong like the wedding, like we wore that nose, you know, really fun. Everyone even knows that the wingless Sri Lankan they like no fancy quizzing you as wearing a cultural Alphin stuff. I think that’s really cool. When you go to a country, you can, you know, experience and just immerse yourself in the culture. But the problem we have with Kacey Musgraves is that she’s not wearing it correctly. She’s like sex defying fire. And we’ll seem like, you know, it kind of plays into this whole culture of fetishizing fittest aids in the 80s.

[00:19:31] You know, it’s true. And then you see a lot of my friends who do date other people who are non Asian. They view them as, you know, sex objects even once in their profiles. The way that they go out and dates. It’s I guess it just makes our culture a lot more degraded.

[00:19:48] It puts it a little bit lower. Yes. It’s Kacey Musgraves wore the whole fit and she was performing in Vietnam. I don’t know how much they love American country music that I think her fans would go crazy. Reminds me of I think was it a year or two ago, a girl in America wore a Chinese she palace doll dress to her formore. And then everyone was kind of bashing it, but it was mostly Caucasian people bashing. And yes, the Asians are casually. Exactly. And she her excuse was that will not really excuse. Her reason was that she really, really liked the dress she thought was beautiful. She wanted to wear it. And is a little weird. You actually Baldo formal?

[00:20:20] I’m not going to say exactly that.

[00:20:22] When I look at that, it’s like to me even it looks like you’re preaching as well. Well, why didn’t I think of it? And then if you look at I was there in the forums actually on whether I could tear out the comments. Actually, it’s pretty bad. Like should know things have. Oh, my gosh. katamari. She looks fucking hot Vietnamese family to get over themselves. She’s a banging body. Mushy eight. That’s. But then it makes me think blackwidow when someone appropriates black culture. Why are they so quick to jump on the gun? Like you think of Kylie Jenner getting cornrows in her hair. They wanted to destroy her. Kim Kardashian having braids. Her and Egea. Let’s not forget my queen Iggy, because he got cancelled because of black culture and black black twitter.

[00:21:03] Sure. I never thought about that. Asian culture is never valued as high, even mocked myself. If I was choosing to wear traditional Asian clothing, I would think twice about it. Like these recent years, the kind of Chez Paul pattern has become quite trendy and it’s like the singlet tie clubbing dresses and one of the dresses names like Shanghai Knights. Firstly, she doesn’t look like that. She has. A Shanghai girl would think twice about wearing that because I think I would be disrespecting my parents and my culture. Because if your mum and dad are gonna be like, why are you wearing that? You are so disrespectful that obviously something’s wrong.

[00:21:34] Exactly. And I think a lot of people would kind of misinterpret his through a concern. I was actually looking about the Chong’s some as well out where. Even though I’m Chinese and we’re pretty much all Asian here, I don’t know the respect. I don’t know why we wear it. So I actually looked it up back in the 1920s. What happened was a lot of women didn’t get a lot of education to get the rights that they deserved. They get that that they had to have their feet binds it as well. So they achieve rather revolutionise against that. And lot of Chinese intellects, you know, who won, who are against, that’s started to come through. And a lot of the women in China actually wore each hung some as a way to say. Bly’s education. Going to school, becoming teachers. And I guess it’s quite similar to respects of having the out.I as well. You don’t see a lot of Vietnamese girls here wearing in Spring Bellow.

[00:22:20] I’m sure that world saying as well, like, you know, like if she had worn it and remembered her pants. Yeah.

[00:22:28] The occasion she wore far as well. Wish did you just wake up one day as I am aware, and all die? I think it was actually for a concert.

[00:22:34] Now, if she had one wanted to a concert then maybe had before. What’s the correlation? Randy. Exactly. Yeah. And like you should just want to just like explain the history behind the rest. I think that would have been a K and if she’d just want it correctly, the way it should have been won like that would be fine. I think most Asian people wouldn’t have an issue with that.

[00:22:55] I mean, in this day and age, is there even a difference between appreciation and preparation now? Because everything we do is wrong. Nothing is right. Like someone out there is gonna be hating on whatever we do.

[00:23:04] I agree 100 percent and it’s coming true. Like you said, the cancer culture. Yeah. Everybody wants to I guess even sometimes a Caucasian people who once offends other cultures like thank you. It’s great. But sometimes to the point that I really don’t care if someone does this. However, if I get offended over something, it really does mean holy shit, like there’s something wrong here. Yes.

[00:23:21] Well, I was just thing about the Dolce Gabbana show in China. But chopstick. But I think you might. Gigi Hadid when she kind of got cancelled by China. I was an intensely man good by that Dolce Gabbana show. I wasn’t intensely angered by that as well, like the ads leading up. But it was being called it was the actual comments that were obviously outrageous. But so many brands join in on the Chinese New Year celebrations. You’ve got Chadstone joining in on a golden week celebrations. Joining me this I knew. So if we’re gonna be cancelling DNG because of that sole ad, shouldn’t a lot of brands be cancelled as well?

[00:23:54] Exactly. And it’s come down. So I guess people nowadays is so picky and choosy. What what if they want to cancel whatever they want to cancel? And I guess this is kind of pitchfork culture that whatever people are going up against and they want to feel like they’re doing something right. They just go along with it without actually doing the research behind it as well. What I K-pop because in K-pop. I know. Like some of the guys, they break the hair and stuff. Even black, pink, Lisa. Yeah, even I think in there. Let’s call this love. A lot of people came for her as well. But it’s not her fault because it’s her managers who made her stylist.

[00:24:24] Exactly. 10 other people who are involved in this decision. Exactly.

[00:24:27] Also reading. The reason why I guess like black 2 to a subset. But Kim and Kylie with the braid hair was because that back in a day. Yes, sir.

[00:24:36] Like back in the day when European standards of beauty was have straight hair, silky smooth hair, I should say African-Americans had pretty much kill their hair or you fried with chemicals or other means. They were constantly denied for jobs and had their rights taken away because their B.S. guns were seen as unprofessional. I guess you can say so now we have Caucasians in power who are saying, hang on. Black hair is beautiful and I’m going to make it stylish and glorify it. And it kind of. You raised the history behind African-American hairstyles. And now Casey must Musgraves.

[00:25:12] It’s either that she doesn’t know and she’s ignorance or she doesn’t really have any control. I’m pretty sure she has control.

[00:25:21] She’d be like, I’m not gonna wear this because obviously she’s been in industry for 10, 20 years. Whatever she’s chiseller know, this F is going to offend people. Why would she choose to wear that?

[00:25:30] I mean, I think sometimes they just might think it looks good or it looks cool. And you don’t think too much about it because that’s what used to happen like five years ago. It’s only in the recent five years that we have to think twice about everything that’s checked twice. And I think, as you were saying before, people are getting cancer because of black culture. I think it’s because they speak about it and they post about it and they’re loud about it in a good way. When I was I was thinking, how come I’m barely ever outrage when I see Asian appropriation? And I’m so numb to it. Is it because I don’t care? Is it because people are overreacting or is it because I’ve been numbed to it?

[00:26:02] It happens too much of it. You know, like you said, we are so desensitized to it and we just don’t know. We just used to it.

[00:26:08] Yeah, I think. Right.

[00:26:10] But when kids if you’re walking down the street and on just like dim sum to which is what I feel like the younger me wouldn’t be as annoyed.

[00:26:18] But now I feel like I have a right to be annoyed like when I was younger. I mean Australia, everyone a lot of people think is a really racist place. I never felt that until I left. And then I came back when I was younger. I was used to people shouting Chinese at me, Korean, Japanese when I wouldn’t respond. But do we go to like hardware lane and shout Italian and like French? No, we don’t. We just say hi. There’s a high. It’s like, why am I getting Sprigman? And then I came back and I was like, Oh, yeah, people are going to races. But when I was younger, I was just used to ignoring it and being like, that’s part of life.

[00:26:44] Exactly. I think comes on shore by Asian culture because we’re quite timid like we always thought, like, you know, if someone angers you, just be passive, just don’t do anything, don’t roll things up. Now, do you say.

[00:26:55] You know what I mean? And I guess even myself as well.

[00:26:58] Like even when I used to get back in my pants, who even when things didn’t feel right to me, I didn’t speak up. You know, I just let things slide. And to a point where people kind of like stepping over me. And I was okay with that because I let it happen. And I got so used to it as well. And I guess the same thing with black culture. People got offended. They were loud about it. But now we as having a voice within the Asian community, we need to say something about it as well.

[00:27:24] Yeah, it’s a lot of people saying we never rose up because we’re always pitted against each other. All the East Asians, OSD, Asians, the Chinese, the career. Exactly. I mean, they already grip us together as all Asians. So we should be standing together as well. And it’s gonna be easier if we just really stick together. Absolutely. Not great at me anyway.

[00:27:45] All right, his recommendation time has a very, very interesting Willenbring regimen. I guess, I guess because I’m not sure I think it cuts out.

[00:27:54] A couple years ago I saw this video online on Facebook and it was the poop storm. And this people that really put your feet on top of it and it makes your muscles relax and you can just it’s better for your column.

[00:28:04] If I slide down for you.

[00:28:07] Exactly. It’s way like in Asian culture, we have that squading. And I didn’t realize it until I actually got that. So that makes my lease.

[00:28:17] They sell it at like Costco in America. And that’s why Chinese people, they love squat toilets, like sometimes on my orders, like a regular modern day like 9-0-9. It’s better for you and it’s better for your body, even though your legs be shaken by it.

[00:28:28] And it’s high work. I use an Asian toilet. Honest. What do you think? It works. It does work. But the thing is, I don’t use the one from Costco. Sometimes what? adeola. I get a bunch of dictionaries. I like it. I just have a store that Buffon does it. But then my mom threw it away. She probably is dirty. It probably is. But. But this is what I would actually recommend to all my friends, my family. But it changes your life. You’ll see it works. We still spend like 20 minutes on the toys.

[00:28:52] Is it crawling at 50?

[00:28:57] If you’re listening to us right now on your toilet break. Just check off a couple books underneath your feet and you’ll be right out there.

[00:29:02] Exactly. Exactly. But why would you guys recommend? I’m going to recommend a podcast.

[00:29:07] Oh, so. So obviously, you’ve been working this podcast for a while. So just just this is board for Natalie Recommenders podcast. It’s a good start up. Oh, so it’s about two hours late, but the podcast can let the company. So it’s a big pretty much the biggest podcast company right now. But anyway, they got sold to Spotify like last week for million. Oh, so just thought this podcast. She started in 2014, I think. So the founder here is pretty much making the podcasts as he was staying up. So companies. It’s been really interesting to just like to hear how the com has evolved and like how they pitch to investors and stuff like that. But you got set up. That’s my recommendation. There’s a bit of like businessy, a bit of like, you know, a bit of drama. So it’s actually you listen to and you learn stuff from. Yes. You know, you you kind of like following his adventure as he’s studying this podcast company.

[00:30:03] Oh, my God. It’s actually better. He’s started the podcast as his MC likes to have this whole game, that company. That’s awesome. Yeah, that’s an argument.

[00:30:12] It’s been sold to Spotify for like 2 30 million. Yes. Which is pretty cool. It’s crazy.

[00:30:15] So it’s that instruction manual on how to get your company sold. Correct. And two hundred million dollars. Let’s all listen.

[00:30:22] Boring. I promise I’ll have a better Lux edition next. All right. What’s your recommendation?

[00:30:27] I am a TV show addict. I want to recommend Love Island.

[00:30:32] I want to go download shit. This year were violent and like the mafia watching The Bachelor as well. Can I just say the first episode of Long Island drama was like the level of drama mid-season bachelor when Abby started going crazy on the show. She went crazy. And like one of the guys on the show, he was dating this YouTuber. But I think she Christi’s modelling. Yeah. This poor girl saw her boyfriend on all these Love Island ads and he was like, I’m just being hired as an actor because those ads did look like poor acting. And then three days before the show aired, he was like, I’m on Love Island and break up with.

[00:31:06] But on the show, he’s been saying that he’s been single for six months and she made this YouTube video. She’s like over a hundred cases. He’s like, my boyfriend dumped me for a reality TV show.

[00:31:15] And then you go, oh, my goodness, what’s what’s he like on the show that he is like gaslighting the girl?

[00:31:21] He’s a bit intense. Like he’s very like he’s single now because he got dumped and he’s really trying desperately to get with someone because now he can be voted out. And all of the girls fans on YouTube are saying we’re going to write him out. The first chance we get said by switching over to another TV show on Netflix. I binge this. It’s called unbelievable. It is based on a true story of rape. So I think it’s always been quite controversial and things that sometimes people avoid watching or avoid reading about. And I think this show, because it’s based on so many true stories and took quotes on issues that happen. Exactly in those cases, it’s mostly about this girl called Marie Adla. So she told the police she had an account of rape and then it was after five hours of like interviews and interrogation. And I didn’t realize how intense it was. You’re sitting there in your bedroom. She gets whisked away. She to do the hospital, check-up straight away, get interviewed by the police, then by the detective, then by the hospital nurse and by the police again. So even for a regular person, five hours of interrogation, your story may start to get jumbled. You may remember things out of order. And then basically but by the end, the police just convinced her that maybe it didn’t happen because she had a really rough upbringing and her foster parents were saying that she did have attention seeking behaviour before that. So they kind of hinted that maybe the story doesn’t add up. She’s acting really weirdly. She’s reacting really, really weirdly, reacting differently to how we expect people to react. So the series is just so heartbreaking, but it’s so informative as. Well, and it just shows how much work and effort it actually takes to catch a rapist. And this is a serial rapist as well, because if he just goes one in every state or county, they can really never catch him because nobody works together and like the flaws in the system and everything.

[00:32:58] The one thing I heard about the show is that there’s been a stark difference between how the male officers should have handled it compared to the female detectives.

[00:33:07] I mean, it’s not even trying to like bash on the male detectives and saying that they don’t look after these cases. But it’s just I read a quote I think goes on Forbes magazine. This series is about a bunch of good people making bad mistakes, right?

[00:33:19] Yes. Unbelievable. Netflix. Yes. Amazing. How many episodes is it?

[00:33:23] I think it was eight. So don’t bother sleeping.

[00:33:27] So we’re only out of time this week. And thank God so much for making this find to our show so fast.

[00:33:32] And I thank you for having me again. How did Kim Huckabee follow you on Instagram? Jenny is out on YouTube. Jenny. Was it?

[00:33:41] No, Jenny. Just like the most clueless you she would have follow on. Gosh, I’m just trying to live my life. I learned how to install and I can’t help.

[00:33:51] But then I fall on top of me like two days later. I’m really good.

[00:33:55] I should also watch if you just learn a bit of Chinese as well. Because I remember you. You had a get really with me. Yeah. And you know, in Chinese. And my Chinese ships. So when I left, when I was watching, I knew like saying Myanmar or something about my mom made me my eyebrow.

[00:34:07] Mama. Yeah. You were. Yeah. Make all is growl gel. Yes.

[00:34:12] So if you guys aren’t following, Jenny definitely hit her up on YouTube, Instagram and all her socials as well. She’s also has an interview with LEMON. Coming out of your interviews actually be. I’d say the. How do you how would you describe it? Well, it’s all my favourite. Oh, thank you.

[00:34:29] And that was the first time we met. I met Phil message on Instagram log. He sells Doritos, but he is also doing your photo on Instagram. So getting standing by that. Well, listen, we know that she’s safe now. I know. I know. They’re great. But your interview, it’s the one that we’ve sent to people to ask, like what? What’s your interview with flatheads?

[00:34:54] The content is amazing. And we cannot wait for to share with you guys.

[00:34:57] And thank you so much for giving us a chance to share all our words and thoughts with you guys.

[00:35:02] Thank you so much. If you enjoyed this episode, make sure you subscribe on UPO shoes. And while you’re on the air for us, a five star reviews, some more listeners can find us otherwise. Follow us on what are the podcasts out there use? Join hundreds of other LEMON is on our Facebook group and just touch LEMON Khomeni on Facebook was backing it ease next week on Tuesday and Thursday. Bye bye.

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